29-31 July 2015: End of Summer As We Know It

END OF SUMMER READING. SUMMER READING IS OVER. Swoon. It was such a great theme, it was so much fun, I am so grateful it’s over.




Modcloth floral dress, Aerosole wedges, Tardis necklace, Avengers charm bracelet

It’s been super freaking hot, hitting or above 90 all week. So, summer sundress. I love the neckline and sleeves, and the back cutout. It’s a little fancy, but makes me super happy.



Woot tshirt, River Canyon skort, Avengers charm bracelet, Bass saddle shoes

Stacy pointed out it’s been awhile since I wore saddle shoes, so I pulled them out. Fangirl fun shirt – Buffy, Xena, Agent Carter, Merida, Scully are my favorites, but they’re all cool ladies. We hosted an open house to show staff what we do in the summer, so I had to go on theme.

I picked up a new lipstick at Sephora last weekend, a sort of berry purple. I’m really loving it, though it’s occasionally kind of gothy.



That’s a better light than some, it feels darker sometimes. It’s going to be great for fall and winter, I think, even if red is still my default.



Junk Food Captain America tee, JCrew denim skirt, Arrow necklace, Hawkeye bracelets, Avengers charm bracelet, sandals

LAST DAY WHOO! Had to go Cap again, of course. The skirt is actually sort of coral, which means Cap’s red shield and my red shoes sort of didn’t go, but it worked well enough, I think. A bunch of us went out for drinks and snacks to celebrate after work, and it was a blast. I spent the weekend catching up on reading and my apartment, which felt really good. I also watched Before We Go, Chris Evans’ directorial debut – it’s super charming and sweet, an almost romance that worked really well. I even got used to the shaky cam pretty easily.

Final SRP shots:

Our Open House had tables showing off our mainstay programs and why we do them, like this:



And our gerbil is rocking his new sweet ride:



Every time I checked on him, he was deeper under the dashboard, until I worried we’d need gerbil jaws of life, ha. But he’s fine.


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