2 and 3 May 2015: Get Your Nerd On, part 2

Avengers weekend! Avengers weekend! Perfect follow up weekend to the con.



We Love Fine Hawkeye tshirt, Old Navy Flirt capris, Dansko sandals, Marvel party arm

You guys, it was *80.* 80! It was warm! It was miraculous! Super exciting.

The movie was also super exciting. Not my favorite of the Marvel movies, but really fun. I liked new characters and new pairings and new paths. It may be that I’m sick of/madly dislike Jeremy Renner now, but I didn’t like a ton of the Hawkeye scenes – there was one I adored, and some fabulous quips, but otherwise, meh. He’s still my favorite comics character, though.

Marvel Party Arm is what Amy calls my collection of bracelets:



The charms (from top to bottom: Agent Carter’s hat, Steve and Sam on your left, Black Widow, Avengers Assemble, Hawkeye) are from Optimysticals at the con, Black Widow and Hawkeye arrow are from BombDotCom Geekery, and the Captain America bracelet is from Amazon.



Captain America tee, JCrew button skirt, Avengers charm bracelet, Keds

SO WARM. SO VERY WARM. This skirt has been out of commission for a few months because the bottom button broke off and I needed to repair it. I’ve missed it very badly. And unformately, now I’m missing the button! So I stitched the hole up and then sewed it to the skirt (it had been a nonfunctional button anyway). It’s not perfect, but it works.

I picked up this tee from Target a few weeks ago when I needed retail therapy. There was only one ladies tee left, a large that was far too large, so I investigated the options in the boys section. Much better sizing – I ended up with a boys medium, ha. But since boys are short, I can really only wear it with higher waisted bottoms. I love how this looks, but hopefully I can find other skirts/bottoms to go with it this summer.

Check this awesome pin my coworker got for me at the con:



I will wear it all summer, with my new “We Can Save Ourselves” princess tee, ha.

Also, look! Bingo celebrated his one year Gotcha day. Look at his little face last year!!!


I love my Bingo Baby.


2 thoughts on “2 and 3 May 2015: Get Your Nerd On, part 2

  1. You have got this whole fan-dom thing down to a science! Totally impressed with your “geeky” accesories and cool finds! The Cap’t America tee is so on my want list, if anything for July 4th! Totally digging the fandom arm party too!
    Wowza about Bingo & the super amazing powers of growth hormones! I still love his mug shot with the evidence still visible on his melon!


    • His snouuuuuuuuuuuuuut. It’s amazing how much he’s changed in a year! But the Easter grass will never not make me giggle.

      I am very practiced at being a fangirl, ha. I love my mostly subtle touches. The Cap shirt was $10 at Target, in all departments, so definitely one of my easier finds. They had Captain America socks, too. Which is to say, I have Captain America socks, too. 😉 One pair is chibi Cap, the other is covered in shields.


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