11-14, 16 January 2016: TOO COLD

The weather is seriously inhibiting my style. I have such great new things to wear, and it’s too cold to wear them. Today, my phone chimed at 10:30am to let me know it had finally gone above zero!


Anthropologie tee, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Free People cardi, Tardis bracelet, Winter Solider necklace

I was wearing bootie, but was too lazy to put them on after my walk home in snow boots. It was super cold, like, 8 degrees, but there was this gorgeous sparkly light snow falling and I felt like I was heading home through Bedford Falls. So worth it.


cashmere turtleneck, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Crown Vintage booties

I very very very rarely wear turtlenecks. I hate them, actually–all that tightness around my neck. No fun. But this one isn’t bad. And it’s warm, which was important. I think I’ll keep it.


Gap tunic, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, pointsettia socks, Captain America sweater clips, Clarks

Also warm. The shield are a little silly with this neckline, but I was trying to emulate a necklace. And also something to smile about on a stressy day.


anthropologie Emperor’s Kiss sweater, JCrew skirt, tights,  Natasha Hawkeye necklace, Bass Heritage boots

I just couldn’t bear jeans again!!! I needed a skirt day desperately, and I knew I’d be driving. happy sigh.


Alas, it was also the day we learned that Alan Rickman had died, so I pulled out my Harry Potter pin in memoriam. I don’t actually think Snape was anything resembling a good guy, but he was played beautifully in the films.

We had a great icy snow this weekend, too:




I always love when snow lines tree branches, but ice lined in the sun is pretty spectacular.

My mom and I also went for pedicures and I ended up with a super pretty pink!! OPI’s Cozu-melted in the Sun.


I had last Friday off, and while I intended to be productive, I actually spent a lot of the day watching Agent Carter before the second season premieres and drinking tea, while curled under my Tardis blanket. I gotta say, it was awesome.



24-30 December 2015: End of the Year Fun

My outfits this week have not been so pretty. Mostly jeans and Disney, to be honest–held two Frozen singalongs on Monday, then am celebrating the scheduling of my next trip (11.5 months!!!) with a castle shirt today. So let’s talk about other pretty things today.  Like Christmas. And a proper snow that fell on the 6th day of Christmas instead of the 1st.

But we can do two outfits.


HerUniverse Black Widow jacket, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Converse

OMG LOOK AT THIS JACKET. I love it so hard–it’s totally stealth fandom. If you don’t know Widow’s symbol, it just looks like an awesome jacket. The back has the same princess-style seaming to give it great shape. Of course once I got it, the temps dipped from the 50s to the 20s and 30s. I find myself hoping for a mild January so I can wear it soon!


Target Ugly Christmas Sweater

Okay, yeah, so the second outfit is Bingo’s. But look how cute he is!!! My mom and I were taking dozens of photos of him and then I went out on the porch with him (60* temps), and used a treat to get him to look the directions I wanted, and voila. He cooperated beautifully. Isn’t he the best??


I had a very fandomy Christmas, actually, and it was a delight. Above are my brand new Besame Cosmetics perfume and lipstick samples. I love 1930 best so far, but 1940 is great. 1950 disappeared a little too quickly. Still haven’t tried the others. I wear Red Velvet (1946) a lot so I know I love it, but American Beauty (1945) goes way more pink than red on me, boo. It’s supposed to be a berry red, but if I want pink, I want to go Portrait Pink (1963) or Dusty Rose (1969).  I’m hoping those two end up in matchsticks so I can try them. I’m also intrigued by Carmine (1930) and Chocolate Kiss (1970).  Anyway, I also got a Hawkeye hoodie for my jogging (sleeves zip off), and Doctor Who blanket, pillow and Monopoly game, so I’m super excited by all of that!

Oh, AND I got a new ice skating rink for my Christmas village! The skaters skate on their own. ❤


Also did some fancy pants nails:


China Glaze Heart of Africa, topped with some OPI gold shimmer. Super pretty, and the China Glaze was opaque in one coat! It was amazing.

I sewed my mom some placemats for Christmas, and she liked them, yay! I’m glad, because I thought the fabrics were both really cute.


