28 February and 1 March 2015: Dapper Day!!!

I’m back! And where am I back from?


Disneyland!!!! More specifically: Dapper Day. I met up with three awesome friends for a stylish weekend. For Dapper Day, the idea is to dress up in your best to visit the parks, like they did when it opened in the 50s and 60s. Most people dress retro for it (I saw everything from the 20s to 70s), but contemporary dress is just as welcomed.

You all know my mad love for Disney World, but this was my first time back at Disneyland since I was 4. Disney World still owns my heart, but I really enjoyed Disneyland. Especially once I found my dream ride, Indiana Jones – the perfect level of thrill for me, hee.

I flew in Thursday night and met up with my friend KC – I wore my Doctor Who dress and boyfriend cardigan for easy flight wear.

I can’t seem to find any full length pics of Friday, either. Hmm. I may come back to edit this. I wore my Doctor Who/Sleeping Beauty mashup tee and got a few compliments on it.



Disney Let it Go tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, tiara, rain jacket, Keds

Paradise Pier!! Our hotel room actually overlooked the wheel and Goofy roller coaster, it was crazy awesome.

Actually, the hotel itself was crazy awesome:


This was taken from the fire room. A whole room dedicated to the fireplace. We spent nearly every night down there after the parks closed.

So Dapper Day had a two day expo, too – tons of vintage shops put up stalls. So many awesome clothes, hats and jewellery! It was actually overwhelming, but I had fun trying hats on. I wanted to try the amazing Pinup Girl skirts and dresses on, but seriously, overwhelming.

And, okay. A lot of you have probably noticed that I’m a nerd, right? I mean, I wear Doctor Who shirts. And recently, I fell in love with Marvel’s Agent Carter. I was excited for the show just because it was set in the 1940s, but I figured I ought to see Captain America: The First Avenger first so I had the right background, and then I fell in love with it and ended up watching all of the Marvel movies, reading dozens of comics and realizing that I love Cap because of the 40s, but Hawkeye is My Avenger and most importantly: Agent Carter really is the best show yay. So I was excited to see this poster outside the park:



Hayley Atwell plays Peggy, and she is just the all around best. I love her twitter feed, and I love how she tells us what makeup, perfume and nail polish she wears on set. The makeup company is Besame Cosmetics, which does vintage reproduction. Sephora sells their Violet Powder, so I ordered that awhile back and totally love it. It does amazing things for my face, making it smooth and bright. But you guys, I really wanted her lipstick, which is only available on their website and is a killer shade of red. Specifically, Red Velvet/1946.

My friends, who was at the Expo?



Oh, yeah. And who looks awesome in Red Velvet from 1946?



Just call me Agent. They had her perfume, too, but it had sold out very very quickly. Boo. (Not that I wear it, but I wanted to smell it!)

And I have to say – the lipstick is amazing. I wore it to work today, and it didn’t even wear off! Super super impressive. Well worth the $22.

So, all that being said? This next picture won’t really surprise you.




Anthropologie Pleated Matilija dress, H&M cardigan, straw hat, Hot Topic Adventure Book necklace, Grape Soda pin, vintage purse, white gloves, sandals, Captain America

Yeah, we talked about Agent Carter. 😉 I super loved how this came out – I wish my hair had, but I tried wet setting it and it didn’t dry!!! Oh, well. I am loosely dressed as Ellie from Up. The Adventure Book actually opens up for the picture of Ellie and Carl, with her message to him. ❤ These used to be my favorite sandals, and I wore them so thoroughly that the heels collapsed and now they are more platform than wedge. And they aren’t super comfy anymore. 😦 I switched to Keds soon after.

I also posed with Mickey. He was very dapper, and kissed my hand.




You guys, the people watching was INSANELY AWESOME OMG. There were about 10,000 people dressed up. This slideshow has some great ones: The OC. I hadn’t even seen most of those. I did see #18 walking around and loved how her hairband matched her dress.

I admit, I loved seeing all the Agent Carters walking around. This Peggy and Steve were my favorites:


I had also stopped to ask about the backpack, because I saw so many all weekend. (Mostly on guys.) It used to be at Hot Topic but is now on Amazon. I may need to get it.

One more cosplay:


The blue dress with red waist is also Peggy, and I seriously covet it.

Okay, another cosplay, different fandom:


Goofy (Donald is cut off) wearing a Tardis, being stopped by the Eleventh Doctor. So awesome.

Amazing colors and great hat:


I saw everyone from toddlers to men in their 70s dressed up in style. Check out this awesome coat:


It was like being on a movie set!!!!


California Adventure’s main street is set up like 1923 LA, and they have fantastic street performances. This couple was one of several spontaneously dancing to Five and Dime.


Super super fun weekend! A Disney stylista’s dream come true, basically. I still haven’t gone through all my pics from the trip, so chances are that more might appear later! I know I have more on my camera, rather than my phone.

Anyway, I’m glad I went to Disneyland, but I can’t wait to go back to Disney World. December 2016!


5 thoughts on “28 February and 1 March 2015: Dapper Day!!!

  1. So sad I didn’t get a chance to see you while you were out here! I tried really hard with KC to find a time to see you both, but alas, it was not to be. (It was REALLY not to be, because I ended up spending the entire weekend home sick on the couch, and had to cancel my Saturday plans anyway. Sigh.)

    But I’m glad you had fun, and the pictures are fabulous!

    I’m going to share my Disneyland/WDW ice cream analogy: I love ice cream. It is, perhaps, my favorite food. I mostly eat store-bought ice cream because it’s right here, and let’s face it, it’s pretty delicious. But it can’t compare to a good, gourmet scoop of something decadent from a gourmet ice cream shop or a real gelato place, etc.. Disneyland is store-bought ice cream. Still awesome, but just can’t compare to Walt Disney World.


    • I know, I’m bummed, too! I would have loved to have seen you guys, and Gen too. Clearly I need to get out there again.

      That is a perfect analogy! I’ve spent so much time with the gourmet stuff that the store bought felt like a let down at first, but I ended up loving it a lot. It’s got a lot of charm.


  2. OMG this looked like so much fun! I haven’t been to D’Land since I was a kid (I grew up in SoCal), but I still prefer D’World over D’Land. Your whole outfit was adorable & spot on – nicely done!
    I love the look the lady has in one of your pics – she has a grey cardi on & a super cool orange scarf around her hair. Totally digging that look!
    Super jealous of the Besame purchase – while I’m not a lipstick fan & lean more towards glosses & balms, I’ve been itchy to get something from that line.
    Anyways, glad you had a great time! So jealous of you!


    • So much fun!! I love the orange scarf look, too – that whole group had great style. I’d love to learn how to do more fun hair scarf stuff like that.

      Oh, you should totally try Besame! It’s such an awesome idea, and the company represented themselves so well at the expo. I liked them all, and I love their products. It’s worth a little splurge for the occasional fun, even if not regular use. The mascara products look scary to try, but it looked awesome on them.


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