15 and 18 May 2015: Birthday Fun

This weekend was my birthday fun! And, um,this post does not highlight excellent outfits. Well, they can’t all be winners.


Grey lace top, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Keds

I love this top. But it’s so loose that I need to create a shape to wear it to work – weekend wear is fine. I’m down on belts currently, so I tried a half tuck (because the back has a lace panel) and it eh, sort of worked. This may just be a working on the weekend/going out on the weekend top. I love wearing it.


Anthropologie top, JCrew button skirt, hair scarf, Mickey necklace, key necklace, Aerosole wedges

Yeah. I don’t know. This one got away from me, probably needed to get edited. I’m getting my haircut on Saturday, so I wanted to get one pair of pigtails in before it was too late again.

I spent time on Sunday cleaning and throwing things away, and pulled out a Disney bag on my bookshelf. I’d thought it was maps from a few trips back, but NO. It held two necklaces! One of which I’d remembered wanting, and thought hard about buying, and looked for at Disneyland, to no avail.




Hey, Mickey, you’re so fine.

And I’m so cluttered. LOL

So this weekend, I took myself to the city for some belated birthday fun. I stopped at my friend’s boyfriend’s comic book store and picked up the third Hawkeye trade – I had others in mind, but it was the only one on my list they had. I also stopped for my favorite macaron and a free birthday tea at Argo – the Teana Colada was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING OMG. Man, I wish my town had a shop.


And then! I saw Book of Mormon. I got second row seat super cheap ($75?) because they were marked obstructed. But! They were not!


What it was, was close enough to make eye contact with the actors, though. Multiple times.

The show was hilarious and awesome and had more heart than I was expecting. The Elder Price understudy was super awesome, very much like Andrew Rannells in looks and style, so that was fun.

I went through Anthropologie, looking to use my 15% off birthday code, but there was nothing. I was so disappointed. This hasn’t been my year with them – it’s been ages since they had things in my style. 😦 Everything is very boxy and flowy, and that’s just a terrible look for me.

So I stopped at Old Navy and found this:



It was only sale, $20, so I went for it. I like it, but it doesn’t work as well with my strapless bra as I thought, boo. I’ll figure something out.

Also, as promised, Downton Labbey:





5 thoughts on “15 and 18 May 2015: Birthday Fun

  1. LOL – Downton labby! That’s clever.
    Since you mentioned thst you were cluttered a bit – you should read Marie Kondo’s Life Magic Something Something of Tidying Up book. It’s a quirky book by a quirky Japanese gal who apparently is quite the organizing & decluttering guru of her country. If you can get past some of the weird Japan-specific suggestions, and instead find a suitable subsititute for something more “western” – it makes a lot of sense then & is quite applicable. I’m a minimalist to begin with, but after applying her suggestions the “konmari” way & keeping only stuff that “sparks joy”, geez – I was finally able to part with old photo’s, childhood stuff, etc (took a bunch of photo’s of the stuff & scanned all the photo’s). So relieved to finally have all that stuff off shoulders & outta my home!


    • There’s apparently a whole slew of Lab merch you can get, and I fully approve of this! And that does sound like an immensely helpful book – I’ve heard the only keep things that spark joy idea and wondered where it came from. I admit that I am a packrat (saved only from hoarder tendencies by my need for everything to have a place and unable to deal with piles or anything on the floor) and that I could definitely part with more things than I do.


  2. i think your outfits are great. have you considered a pair of red Keds? or, perhaps, some of the really pretty seasonal patterns that are available from Keds.com. you wear them so well, i thought you might want to venture a little further with your look.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Librarian, I enjoyed scanning your blog, it’s nice to see retro photography. I admit I know nothing about style, but I think it’s adorable you wear Keds with everything 🙂 . A beautiful, artistic librarian in Keds is pretty much the dream! Anyway, I look forward to reading more. Chow.

    Liked by 1 person

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