2-4 November 2015: Warm Spell

Warm. It’s bloody warm. Like, 70s. Bare legs. Bare trees. It’s kind of great, but at the same time, I want to get a gingerbread latte in a red cup to warm up, and I’m already too warm for it, ha.


H&M dress with belt, Agent Carter necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks

I do love this dress and don’t wear it enough. That’s a theme with me. It’s swishy and cute and fun to wear. It’s perfect for fall days that don’t require cardigans.


Anthropologie space-dyed cowl sweater, Old Navy Flirt capris, H&M Love necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks

Cute and casual for outreach storytime and walking.


Gap top, Anthropologie jumper, zulily brooch, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks

I love these shoes, but they probably need a break. I love this dress, but so rarely wear it! I think because the fabric is so thick, it turns me off, but it looks fine. And it’s hard to style — bit 1960s nun-to-be/schoolgirl. Or early days Peggy Olson.  Essentially the same thing, ha. But I saw Clara wearing a jumper with longsleeve shirt on Doctor Who a few weeks ago and have wanted to emulate it ever since. So here it is.

There is an awesome biography series for kids, Ordinary People Change the World. I just read the Helen Keller title, and was utterly delighted to find my absolute favorite superheroes, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop (each codenamed Hawkeye) and their dog Lucky, along with Matt Murdock (Daredevil) and his bff Foggy, hanging out at the end! And Clint is signing to Kate that he loves her! SWOON. They got included because Clint is deaf and Matt is blind, and the illustrator used to work for Marvel. Awesome touch to a seriously awesome book on Helen. I highly recommend it for the kids in your life. (K-3, probably.)20151104-080944.jpg


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