9, 10, 11 June 2015: Become a Hero

Busy busy week! Weird week, too, where I’m only working three days and coming in late in all of them, because of extra weekend work. I need a nice, regular weekend off to recalibrate me – and I’m not getting one any time soon. LOL Ah, well. Three weeks until my friend comes in to visit and I get 3.5 days off.


Redbubble Heroine tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, Keds

I love this shirt so much. So so so much. It brings me great joy to wear it. And only one kid noticed it, boo. 😦 Oh, well. I’ll wear it again soon and see if anyone else sees it.

A woman came in the day after I wore this, noticed our Ms Marvel poster and said she was friends with the author. !!!!! I may have gone fangirl giddy. I wish she’d come in Tuesday so I could show her I was wearing Kamala on my shirt!

Also, red Keds! They just seem so damn bright/focus pulling. I mean, I bought them to replace worn out red Converse, I have red sandals and red wedges, so it’s not like I’m unused to red shoes. And yet, I am biased against them for some reason. I can’t figure it out.


Modcloth dress, Agent Carter necklace, Optimysticals Avengers charm bracelet, Aerosole wedges

It was 90! Which felt very hot. It was our first 90 since last July, so it felt worse than it may have otherwise. I did my jog in the morning when it was—not cool, but not overly warm? It was on an edge, and it was a challenge, but doable. But I would not have been able to do it after work with these temps and humidity!! So, nice cool summer dress, wheeee. I walked half a mile down and back to Trader Joe’s and it was maybe not my finest decision. But I showed off the cute dress, so.


Abercrombie and Fitch sweater, Old Navy Flirt capris, Captain America and Agent Carter necklaces, Optimysticals Avengers charm bracelet, Kenneth Cole Reaction heels

I was aiming kind of retro sweater girly, and I had an extra hour before work, so I tried to curl my hair  (I love Lisa Fremont’s videos) and, um, it did not go well. I realized later I had curl defining mousse I maybe should have put on my hair as I rolled it in the hot rollers. It did at least get some volume, and a coworker called it “epic,” so I guess it could have gone worse.

Also, the sheepies on my jogging path got decorated, omg:



I haven’t really mentioned anything here since February, but if you’ve seen my sidebar, you’ll see I’ve definitely been plugging along in my 2015 Reading Challenges.  I’ve finished 9/11-13 in my Nonfiction Challenge, 5/12 in my To Be Read Challenge and 7/12 in my Eclectic Reader Challenge. So about midway, midway through the year, bang on target. It’s proving shockingly hard to find a book set in a country starting with S or a contemporary romance – I mean, oh my God, I read a million billion romances and half of them are usually set in Scotland!!! And yet, I’ve struggled this year. So weird. I have leads on where to read more on my TBR list, but less motivation now that I’m so into graphic novels; it’ll be interesting if I can manage to use this year to tell myself that I don’t need to read them after all, it’s okay to let them go and move on. The Nonfiction books aren’t set in stone the way TBR is, and I’ve read other nonfiction titles, so I may revise that list to reflect what I’ve read, we’ll see.

All in all, I think it’s been going well and it’s definitely fun. Never would have guessed when I started that I’d be so focused on a brand new genre, though! It’s definitely pulled time away from these lists, but that’s cool, too. I’m glad I have my new area.


6 thoughts on “9, 10, 11 June 2015: Become a Hero

  1. I want to like Keds, really I do, but in reality, I was never keen on the look of Keds. The only exception being – white Keds. But even then, it’s challenging.
    It’s like Keds are trying to be the kid sister to Chuck Taylors.
    Man up woman! Get you some Chuck’s! LOL

    So, I gotta say…kinda digging the sheep thing. Despite having never displayed Louise, the lawn goose, I kinda “get” what these folks are aiming for with the sheep thing. They probably inherited this thing or saved it from some garage/estate sale in a fit of whimsy & now just play it up for laughs.

    Damn it. I want my goose back. I want her little Halloween witch outfit back. Her elf costume. Her yellow rain slicker & umbrella. Oh my gawd – I totally failed her!


    • Ha! Fair. I wore white Keds every summer until college, basically – it was a June tradition to buy the new pair. Then I did switch to Converse and wore out three or four pair, and wound my way back to Keds. Unless I can find purple Converse, then I’m all over those.

      The sheep is hilarious. And I think you need to find a lawn animal and put it up in outfits in honor of poor Louise. And then share a picture.


  2. Hi Shelley,
    Sorry that I have not commented in awhile computer crashed on me for third time. Just can not afford a new one yet. :o(
    I grew up like you always wore Keds ever since I could walk I guess. They were my gym sneakers, my play sneakers and my fashion sneakers (church and class pictures). I did wear converse for a small while but they were too (hope this does not sound mean) masculine. Cons were a very popular sneaker that guys wore, and girls wore Keds. My brothers and their friends would wear them all the time. And Cons look horrible with a skirt or dress but with Keds it just look right (also wore them with my lacy socks and tights). I did a little research and did you know that Keds have been around since 1916 and that the style were very popular with athletes such as tennis players. I think what it may be that your somewhat biase against them because you grew up wearing white (I am guessing). I grew up wearing just about any colour, I had them in hot pink, light pink, sky blue, black, navy, yellow, red and of course white (plaid, black with white polka dots as well). I am glad you took your red pair out, and I hope you keep wearing them. I think they would look wonderful with a red and white picnic dress like this

    Just so you know they look great on you and remember a little attention is great now and then because your a special.
    Take care


    • Boo to your computer! I’m sorry to hear that.

      I think I like Keds and Converse pretty equally – Chucks add a different look to dresses and skirts that I appreciate. I’d love to get a pair of purple ones. But I have definitely been eyeing other Keds, too – I think I like darker colors rather than brighter ones. Light pink and sky blue sound especially fun! The red would look amazing with that picnic dress, though! Or maybe my new blue lacey one.

      Thanks for the feedback, Amy. I always like hearing from you. 🙂


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