21, 23, 24, 25 February 2015: Need a Winter Break

Winter is getting to me – not the snow, which fell all day today and covered up all the old ucky grey stuff and looked beautiful – but the COLD. And the dryness. My poor hair. It’s given up. It either hangs there or statics out. Sad.


Modcloth Glamorous bodysuit, JCrew button skirt, anthropologie draped cardigan, fleece tights, Tardis necklace, vintage key necklace, Hawkeye bracelet, Crown Vintage booties

I did two presentations at a local conference, so I needed to be super comfy as well as cute. This worked well. I’m glad it did, because I even ended up in the paper, ha. But I bent down awkwardly to pick up a bag while talking and the bottom button (which I’d sewn shut because it was useless) popped off. Oops. I have it, just need to resew.


Sequin Fox sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Banana Republic shawl cardigan, Hawkeye bracelet, Crown Vintage booties

Unpictured: OTK wool socks. So horridly cold. But hey, two swap pieces! I was interviewing over the phone for a committee position, and wanted to feel sparkly and special. I didn’t get on the committee, which I am both disappointed and relieved over. (It would have dictated all my reading for the next three years! But it would also have been important stuff. I’ll try again next year.)


Gap sweater, Loft sunkissed tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, hairband, snowflake necklace, Hawkeye bracelet, Crown Vintage booties

Again with the unseen wool knee socks. My hair gave zero fucks this day. From moment one, it was out of control and unbrushable. I hid it.


Elie Tahari striped top, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Alex and Ani bracelets, Crown Vintage booties

Less cold today, but still very cold. (Basically, windchill in double digits! Whoo!) I love this top, but I had to wear my plaid shawl most of the day.

This week, my friend and I got back to skating, whoo!


First few minutes, it was like the first time all over again, ha. Next time, I’m going to watch a tutorial or two to pick a skill to practice. Stopping should probably be high on that list…

Dude, check this adorable hat I got off Etsy:20150224-214253.jpg

My head may be a bit big for it. But maybe with a hatpin? This is a sneak peak at pictures coming next week – there are a few clues present. I’m off on an adventure for a long weekend, but I shall post again next Tuesday. Happy weekend, folks!


2 thoughts on “21, 23, 24, 25 February 2015: Need a Winter Break

  1. I stumbled on your page somehow after a long string of surfed links starting at God only knows where/what search topic. Anyway, I was about to leave after getting here but something caught my eye and I clicked…and then I clicked again because it was kind of quirky looking. So I read and clicked a little bit through some more (I’m still not sure why). After having spent about ten minutes doing that i thought to myself ‘why am I looking at a fashion blog…a librarian’s at that?’.

    I then noticed that while the clothes were often strangely fascinating in a nerdy way it was what was underneath that was more so. You have a rockin’ body hidden away. Well, it’s not really hidden away it just seems that way because it’s not all highlighted or showing in every picture. It’s…hmmm…it’s, um…intriguing, but that’s not quite the right word – nor is alluring (not because it wouldn’t be/couldn’t be alluring it’s just that the clothes aren’t of an alluring nature…they’re nice and look good). I only noted some reference to a 5 or 6 mile daily walk? Nothing about cross fit or weights, or any type of exercise. You’ve got to be doing something and the right thing or things because while it’s not jumping out it is definitely there and it looks solid (in a sleek, firm, athletic(?) way). Well you’re hard to pin down but you are simultaneously a sleeper and a looker and anyone who discovers you will have the double reward of you and getting a hidden gem*.

    *(disclaimer – this analysis is based only on photos and a limited written insight. I will stand by the results related to physical aspects but any implied or stated judgements related to other aspects are unintended.
    Translation – you might be crazy as bat$_it, but it’s a perfect physical specimen of bat$h_t)


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