5-7 October 2015: All About the Nails

So I finally updated to ios9 and it’s mostly great except iCloud did weird things and took away my PhotoStream that I rely on to post, and I had to fight to get it back. But I did! Yay!


Gap sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Arrow necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, booties

I am blanking on the shoe brand. I love them madly still, but I fear they are not long for the world. The bottoms feel very thin, and my feet hurt when I take them off. Ugh. Gotta figure out how to save them, outside of not taking long walks on days I wear them!


Gap top, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Mickey necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clark’s shoes

Black is a trend, mostly because I was trying not to compete with the nails – my mom and I went for manicures the weekend before, and they seemed to call for dark and dramatic tops. Very Black Widow.



Anne of Green Gables top, H&M cardigan, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Tardis bracelet, BoC Canty booties

So of course this top is what I chose to wear the next day. It is, indeed, the full text of Anne of Green Gables, stretching front and back. It’s delightful.

Here’s my manicure, sadly on day 5 after there had been some chipping. It was Under the Mistletoe, and easily swayed between autumnal and Merry Tidings, depending on light. Sometimes it looked dark purple, other times blood red. It really was awesome.



One thought on “5-7 October 2015: All About the Nails

  1. So very digging the canty booties! I’m on a bootie (& an Onitsuka Tiger kick this season).
    Yeah a mani after 5 days always looks like a walk-of-shame thing no matter the situation! LOL


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