Dressing Room Love

Oh, anthro. For so long now, our styles haven’t matched up. I intended a breeze through, largely to see if you were carring Besame makeup yet. And then I was there for an HOUR. A happy, joyful, expensive hour.

I got invited to Colorado for a weekend trip in a few weeks. I have a bunch of friends who live there, and there’s going to be a thing. So I needed something to wear to the thing. And I found so many wonderful options.


Calendula Dress, size 4

This was a whim, it’s not thing appropriate. But I fell in love so so hard. It’s more fitted than I like – I could sit fine, but good posture is required and I could feel the dress. Not usually my favorite thing. But oh my God, how amazingly 50s is this????? If I ever went to fancy parties, I would need this dress and wear it every time. I might ebay stalk this one — I wish there had been a size 6 to try on, but it went from 4 to 10. And the 6 couldn’t look this perfect. It covered my bra and everything. Oh, SWOON, why don’t I have a life where I can dress like this???


Sadie Tweet Shift, size 8

This is thing appropriate and made me feel so amazing and powerful. It has a 60s vibe to it that I really like — let me channel my inner Joan Holloway Harris. I don’t often wear shifts, but they flatter my figure really well. I should work on that. I would happily wear this to work, and totally will. Because it came home with me.


Flounced Lace Dress, size 6

I liked this, but it didn’t lay right, and the lace had a huge hole ripped on the side. It’s very flirty, though, which I liked.


Crosstown Dress, size small

This was the dress I spotted that made me start a dressing room. I fell in love at first sight. You all know my love for skater styles, and dude, long sleeves. How often does that happen? I felt like Peggy Carter when I wear this. I couldn’t stop beaming. (And while it’s mostly similar in color, sleeves and feel, the back scallops isn’t too far off from her neckline.) (And it’s by Sunday in Brooklyn, perfect.) And it’s super comfortable. So, yes. This one came home with me, too. It’s potentially thing appropriate, but honestly, I’ll probably go with the shift. And wear the hell out of this all winter.


Courtland Shirt dress, size small

The saleslady got in on the action, giving me and Liss her thoughts and pulling this for me after realizing I had a retro aesthetic going. She called it I Love Lucy, and it’s so totally marvelous. I love wrap dresses, and this is constructed well. I strongly considered it, but the medium was a big baggy and the small rode up a bit in the back. If only it had an extra half inch of fabric in the waist, boo. It’s very me.


Collared Beatrix Coat, size 8

As is this. OMG, right??? Is this not the most incredible coat in the entire world?? I fell in love so hard, I couldn’t stop spinning. My mom was helping me shop by text, and when she saw this, she offered to buy it for me. My defenses were down. I let her. I just love it so much. And the fur buttons off, leaving a gorgeous pale blue collar. And the inside is polka dotted. I just could cry I love it so much. It should be a dress coat, but I am wearing it as soon as the weather gets chilly again. It’s so amazingly thick and warm, I bet I can wear it to the upper 30s and still be able to walk. SWOON.

What made all of this possible was that the wonderful, sweet, helpful saleslady gave me a 25% off card. So the shift was 30% off because it was on sale, and the red dress and coat were each 25% off, saving me about $200. I was so grateful, and it was just so very kind of her. So, thanks, anthro lady, you are amazing.

This stop took up almost all my free time before my show, so I only got to hit TopShop to try on a top I’ve had my eye on for months:

Tie Front Top, size 8

I want it in black, not striped, but it’s much shorter than I was thinking. I’d probably have to layer it to feel comfortable, even with higher waisted bottoms. I just love the lace up look SO MUCH and I can’t find it anywhere else. Ugh, decisions. Maybe if it goes on sale – I’ve had the tab open for months, I can keep it open, ha.

Yesterday was just such an awesome, amazing day. I felt more excited and energized than I have in months. Note to self: you love shopping and the theater. Don’t stay away!

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