20-22 January, 1-3 February 2016: Catching Up

I am so behind after my trip. I’m super scattered, things aren’t getting done and it’s so frustrating. Work wifi won’t let me upload photos at work, which tends to be my routine, so blurgh. But even as I’ve been feeling so out of sorts, the weather has been decent so I’ve at least been dressing well. Huzzah.


Collage lace shirt, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Outlander necklace, Hawkeye bracelet, Merona socks, Clarks

My mom picked this top up for me at an indie store near her, and I love the colors. It’s such a cheery print, and the lace is lovely. It’s complemented by my Hamilton pin, obvs (I picked some up for all my coworkers, as we are all obsessed).


Junk Food Captain America tee, Old Navy Flirt skirt, JCrew Jackie cardi, Hawkeye pin, tights, Clarks

This was where I decided that I’ve missed skirts. I really, really have. Jeans are comfy and can be cute, but I feel so much more me in skirts and dresses. I’m going to try and find a better balance–as long as the weather stays above 20.


Gap top, Old Navy Flirt skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Old Navy tights, Hawkeye bracelet, Outlander necklace, Clarks

One of my coworkers for the past 9 years has departed for a library in sunny Cali. I’ll miss him. But I’ll never really forget how he reacted the first time I wore this cardigan, complaining about being blinded and such. For several minutes on end. It was a fitting goodbye.


French Connection heart top, Insight pencil skirt, Hawkeye bracelet, tights, Bieviel t-strap heels

I didn’t mean to go so Valentiney, but I fell in love with how it looked. And how it felt! I’ve avoided this skirt because it’s so fitted, but it actually fit very comfortably all day. That was a delightful discovery. Ahhh, retro style. I love you so.


Gap sweater, Anne Klein skirt, Captain America bracelet, Tardis necklace, Nordstrom tights, Clarks

My coworker told me I looked like the Library Lady from All of a Kind Family, hee. I do adore this skirt, and don’t wear it nearly enough. It’s awesome retro and I love the flounce. A perfect outfit for watching Agent Carter, yes? This season has been such a delight–much lighter than last year, and I do miss New York, but seeing all these kickass women with varying shades of morality is just fantastic.


H&M polka dotted dress, H&M cardigan, Outlander necklace, tights, Clarks

Okay, this one might have been a misstep, with the tight/shoe combo. But I love this dress and it makes me smile.


Closeup on the new Outlander necklace–I subscribe to FanMail, the monthly subscription box for lady nerds, and this was in the February box. They’re replicas of Claire’s two wedding rings, from Frank and Jamie. The box isn’t always filled with things I like, but there’s usually at least one I gravitate towards, and this month had a few cool things. Next month has XFiles, Jessica Jones and more, so I am quite excited to see what we get!

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