Happy Halloween!

A day late, oops. I tried.

We usually dress up on Halloween for work, but since it was Saturday, we kept it super low key on Friday.

Though to be honest, this is exactly what I would have worn should it have fallen on Friday, so.

Captain America costume hoodie, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Keds

And yes. The hood is actually his cowl, complete with A and wings and covering my nose. No, there is no photographic evidence of it. But see the straps on my shoulders? Oh, yes, nerds.

I own a shield backpack, too. Of course. And what other day could I possibly pair these? It was a very comfy day at work, let me tell you.


Eddie Bauer sweater, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Forever 21 leggings, lace socks, Halloween pin, Felicity Smoak’s necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks

And for actual Halloween, I wore this! I thought about doing a cute cosplay, but I needed something easy to get in and out of for trying on clothes and something somewhat dressed up for the theater. So this it was. The socks/shoes/leggings gave it more of an 80s vibe than I’d thought on, but whatever, it was fine.

My hair is finally long enough not only to get pinned up, but to go into a bun! Does this mean Heidi braids are soon behind???


Little ghosties and bats.

A full dressing room post will be posted soon – anthro and I are friends again after a very long separation. (My bank account is mad at both of us.)


Okay, so. You all know I’m crazy about Christmas. I try to keep to boundaries – I admit that I have listened to some Christmas songs in the past few weeks, but that was largely to deal with stress. I needed the hit of relaxation and calm. And then Goldstar, the theater-based Groupon company, posted discounted tickets for White Christmas at a local theater. And I had credit from them, so my ticket would be free.

So I saw White Christmas on Halloween.

Look at that! SNOW! Also, fifth row center — not bad for discounted, let alone free! I’d say the theater was about half filled with fellow Christmas nerds. And yes, we enthusiastically sang White Christmas when prompted. The stage musical changes the plot and makes it make WAY more sense, and throws in another half dozen or so Irving Berlin songs. I like the movie best, because it’s ingrained in me, but I really do love the staging. The actors were all delights, and holy crap, could they sing. I also wanted 90% of the costumes, omg. Like, to the point where I’m half considering emailing the costume director and asking if they were sewn or sourced and where, ha. I stared more at the costumes than I did the actors sometimes!!

So, yeah. NO REGRETS.


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