Ahhhhhhh-ctober 2015

Ugh, you guys. Yesterday was my day off, and I wore all my Hawkeye stuff because this panel from his comic kept running through my head:


Maybe not EVERYTHING is awful. But it’s been a ridic stressful two weeks. Last week, I ended up with jury duty on the one day I’d have been at work, and I was there until 6:30, a hairbreadth away from being questioned for a panel. (The gasps of horror from the pool when the first group questioned had 17/28 dismissed at once was pretty loud and staggering.) Luckily they found their last 3 panelists in the second group, and I was one of 8 in the last group, just waiting and waiting and waiting.

Then I was gone for four days for a library conference, which had some awesome moments. Some great panels, great seeing old coworkers again, saw The Martian in 3D giant screen and fell even more in love etc. But it was exhausting, and we came back late Saturday night and then Sunday I was in a fog of fatigue. And then this happened:


My graphics card died and I got multiple blue screens and was unable to boot up. So I was desktopless Sunday-Wednesday, plus all the time I was away. It hurt so bad, ha. I save and organize and tag things obsessively, and it was very very hard to do even half of it on my iPad. Then I was juts foggy and tired at work – so grateful for Wednesday off, when I started to feel human again. Almost there.

Meanwhile, some clothes.


Gap top, Forever 21 skirt, Mickey necklace, Keds

Honestly, I can’t believe it was warm enough recently to go bare-legged. I do not remember those days. Today we’re not even getting out of the 40s, and it feels like the 30s.

I haven’t worn this skirt since last fall Disney, I think?? Isn’t that odd? But it didn’t come out looking quite what I had in mind in those pics, but I think it was just the top with them. This looks fine.


Coldwater Creek shirt dress, H&M cardigan, Agent Carter necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clark’s shoes

I presented at the conference, and went 40s to do it. Also chosen because I wore this for the 4 hour drive home, and it’s so damn comfortable. Also, western IL was oddly much warmer than eastern. Go figure.


Maurice’s top, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny jeans, anthropologie cardigan, Mickey necklace, Clarks

Worn because I desperately needed color and pep and cheer. Also, my hair is now long enough to pin it up in the back, yay!


Anthropologie Flutter Hem top, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Agent Carter necklace Clarks

I am 90% sure I wore this before the conference. When would that have been? Maybe two Sundays back. Maybe the Friday before that. Augh.


Anthropologie Emporer’s Kiss sweater, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Target socks, Clarks

Penguins! Because it’s cold! My socks were $2 at Target, but they look handknit, and I like that a lot.

And, hey, look what we got now:


Autumn colors! Bare trees! I finally saw orange trees on our drive to the conference, and that was exciting. Ooooh, and we listened to Hamilton the musical on the way there. I cannot get over how amazingly good it is!!! I fell for it hard. I hope it tours soon!!!!

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