14-16 September 2015: Autumn Fun

This has been such a weird, crazy, non-routiney week. I am not fond of those! I like my routines! But it has been fun, at least. But I really want a normal week soon.


French Connection top, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Avengers charm bracelet, Converse

Cute and walkable because we went shopping for our next round of American Girl Dolls!!! There was a chance I was going to walk a few miles, which didn’t pan out, but comfort is still key. We shopped for an hour and it was SO MUCH FUN omg.


Coldwater Creek shirtdress, Limited shrug, Agent Carter necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks mary janes

My favorite dress and important Agent Carter message to myself to present my summer reading program results to our library board. It went really well, they really connected with our goals and stories, and I felt pretty great. I picked this shrug up back in June with my friend Krissy, and, um, finally got around to ironing it yay.


Forever 21 striped top, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Captain America necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Dansko sandals

I don’t often pull this necklace out, and I’m not sure why. I love Cap, I’ve read, like, a dozen of his trades and watch his movies and do genuinely like him as a character. But this somehow feels more in your face that my Tardis necklace or Cap bracelet? But I do like how it looks with the stripes.

This weekend, my mom and I went for pedis and I went totally autumnal with OPI’s new It’s a Piazza Cake (pumpkin) and Romeo and Joliet (brown). I super super love how they look together:

I used Mom’s OPI’s Schnapps Out of It on my fingers, which is a near match for the Piazza but a bit more rose than orange with the brown. I adore the color, which looked great with one coat, but it chips something fierce, boo. I’ve had entire halves of nails flake off, even with 2+ coats!

Bonus Bingo Baby:

And the American Girl haul: 4 historicals, 4 girls of today, 2 sets of Bitty Twins, and outfit changes for them all.


I am super excited that we got MaryEllen, the new girl from 1954 who just came out a few weeks ago. She is an adorable red head, and we got her a poodle skirt outfit and super cute cherry gingham play outfit and I want it ALL OMG. I also super want Kit’s new radio, which plays snippets of 30s radio broadcasts and also hooks up to iPods to play anything. I am such a history geek.


2 thoughts on “14-16 September 2015: Autumn Fun

  1. I have been periodically visiting your blog for about a year for the fashion but your AG post has inspired me to comment. Are you an adult collector? My daughter is 14 and still collects and I have to admit, it sucks me in. Do you display your AG girls if you are a collector?


    • Hi, Tiffany! I am sort of an adult collector – I got my first doll back in the late 80s and bought the new historical girls as they came out, through college. I used to display them, but my current place doesn’t have the space. The last doll I bought was Emily, several years back, though I am seriously considering MaryEllen. The only doll I keep out right now is Josefina, since I use her at work every year, the rest are with my parents. I pay a lot of attention to the new things as they come out and occasionally buy new outfits for the dolls I have. Now that I circulate two dozen at work, I get to play with those sometimes, which is super fun. What dolls do you and your daughter have?


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