25 and 26 April 2015: Get Your Nerd On!

CON FUN! I was sick the end of last week, but luckily, didn’t have to miss out on the fabulousness of my local con. My very dear and awesome friend ames flew in and we nerded out the entire weekend. The whole reason we wanted to go, basically, was to meet Hayley Atwell, who plays Agent Carter in the Captain America movies and her own show, and she did not disappoint. It was marvelous.


Think Geek Doctor Who top, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Tardis headband, Keds, Dalek

Dalek!! This was was just hanging out at a booth, but I did see some cosplayed ones with people inside, and they were awesome. Casual and fun for 12 hours of walking and two hours of speed dating. And! Meeting Hayley Atwell:


My friend ames has a writable mug that she brings to cons to get signed – it’s awesome (and in fact is called the Coffee Mug of Awesome) and always gets a reaction. So the first thing we did was get in line to meet Hayley and get autographs. I’ve been a fan of Karen Hallion for a long time (you’ve all seen me wearing her Doctor Who/Disney mashup t-shirts) and she did the Peggy Carter print as a greeting card. So I decided to get one signed to my friend Kristine, since I was meeting Hayley on Kristine’s birthday. ❤

You guys, she was the sweetest. Literally everyone walking away from her table had a huge grin on their face, and we were no exception. Amy noticed her ring was one that she had posted a pic of on twitter, and she showed off both the rings to us – a family heirloom opal, and one that she had gotten engraved with her grandmother’s last words to her. They were lovely. And her nailpolish was amazing – midnight blue with sparkles, with ring finger accents in pale pink with sparkles. Love!

We tried to get into her panel with Ming-Na Wen on the ladies of SHIELD, but were cruelly denied – we got in line 40 minutes early, but weren’t even CLOSE to being let it before the room filled. People waited upwards of 2 hours. Ah, well. We went back down and browsed the floor and saw crazy amazing things and people.


Her Universe Doctor Who dress, Forever 21 leggings, ANA tie cardigan, Captain America necklace, Tardis headband, Keds

Day 2! I’d actually forgotten about this dress when planning what to wear, ha. I might have been better served switching which days I wore which, but I had been looking for conversation starters on day 1. Oh, well. This was super comfortable and let me wear my new shield necklace, because I wanted to wear something Marvel for my photo op with Hayley.

And really, I need to work on knowing my angles better. I think I looked fine in my dress and super cute, and I deliberately wore this cardi to not block my waist. And yet?


I look wide in the photo. Bah. I think it’s partially not having a good idea of what I look like when I’m not looking in a mirror and possibly partially focal length just not being friendly to me. But otherwise it’s a good pic, I think.

Okay, and thus ends the Hayley gushing. I will say that the big cosplay of the weekend was definitely Peggy Carter – you couldn’t turn around without seeing one! My favorites were the two in front of us in the photo op line: a mother/daughter duo dressed alike. They were charming and awesome, and I love the idea of Peggy inspiring young girls. I hope all the love and attention means a better chance of a 2nd season!

The cosplay was amazing, you guys. I saw so many incredible people and I wish I had asked for more pictures. I wasn’t shy with the compliments, and I know that if you’re dressing to That Level you’re pretty down for pics, but I still didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. Still, I did ask for a few and these were my favorites:


Top: Boy MCU!Hawkeye with Dad Fraction!Comics!Hawkeye, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton Hawkeyes

Bottom: WW2 Cap, 2012 Cap and SHIELD Agent

I also saw a kickass Nick Fury, Iron Men who lit up, many Doctors Who, a few Bob’s Burgers families, many other Hawkeyes (Kate and Clint alike), several Captain Marvels and Ms Marvels, a bunch of Mals from Firefly, at least one amazing Flash (Grant Gustin style) leather suit, a tiny adorable preschool girl Captain America and her toddler Iron Man brother, and God, so very very many others that they’ve all blurred. Ames and I are both huge Fraction!Hawkeye fans, and spent pretty much the entire weekend Bro-ing at each other and the Hawkeyes. (Bro, looking good, bro!) We decided we have to dress up next year. She’s going Kate and I might join her (or do Clint) or I might do a girly!Cap. Because, this:


Captain America corset. I was pretty tempted, you guys. I loved how it looked from the back. With my red pencil skirt and a tucked in top? Right? Or I could just do a very hipster girly Cap in a skater dress with red keds? Options. We’ve got a year.

Other cute things: Stuffed Hawkeye and Coulson! And Coulson has Captain America trading cards!!! SO CUTE.20150427-161944.jpg

Sparkly Tardis dress! I was super tempted. But the windows are not well placed:


Sigh. I did buy a Tardis headband, which is amazing and I love, and a charm bracelet, and a hoodie. Oh, and a print from Karen Hallion, a Doctor Who/Disney’s Paperman mashup. There was a lot I drooled over, so I think I showed remarkable restraint, ha. The dealer’s hall was incredible huge and incredible overwhelming – the first day, I found a great nail polish pen booth that I never saw again. There were several booths we tried to re-find and never did, and we got lost a few times, ha. But it was a super great amount of fun and I can’t wait to do it again!


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