16, 23, 24 July 2015: Avengers Fun

Being sick sucks. 5 days since my fever and this is the first day I haven’t been totally exhausted by normal life. I’m going to be running from behind for a little bit longer, I guess.



Redbubble She Needed a Hero tshirt, Old Navy Flirt capris, Hawkeye bracelets, Keds, Avengers

I hired Cap and Hawkeye to come teach the kids cool skills – Hawkeye taught them how to use a bow and arrow, obvs, and Cap taught them stunt fighting. The classes were majority girls (aged 3-10), and you have not lived until you have seen tiny girls beating up Captain America. It was marvelous, and they were great with the kids.

We also had Anna and Elsa walking around, but I missed out on a photo with them because I was documenting the Avengers classes. Wish I could post some, they were so good.



Limited striped tshirt, River Canyon skorts, Hawkeye bracelets, Agent Carter necklace, Clarks flats

New shirt, on super mega sale. I adore the colors (lilac and navy) and the fit, yay! And it was like $10. I should have gotten more.


Limited lace dress, vintage star brooch, Captain America bracelet, Anthropologie hairband, Keds

First day back at work, barely made it 5 hours, endless love for my coworker who came back and did my night shift for me. New dress from the same megasale as the above shirt, I super super love it. And yes, I totally Disneybounded as Cap. Can you see it?


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