31 August-3 September 2015: Summer’s Last Hurrah

This week has been incredibly hot and humid, just in time for school to start! Poor kids. (But yay for us.)

anthropologie Flutter Hem tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, vintage key necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Aerosole sandals

Bit of an autumnal outfit, hmm. I’m not really sure what I was thinking, outside of that I wishes it was autumn, ha.


Gap floral top, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Tardis necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, White Cliff flats

The seaming is super weird, but I do like the drape of this top. I picked it up at a swap with another blue floral top and I continually get the two mixed up. I like this one better, seam and all.

Maurice’s top, JCrew button skirt, Mickey necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Aerosole sandals

I need to resew the last button hold to the placket again, ugh. A very easy fix, less than 5 minutes, but my motivation to do tasks outside my routine these days is next to none. I’ve had three items to iron for 2 months. Three items! It’ll take less than ten minutes! And yet.


anthropologie top, Gap camisole, Old Navy Flirt capris, arrow necklace, vintage star brooch, arrow bracelet, Converse

I like this top, but I rarely pull it out. It was probably a mis-buy. Maybe if I played with the top, pinning/sewing it so it didn’t need a cami under it? Hmm.

Because I am a nerd girl, look who came home to me!!!

Peggy and Steve, together again. ❤ ❤ ❤ I super love Peg’s shoes; they were available at BAIT footwear, but a few seasons ago. And the heels are a little high for me. But I still dream.


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