24-28 August 2015: New Shoes!

For an extra week of summer, it was certainly chilly. Funny how that works out, eh?


Limited striped tee, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Gap boyfriend cardigan, BombDotCom arrow necklace and bracelet, Dansko sandals

Love this top so much. There are other colorways, but this one is just the best.

Gap top, anthropologie skirt, Disney necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks shoes

I haven’t worn this skirt all summer, I don’t think, but I do love it. And these shoes go with it perfectly. Scrounged the outfit last minute when I remembered I was hosting a training and should look professional, ha.

Studio sweater, Sag Harbor skirt, BombDotCom arrow necklace, Agent Carter necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks shoes

I had to go into my sweater closet to get dressed, it was so awesome. And I am madly in love with how this outfit turned out, so fun and retro. I think this sweater will also look great with my red pencil skirt if I ever get brave enough to wear it again.


anthropologie top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Biviel t-strap heels

Casual but I love wearing heels again. Switched to Keds to walk to the consignment shop on my dinner break, but didn’t find anything…and ended up in Keds the rest of the night, ha. Not my most comfortable pair of shoes, however cute.


Charlotte Russe bow-back top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Mickey necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, PURPLE CONVERSE

New shoes! New shoes! I love these so much! They are Hollyhock colored, which apparently is not a current color, so I got them off eBay. (Though I was originally sent the wrong size, exchanged them, and eBay returned my money. But I still got my proper size! Need to figure out how to repay them.) Purple and grey is my basic winter wardrobe, and purple is such a neutral for me, and I’m excited to wear them with cute dresses and jeans alike. Also, you know, Hawkeye. ❤





I used this opportunity to say goodbye to my previous pairs of Chucks, all deeply loved, but unwearable. Bye, Chucks. You served me well. I hope I can replace you some day.

This was actually a great mail week. I got the shoes, I got a nerdy subscription box that I will talk about soon, and I got my very first 5k medal, whoo!!!



❤ ❤ ❤ I’m still plugging away at the Rogers Running Club – I’m on W8D2 of couch to 5k and it’s going well. Last week, I actually managed 23 straight minutes of jogging, which blew my mind, and while I haven’t been able to replicate it this week, I did shave 2 minutes off my mile. Exciting. This is my race week for the Cinderella Run Like It’s Midnight challenge, and I’m hoping to complete it on Friday. After that, dunno. There’s a Veterans one in November I’d like to do, though I’m worried it might be too cold for my lungs. I could walk it, though. I could also just do a 5K and buy myself a medal. Options.


One thought on “24-28 August 2015: New Shoes!

  1. I read an article recently that Converse is somehow in cahoots with Nike (maybe Nike owns them) & that the new Chucks will have the Nike comfort technology built into them. I looove my Chucks, but yeah some better cushioning & lateral support would be worth it!

    Yah congrats on the medal & your running successes. Years ago before I settled on a different career path, I was considering orthopedics as a career, so I shadowed an orthopedic MD & he pretty much spent the majority of his day dealing w/knee injuries – mostly from runners. He summed it up by saying – unless you are shaped like an arrow – long, thin, lean, stream-lined…then running is not the best activity for you. He said anyone not shaped like an arrow ends up in his office w/knee injuries, potential knee surgeries & even knee replacements. Sure enough, every patient we saw during that month was not an “arrow” and all had buggered up knee issues. Yeah, that cured me from running & from pursuing orthopeds as a profession too. LOL


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