Late July 2015: Another Catch Up

I’ve sort of lost track of what I wore when. I think this is actually just this weekend?



Her Universe Doctor Who dress, ANA cardigan, arrow necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks flats

It’s been hot, which is annoying because I liked my cool summer. But this is a nice dress to wear when it’s hot. I was more than a little punchy this day – I think it was Friday. I was still sort of sleep deprived and weak and had way less of a filter than I normally do, ha. But I made it almost the full day at work!

My friend Liss and I celebrated 20 years of friendship on Saturday, with a trip to the first restaurant we ever spent over $50 in and an afternoon at the mall just like how we spent our high school years! I love the 40s style of this place:



And of course, we hit anthropologie. I tried on a bunch, but the floaty dresses are still a thing and my need to show a waist lest I look like I gained 30 pounds is still a thing. But I did find this fab Sparrow Scalloped Stripes cardigan:



Definite score, and less than $70 with their 20% off sale. I like how it both buttons and defines my waist, which defeats most cardis. I also love the retro-ness of it.

I apologize for my hair.

Also, omg, Michael Kors, NO.



Elastic hemmed jeans?!?!? NO NO NO.

I wanted to see Antman after shopping, but was too tired, so I crashed. Sunday morning, I got myself up and out the door and completed W6D1 of couch to 5k and then kept going to finish my first 5k!!!





It’s a virtual race, where you run on your own time and get a medal mailed to you and I had to do it because it’s the Run You Clever Nerd race, and I love Doctor Who. You get a week to do it – walk, run, jog, break it up into days, whatever. I was sick most of the week, so Sunday was my only chance. And it about did me in. I walked way more than planned, both because my app went weird and because even with my inhaler, I had a hard time breathing, but I did it! And then literally collapsed on the couch and didn’t have the energy to do anything, even read my stack of comic books, woe. Still no Antman. 😦

My next virtual race is Run Like It’s Midnight, with a sparkly Cinderella themed medal, at the end of August. Which is great, because it’ll give me time to finish the final weeks of c25k. My goal is to do it in 45-47 minutes, so we’ll see how it goes. I don’t think I’ll be able to jog much in this heat, so I’m hoping we get some cooler weather again so I can keep going soon!

2 thoughts on “Late July 2015: Another Catch Up

  1. Elastic hems? Ah geez, please tell me that this is not the start of THAT trend again. Looks great on super tall, super thin super models, but normal people – not so much.


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