30 June, 1 and 2 July 2015: Nerdy Fun

There was a good reason for last week’s radio silence: m friend Kristine came to visit! We spent most of our time on the couch, watching new and old favorites and chatting, while she knit and I read comics. Well, and she read comics, too – got her hooked on Hawkeye and Squirrel Girl, SCORE.


Maurice’s top, Old Navy Flirt skirt, BombDotComGeek arrow necklace and bracelets, Clark’s heels

Her transportation got totally FUBARed on Monday – after her train went from arriving at 4pm to arriving at midnight, she ended up flying in! We spent Tuesday recovering, and then headed out to our favorite Mexican place for dinner. These are swap shoes – incredibly cute, not very comfortable. Maybe if I added some padding? Or just wore them on short days with no walking, I guess.

The necklace and bracelets are new – the necklace mimics Natasha’s from Winter Soldier, but it’s supposed to be a choker and it’s too big on me! Boo. It’s still cute, it just doesn’t lay right. And the bracelets are a smaller version of what I already had  – it was great sliding it on and off, but it was too big. So I got these, sized to me, in two shades of purple. Yay.



Mossimo tunic, Forever 21 leggings, BombDotComGeek arrow necklace and bracelets

A super fun day! I showed off my library, then we walked down to the theater to see Inside Out, then I introduced her to deep dish Chicago pizza and we ended up at a fabulous comic book store.  The movie was so good, you guys. Definitely recommend it.



WeLoveFine Hawkeye top, Old Navy Flirt Capris, Keds, Krissy!

Farewell to Krissy. 😦 Isn’t her flower cute? I wish flowers looked like that in my hair!! I drove her out to our big mall, where she could hop a shuttle to the airport, so we ended our trip in nerdy shopping style, which is so very us.

Highlights from the visit:


A Kadyellebee original!! This is her Harmonize design, with a moebius twist, in a very Hawkeye colorway to go with wristers she knit for the start of my summer reading program. ❤ ❤ ❤



Toy room in the comic book store! It was so nicely organized, with issues lining the wall and trades in the middle, plus a healthy assortment of Funko bobbleheads. I found the new Natasha, which has her super adorable curly Age of Ultron hair that I covet -I have Winter Soldier Natasha, with straight hair, and it’s hard to not upgrade, ha. I’m really excited about this comic shop, though – I’m definitely going to be buying things there. Comixology is my go to for most issues, because it’s easier to store online than in my apartment, but some things require buying and those will be done here. Like!





Operation SIN and Runaways were mine, Squirrel Girl and SHIELD were Krissy’s. I read her SHIELD before she left, and it was hilarious and awesome. Loved Phil and Kamala Khan trying to outgeek each other! Sadly, it turns out I’d already bought Runaways on Comixology, OOPS. I thought I’d bought Black Canary and a sample of Runaways, but it was the reverse, dang it. I should have checked, I guess. Oh, well. I love Noelle Stevenson, who did Lumberjanes, so it’s worth supporting her anyway.





So, the mall on Thursday. Across from where we checked her luggage, I saw this star necklace at The Limited and thought it was cute. Went in, and while it was on sale for $22 (nope), everything else was also on sale, sometimes for 60% off the sale prices. SOLD.






How cute, seriously? I sized down in the dress, to a 4, and bought them both, plus a gorgeous purple striped top. All together, $50 with tax. The dress alone cost twice that before sale. I think the cardi was originally more than that, too! Super super pleased.

Being nerds, we also browsed Hot Top, and Krissy bought us Marvel keychain surprises. We hoped for Hawkeye or Widow, or Cap, of course, but alas, no. She got a super adorbs Hulk, though, her hubby ended up with Nick Fury, and I got a grumpy Vision:





Hee!! Love it.

After her shuttle took off, I went by Disney Store, just in case they had cute tops on sale. They didn’t, though I did buy an Avengers waterbottle on sale because it was the only thing with Natasha on it. Seriously. Check this Avengers toy set:


They put in Captain Marvel over Black Widow! Yeesh. Poor Nat. Poor Hawkeye.


2 thoughts on “30 June, 1 and 2 July 2015: Nerdy Fun

  1. LOVE the starfish necklace! It’s super cute especially with the whole nautical outfit. Bummer it wasn’t on sale – especially during the holiday weekend, seems like everything has been on sale lately in early preparation for fall stuff. We went to the local outlet mall & the lady at Brooks Brothers said they’ll be putting out fall stuff this week. Christmas stuff can’t be far behind that! (Secretly love that too)!
    Glad you & your friend had a great time – def looks like you got her hooked on action hero fandom! Plus 1 for Squirrel Girl…but I might be a bit biased!


    • I am both simultaneously appalled that fall stuff is here/Christmas stuff is coming and seriously excited and can’t wait. At least it’s a good time to buy cute summer dresses and then dream about….well, the continuing cool weather, I guess!!

      Squirrel Girl, swoon. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to – you’ll want a Tippy Toe of your very own.


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