December and February: Dressing room at last — anthropologie and Modcloth

A way, way, way overdue anthropologie post!



I can’t find this on the website anymore! It was in the sale room last week, still over $100. I adore the amazing 40s-ness of it all–the bodice, the bow, the print, etc. If it was $70ish, I’d probably have gone for it. But I can’t even remember what size I tried on, just that I had to size down.


Garden Glimmer Skirt with Lace Sleeve Pullover

The shirt should look familiar, since I bought it! My mom spotted it on a General Hospital character, and we loved it. The purple was sold out, but I love the black. I wore it to New York.

The skirt I only tried on to go with the top, but it really is a great skirt. I don’t need another one, so I passed it up, but it’s super cute.


Modcloth Can You Bow-Lieve It?

Ohhhhhhhh I wanted these to work so badly. SO BADLY. It’s the perfect heel I’ve been trying to find for over a year, the color is fabulous, they are perfect. Except they are also snug in the toe, slop on the heel and are like ice skating on anything not carpeting. One of those things I could fix. All three, they had to go back. SO SAD.


This I actually picked up on eBay! It’s a delightful 40s dress, much like the one above from anthropologie, and one I sort of had in mind to cosplay Agent Carter and/or a female 1940s Captain America. I never did exchange it, but it’s a bit big–I ignore the zipper and pull it over my head. But it doesn’t look bad, right? I still have a waist. It was only $15 or $20, so I could just buy the next size down and see how it works. Or just stick with this one. Dunno.

Dotty Trumpet Skirt

This skirt is from 2012, and was passed on to me by a coworker. Isn’t it adorable?? I am waiting for a bit more spring-like weather to wear it.

These are from anthropologie just last week:


Knit Field Jacket

HOW AMAZING IS THIS? I want it!!!! But I don’t need it at all!!! But I love it. Such gorgeous detailing and I love those buttons so hard.


Regatta Skirt, size 6

Wishlisted so hard. I don’t need another skirt, either, but this one is just a dream. I adore the bright, cheery color, the nautical accents and check the back:


Perfection, right? Love the Xs. Definitely needs to come home with me when it goes on sale.


Mission Grove Body Wash

This was the only thing I bought this time around–$3, go me! It is AMAZING. The clove is incredible and the clementine so refreshing. There’s very few left, but I highly recommend it!

2 thoughts on “December and February: Dressing room at last — anthropologie and Modcloth

    • Thanks for the check in! I got sick for a few weeks in February, spent March catching up, and have spent April thinking I needed to get back to blogging. I definitely will be back. 🙂


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