I also had a lot of fun making cards for friends this year. I always make a handful, but I doubled my number this year because several of them shared in my Avengers comics and movie spiral and I wanted to commemorate that:


I was really pleased with my stroke of inspiration in Santa-hatting Hawkeye’s symbol, but I think Cap’s shield is my favorite. Once I saw the white snowflake, I knew what to do. (And for those who don’t read comics, one has two Hawkeyes because there are two Hawkeyes, Clint and Kate.) (Kate’s the other, better Hawkeye.)(I love them both madly, but KATE.)

The SHIELD logo made me despair a bit, but then I figured out how to make it seasonally appropriate, too:



It was a brown Christmas because of the 50 and 60* temps the week before, but the lights and luminaria were pretty:


And then the snow came on the 6th day of Christmas and it was glorious: IMG_7115.JPG

Way better than the 4th day of Christmas’s ice storm. That was a painful walk.

So that’s been my week. Tonight I just plan to hang out and watch some movies and wind down the year restfully. Keep an eye out for my 2015 reading challenge wrap up–I have one book left, so I’m going to stay in and read instead of seeing Star Wars after all, ha.

Hope you all have a super fun NYE and a marvelous start to 2016!

5-7 October 2015: All About the Nails

So I finally updated to ios9 and it’s mostly great except iCloud did weird things and took away my PhotoStream that I rely on to post, and I had to fight to get it back. But I did! Yay!


Gap sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Arrow necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, booties

I am blanking on the shoe brand. I love them madly still, but I fear they are not long for the world. The bottoms feel very thin, and my feet hurt when I take them off. Ugh. Gotta figure out how to save them, outside of not taking long walks on days I wear them!


Gap top, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Mickey necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clark’s shoes

Black is a trend, mostly because I was trying not to compete with the nails – my mom and I went for manicures the weekend before, and they seemed to call for dark and dramatic tops. Very Black Widow.



Anne of Green Gables top, H&M cardigan, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Tardis bracelet, BoC Canty booties

So of course this top is what I chose to wear the next day. It is, indeed, the full text of Anne of Green Gables, stretching front and back. It’s delightful.

Here’s my manicure, sadly on day 5 after there had been some chipping. It was Under the Mistletoe, and easily swayed between autumnal and Merry Tidings, depending on light. Sometimes it looked dark purple, other times blood red. It really was awesome.


14-16 September 2015: Autumn Fun

This has been such a weird, crazy, non-routiney week. I am not fond of those! I like my routines! But it has been fun, at least. But I really want a normal week soon.


French Connection top, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Avengers charm bracelet, Converse

Cute and walkable because we went shopping for our next round of American Girl Dolls!!! There was a chance I was going to walk a few miles, which didn’t pan out, but comfort is still key. We shopped for an hour and it was SO MUCH FUN omg.


Coldwater Creek shirtdress, Limited shrug, Agent Carter necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks mary janes

My favorite dress and important Agent Carter message to myself to present my summer reading program results to our library board. It went really well, they really connected with our goals and stories, and I felt pretty great. I picked this shrug up back in June with my friend Krissy, and, um, finally got around to ironing it yay.


Forever 21 striped top, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Captain America necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Dansko sandals

I don’t often pull this necklace out, and I’m not sure why. I love Cap, I’ve read, like, a dozen of his trades and watch his movies and do genuinely like him as a character. But this somehow feels more in your face that my Tardis necklace or Cap bracelet? But I do like how it looks with the stripes.

This weekend, my mom and I went for pedis and I went totally autumnal with OPI’s new It’s a Piazza Cake (pumpkin) and Romeo and Joliet (brown). I super super love how they look together:

I used Mom’s OPI’s Schnapps Out of It on my fingers, which is a near match for the Piazza but a bit more rose than orange with the brown. I adore the color, which looked great with one coat, but it chips something fierce, boo. I’ve had entire halves of nails flake off, even with 2+ coats!

Bonus Bingo Baby:

And the American Girl haul: 4 historicals, 4 girls of today, 2 sets of Bitty Twins, and outfit changes for them all.


I am super excited that we got MaryEllen, the new girl from 1954 who just came out a few weeks ago. She is an adorable red head, and we got her a poodle skirt outfit and super cute cherry gingham play outfit and I want it ALL OMG. I also super want Kit’s new radio, which plays snippets of 30s radio broadcasts and also hooks up to iPods to play anything. I am such a history geek.

