19, 20, 21, 22 May 2015: Superheroes

Summer training=superheroes! Saturday haircut=realizing my hair was longer than I thought!


Teefury/Kare Hallion Doctor Who Sleeping Beauty shirt, Old Navy Flirt capris, anthropologie cardigan, Dankso sandals

I had three trainings this week, each one where I encouraged people to wear their favorite superhero or supervillain shirts this summer, so clearly I had to lead by example. ❤ Also, side ponytail! With only one or two bobby pins! All this time leaving it blah and down and I coulda done stuff with it. Blah.


Eddie Bauer sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Mickey necklace, Bombdotcomgeekery Hawkeye and Widow bracelets, BoC Canty Booties

And of course the temperature dropped. But look! My hair was long enough for Heidi braids! With an obscene number of bobby pins, anyway – 13, I think. But still. I wish I’d realized that earlier. I love Heidi braids.


Teefury Flash shirt, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Captain America bracelet, Aerosole wedge sandals

More training! Flash yay! An 8 year old boy came up to me at the desk that night and asked if I watched the show. I do, asked him what he thought of the finale, and he launched into an analysis of the science of the black hole and time travel. I seriously adored this kid. And then he gave me the flower he’d had in his hands, ha.



(Yes, the Eleventh Doctor lives in my desk.)





WeLoveFine Hawkeye tshirt, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Gap boyfriend cardigan, White Cliff flats

HAWKEYE. Last training day = favorite superhero. Also, bouncy ponytail. Really, why did I wait so long to try and make my hair do thing?

My coworker in charge of decor put up a single lantern, as a test, and it was purple. So I used my position as coordinator to ask if I could make it Hawkeye:20150524-123920.jpg

I think it came out cute, bro.

We also have a neat display up, with a comic from every decade since the 40s and we’re challenging the kids to figure out which came when. So far, even adults are getting stumped, ha.





3 thoughts on “19, 20, 21, 22 May 2015: Superheroes

  1. How do you keep your Old Navy jeans from stretching out beyond wearability? The few times I’ve bought OL jeans, within a few wearing, they end up a hot mess. I finally ponied up the coin for a pair of Goldsigns & (gulp) it was a monetary commitment, but wowza! They fit like a glove, & feel totally different than my ON’s. I never wanted to be the type who paid that much for jeans, but woooo, what a difference.


    • I buy what’s probably a size smaller than I should. They always fit comfortably in the dressing room, but snug, then are stretched out by the second day I wear them, but then they don’t really stretch too much after that. Also, I hike them up a lot, ha. With the amount of days I wear jeans, I should shell out for a really good pair, but that always makes me nervous. And pants are so very very hard to fit for me, because my waist is so much smaller than my hips and thighs. I think I mostly just got really lucky with Old Navy jeans.


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