15, 16, 17, 18 June 2015: Maybe?

I honestly can’t remember what days I wore what. Week two of SRP. Brains dribbling out. I can give the spiel in my sleep, though. And I actually dreamed about it last night. I don’t want to dream about it. But it happened anyway.


Junk Food Captain America tee, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Old Navy Flirt capris, White Cliff flats

I forgot a bracelet and felt naked. I am so used to bracelets now. Where was my brain?

Oh, right – this was the day I tried curlers. I wanted ’60 Betty Draper curled ends and ended up with ’63 Peggy helmet poof. Heavy sigh.


Theory dress, Tardis necklace, Captain America bracelet, White Cliff flats

Yay Tardis. I got requested by a patron as, “That lady in the pretty dress.” I’ll take it.


Elsa tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, Optimysticals Avengers charm bracelet, Keds

Elsa it totes a superhero.


Old Navy dolman top, JJill tank, Old Navy Flirt Capris, Black Widow bracelet, Agent Carter necklace, Captain America socks, Keds

I unearthed this top in an unlikely spot and I can’t tell if I meant to swap it away or what. Thoughts?

The fun of donated Barbies for Barbie Club: you get a lot of decades represented:


I kinda like that last outfit. I’d wear the skirt, anyway.


2 thoughts on “15, 16, 17, 18 June 2015: Maybe?

  1. LOL, the floral skirt on the last Barbie doll – pretty sure I had that exact skirt from the now-defunct Harold’s Clothier store. Actually it was a skort, but the floralpattern/colors were darn near exact!

    The OL dolman striped top. Hrmm. It’s….’80’s. It has a metal hair band groupie vibe to it, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but…yeah…a little too ’80’s.


    • Ha, awesome! It is pretty cute, still. Or has cycled back to being cute, maybe.

      Hmm. Okay. I have to admit, 80s is never something I aspire to! I think it’s ready to be swapped away.


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