Mid July 2015: Gah

So, hey, hello. I got waylaid by the virus from hell and have been sick all this week – and I’m pretty sure I was fighting it off last week, thus explaining why I was out of sorts and not bloggy. I genuinely have no idea when I wore these, they’ve just been waiting here for at least a week for a post to be written.



Charlotte Russe bow back shirt, Old Navy Flirt capris, Captain America necklace, Black Widow necklace, sandals

I think this was the day I wanted to wear the shield, because I haven’t in a while, and then in broke in the parking garage when I was walking in? And I was sad. But then I fixed it and it mostly just represented my day.



Woot shirt, Old Navy Flirt Capris, Keds

omg guys, you have no idea how many typos I keep having to fix. My fingers are not used to typing, and they keep missing letters. Like, off by one or just skipping them and it’s super annoying. (10 in that sentence.) (I guess you do know now.) (2 more)



Modcloth bodysuit, Loft skirt, Cap shield necklace, Know Your Value Agent Carter necklace, Optimysticals Avengers charm bracelet, Keds

Quarterly review day. Fandom fun. Yay.



Mom and I went for manicures a few weekends ago! It was lovely! I guess it must have been just two weeks ago, because I’m still wearing this. OPI, forgot the color. It’s cheery.



BINGO BABY. Staring at me all, dude, why are you taking dozens of pictures of me, I just want to enjoy my bones please and thanks.



Bing takes to his bed after I leave. šŸ˜¦



I found a recipe on Pinterst that made a pretty decent dupe for a Dole Whip from Disney, so I combined it with my friend’s recipe for frozen lemonade pie to make a dole whip pie. It’s a little too sweet – should have pureed pineapple to add and lowered the amount of condensed sweetened milk, so I’ll know better next time. It’s still pretty good, and was good timing since we had a spat of 90+ days in a row.

Also, above it are teas from Adagio, which is my favorite tea blend place. People get to create/sell any blends they like, and there’s a huge fandom part of it. Of those, Agent Carter and Cap are probably my favorite – Cap’s tastes just like apple pie, which is perfect.


6 thoughts on “Mid July 2015: Gah

  1. Wow – 2 weeks later & your manicure still looks great!? Very impressive!
    Love Bingo’s dog bed! Is the raised bed meant to offer more support, or for ventilation purposes, or so you can vacuum under it? LOL
    Bummer about the summer flu thing. I am still feeling the after effects a wicked sinus thing that went from bad to worse in record time. I never get sick in any other season…..except summer. When everyone else is feeling on top of the world. Yah joy.
    SOooOoo apple pie-flavored tea? Will be Googling this brand in just a few! Love me some apple pie stuff!


    • Good is an overstatement, not bad is more accurate. That pic is from day one or two! More nails are unchipped than chipped after two weeks, though, which I count a win.

      I think the suspension is supposed to be more comfortable? And also he can’t drag it and sail down the steps to the basement on it, which he did with a mat, so!

      Summer sickness is the worst. šŸ˜¦ I had to go home early yesterday and it’s likely I will again today. I hope your sinus stuff clears up fast!!

      You will love this tea, it’s very smooth and totally apple pie in tea form: http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/blend.html?blend=19840

      Here is a $5 gift certificate to Adagio: 1793569498. Expires in 24 hours! (3:42pm central, on Saturday)


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