3, 5, 6, 7 July 2015: Fandom Fun

It was oddly soul crushing to work Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday this week, while everyone on social media proclaimed the joy of a three day weekend. Normally I’d have had Monday off for Sunday, but since much of my department took a four day weekend, I took today off instead. I thought it’d be no problem, but boy did it suck. People figured we were closed Friday and Sunday, so it was so incredibly slow and I loathe slow Sundays. I read comics, bitterly.

But I looked cute, at least.


Target Captain America tee, JCrew button skirt, Optimysticals Avengers charm bracelet, Aerosoles sandals

I mean, if you’re at work the day before July 4th, you wear Captain America. You just do.


Junk Food Captain America tee, River Canyon skorts, Arrow necklace, Optimysticals Avengers charm bracelet, Keds

And when you’re there the day after, it just makes sense to go Captain America again. Why not, right?

I always forget I own this skort, I think I pull it out once a year. But it was exactly what I needed, so, score.


Coldwater Creek shirtdress, Arrow necklace, Agent Carter necklace, Captain America bracelet, Clark’s shoes

This is my most favorite dress. I figured since it was 90 out for the second or third time this summer, it was a good day for it – actually it was overly sticky. The lunchtime walk to Trader Joe’s for groceries didn’t help. But I adore this dress and would happily wear versions of it 75% of my summer, I love the drape of it. For accessories, I threw in all three Marvel characters I love who are from the 40s, since it’s vintage style – Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Natasha Romanoff. (In the comics, anyway.) I just had the arrow and bracelet, but I woke up in a down mood so I needed the Peggy Carter value reminder. It worked.

Also, what is this style of shoe called? Need to figure that out. 20150708-110628.jpg

Disney World castle tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, Gap boyfriend cardi, arrow bracelets, White Cliff flats

And then suddenly, it was barely 65 out. This summer is weird. It was so chilly at lunch that I turned around because I needed a jacket I didn’t have. I finally figured out how to give my hair a bit of poof at the top, which I’m super excited about. I spent the day listening to Disney World park music,  which always lifts my mood. God bless internet radio. 20150708-110559.jpg

Redbubble On Your Left tank, Nike running shorts, New Balance gym shoes

SHORTS. SHORTS THAT FIT ME. AND LOOK GOOD. I have never experienced such a thing before!! This is exciting. I just started week 5 – week 4 was hit and miss, but I thought W5 would be easier than redoing W4. W4D1 went fantastically, and D2 and 3 went so so badly, from triggering my asthma to having to walk a bit during jog portions. It was super frustrating. But W5D1 went splendidly – 3 sets of 5 minute jogs were a manageable challenge, my breathing was great, and I cut over a minute off my mile. I think maybe going out in the evenings might be better than mornings – I did remember that I could never go PE in the mornings with my asthma, so maybe I just need to let my lungs warm up more. We’ll see how D2 goes.

Also, this lipgloss comes courtesy my friend Krissy – it’s Perfectly Posh Lip Dye in Dark Darling and holy crap, I love it. It’s super 90s, I think, in a good way. But because it’s a gloss, it fades quickly. Besame has a travel lip brush that would be handy, but I am rubbish at reapplying during the day. I wonder if I can find a dupe to use with it to extend it’s wear?

I used to have a wax tart melter from Yankee Candle, and I loved that thing hardcore. I like scenting my space. But it died years ago and I never replaced it. And then  a few weeks ago, I was like, WHY? Why wouldn’t I? I loved it, it was easy, and it gave me pretty scents I can’t get from candles because I don’t do flames. So I bought one, on clearance and it’s super pretty:


I love dragonflies. So when I was buying it, I recalled the absolutely amazing mythology of the Mountain Lodge scent, as detailed on Tumblr. It is hilarious, and validated by Yankee Candle itself, and since I tend to really love piney, outdoory scents, I had to go for it.
And yep. Friends, it is marvelous. I suspect there’s a stronger scent in candle form, but alas, that avenue is not open to me. I need more.

New displays at work:


High five to my friend who added Pizza Dog from Hawkeye, and thumbs up to Elsa, but I love that someone added Robin, with a rationale. ❤

And this is absolutely incredible, I should get a shot of the whole thing. It goes from 1 foot (Hobbits) to 9 feet (Hulk):


I question my coworkers measuring, though – this was me in 2-3 inch heels, and last I checked, I was 5’4″!


2 thoughts on “3, 5, 6, 7 July 2015: Fandom Fun

  1. 65 degrees? In daylight hours? In July? In the northern hemisphere? Well that’s just weird.
    Woohoo – Soranik & me are the same height. Wolverine is only 5’3″? Wow.
    LOL at the unikitty (amazeballs) and Robin (clumsy) – wonder if these kids are Perez Hilton & Reddit fans?


    • RIGHT?? It’s only 70 today, too, but i’ll be 90 over the weekend. This summer is super wacky.

      I think the 5’3″ Wolverine is Laura/X23, not Logan. But maybe not, maybe Logan is a shortie, ha.

      It’s entirely possible! Or that those were caregiver additions, not kids. *g*


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