10 -14 August 2015: Fangirl

Anne of Green Gables is, bar none, my favorite book. I love a lot of books – A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betsy-Tacy, everything by Connie Willis – and consider many characters to be my friends, but Anne holds my heart like no other. I remember when I first met her: my friend Ruthie gave me Anne of Green Gables as a birthday present when I was 8. I have multiple copies (including a personalized Shelley of Green Gables and a special hardcover from my senior photos) and every time I move into a new house or apartment, it’s the first book I read there.

I also love the miniseries, and I’m sure most of you have heard or read me talking about meeting Jonathan Crombie when he toured as Man in Chair in Drowsy Chaperone. So you can imagine how pleased I was to see a modern YouTube adaptation popup last year called Green Gables Fables – and to see that it was really quite good. I was excited to have a chance to back the Kickstarter for a season 2 (and was in fact the first to donate, ha!) and my perks have come in.

I am, very clearly, a Kindred Spirit. ❤


Green Gables Fables tee, JCrew button skirt, Doctor Who bracelet, Aerosole sandals

Look at the cute little braids! I love it. I also got a cute postcard signed by the cast. Season 2 (based on book 3, Anne of the Island) starts September 2. I can’t wait.


Frozen/Doctor Who tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, Black Widow bracelet, Clarks shoes

I do love these mashups! It’s odd, though, how they all sort of make me look flat, in a way no other shirt print does.

Tracy Reese anthropologie Mompos Dress, Mickey Mouse necklace, Agent Carter necklace, Captain America bracelet, Clarks shoes

TWIRL! This dress makes me happy, looks perfect with the shoes, and lends itself well to my 1940s character jewelry giving me mental strength. Sometimes you need mental strength wherever you can get it.


Maurice’s top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Tardis necklace, Captain America bracelet, BAIT Iona wedges

I love these shoes so much, and they are so not comfortable. Maybe I needed to size up? It’s such a sad thing. My other BAIT flats are awesome, and I just love these t-traps so much. Boo.

Disney Snow White top, JCrew button skirt, Avengers charm bracelet, Aerosole sandals

And back to fandom. ❤

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