23-25 November 2015: Red Velvet

So one of my stops at the mall last week was Sephora, where I picked up these awesome rose gold arrow bobby pins, super Kate Katie Hawkeye, AND a Besame Cosmetics lipstick set. I already own the lipstick Red Velvet from 1946 (used by Peggy Carter on Agent Carter), but I picked up the lipstick matchsticks. You guys, they are amazing. It just glides on so perfectly, not too heavy at all. I liked it better than the lipstick tube. It stayed put all day, even through lunch and meetings. And I really needed some Peggy Carter strength, so I was happy to rock it this week. I tried over the summer, but it felt too dark; I think it’s more of a winter shade of red for me, maybe. Or maybe I was putting it on too heavily with the tube and I need to work on that.


Modcloth dotty sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Avengers charm bracelet, Crown Vintage booties

This sweater came in a Modcloth surprise package, and I like it. It’s way more normcore than I’d pick myself, but it’s cute and I like polka dots. Win.


JCrew sweater, JCrew houndstooth skirt, fleece lined tights, Agent Carter necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks

Doubled up on the Agent Carter stuff to remind myself that I know my value! I’ve loved this sweater/skirt combo in the past, but it didn’t quite gel for me this time. Sweater didn’t hang right, maybe?


Junk Food Captain America tshirt, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, H&M cardigan, Avengers charm bracelet, Crown Vintage booties

The Captain America: Civil War trailer dropped last night, so I watched when I first woke up. It was good, super heartbreaking, but good — even if it didn’t include the Crossbones footage I really wanted to see and hear. 😛 But I am solidly Team Cap, even if Tony broke my heart in the trailer, so I had to pull out my Cap tee in celebration. With Red Velvet lipstick to celebrate Peggy, too.

I am off to my family for Thanksgiving and a long weekend, so I will see you all next week. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


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