8, 10, 12 October 2015: Fandom Fun

Slowly catching up. I was home sick a few times last week and it’s throwing me off. Boo allergies.


Coldwater Creek shirtdress, Avengers charm bracelet, Clark’s shoes

I love this dress. I love it so much, I also own it in black. And I so rarely wear either. Why? I love full skirts that end at my knee, and it’s not my default. I really wish it was.


Gap sweater, Limited cardigan, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Hawkeye bracelet, Felicity Smoak replica necklace, Converse

A Saturday at work with two action-y storytimes means comfortable clothes! And a color scheme, apparently. This was mostly because of the necklace – I got it in FanMail, a monthly geeky lady subscription box, and wanted to wear it asap. So it turned very purple. Close up on the necklace:


A little brassy, but I like it.

On my Friday off, I went to see The Martian. I loved it so much! Like, more than I thought I would, even. It was funny and nerve-wracking and heartbreaking and sweet, all in turns. I can’t wait to read the book – based on the somewhat surprise ending of the credits, at least one subplot got pretty well nixed, and I’m really curious to see what else went. I like Sebastian Stan, who had a fairly small role in this, so that was a bonus, too.

Sunday, I did my third 5K of the year, for the WDW Running Team’s Tomorrowland Virtual Race. My time wasn’t great, went up 2 minutes, but the length didn’t feel overwhelming for the first time, so there’s that. It’s been a bad week or so to run with allergies and cold impacting asthma, so I’m pretty okay with the turn out. The weather was at least gorgeous, 78 and sunny, so it was just allergy issues.




Only one more 5K for 2015, for Veterans Day. Depending on weather, that might just be totally walked, we’ll see.

(PS, clearly NOT my usual pace, I try to pick it up for the last .1 mile, ha.)


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