4, 5, 7 June 2015: Start of Summer

It’s here! Our summer reading adventure has begun. I very smartly scheduled a massage for me for today, knowing that predicted crowds for yesterday would have me stressed and exhausted. And I was so right.


Junk Food Captain America tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, Optimysticals Avengers charm bracelet, Keds

Slow launch, so a pretty quiet day. But still had to celebrate with a beloved superhero.


Woot Princess tee, BP cardigan, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Forever 21 leggings, Optimysticals Avengers charm bracelet, White Cliff flats

I know I’ll default to capris all summer if I don’t catch myself, so I caught myself. Love this tee, which is so cheery and awesome – We’ll Save Ourselves, Thank You! ❤


WeLoveFine Hawkeye shirt, Old Navy Flirt capris, Optimysticals Avengers charm bracelet, Keds

I delighted a young lass named Violet with my hair, glasses, shirt, watch and nails, ha! Her mom was sure she’d be hearing about me for the rest of the day. It was a super crazy insanely busy day at work, hordes of families gathered several people deep around our desk on 2-3 sides, nonstop. By the end of the day (7 hours total, though the first 2 were slow), I was at the point where my face hurt from talking and if I didn’t say another word until I got back to work tomorrow, I’d have been happy!

Which is why I was primed for today’s massage, for sure.

Also, nails:


Incredible Hulk colors, comics stickers from my assistant director. Fun, right? OPI Lost My Bikini in Molokini and Wet and Wild Sage in the City. I figure I can do other superhero colors this summer – red/gold is probably next.

I’m still going with Couch to 5K – I’m in week two, a little longer, and ran across this bizarre little tableau in a front yard:


I don’t even.

26, 27, 28, 29 May 2015: Spring-Like






My mental brainpower for outfits is at a low point. We are T-2 days from our summer reading program launch (which I am running) and I am in the superhero mindset but not ready to pull the shirts out until we start. Plus, it’s been going from the 80s to the 50s and it’s confusing. And I’m afraid of all my skirts. Why am I afraid of all my skirts? I wish I knew.




anthropologie Novelty Collar tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, ANA cardigan, BAIT flats

I love this top. It makes me happy. I also like this cardi untied, which I’ve not tried before. Good to know. Also, this is one of the very few days where I planned to get lunch instead of bringing it, so OF COURSE it was a torrential downpour, the likes of which we haven’t seen in ages. My jeans were soaked all day and I had to empty water out of my shoes, after going a block down to get a sandwich and back again. Sigh.



floral dress, Loft cardigan, handbeaded necklace, Keds

Love this dress! Should have worn different socks! I haven’t been very awake in the mornings lately. I don’t think I’ve warn this cardi with the dress, but I think it goes great and the pink matches the flowers. Also, necklace! I haven’t been wearing many lately, just 2-3 fannish ones, but I still have a bunch of others. I need to get back into the accessory habit.



Maurice’s top, Loft zebra skirt, XO crown necklace, Marvel charm bracelet, White Cliff flats

I put actual thought into this and got past my skirt fear and I like it. The skirt is still comfortably roomy, and this is one of my more fitted ones, so it’s not like my skirts don’t fit. Meh. Maybe once it’s consistently warm again.




anthropologie Twirled Tiers top, Gap camisole, Old Navy Flirt capris, Captain America necklace, Alex + Ani bracelet, Keds

So tired. I take photos in the morning and evening for a chance at a decent shot, but all my morning ones look like this lately. (And I didn’t get evening shots because I headed up to visit my parents.) Bleary eyes and bad bangs. SIGH.

I usually have issues with this top, feeling wide/especially pear shaped, but it didn’t bug me like usual. Hmm.

I’ve always loved the OPI DS Reserve (pink with sparkles) and was inspired to buy the blue DS after seeing Hayley Atwell’s manicure at C2E2 – hers was more stormy, slatey blue, I think, but the pinks lined up well.  And I liked the contrast of blue and pink, so, score.



I made sure to add a top coat immediately and the pink never chipped, which was a first, but the blue needed two touchups in 6 days. I love the sparkles, and it only took a few extra minutes to get it off, nothing problematic.

2, 6, 7 April 2014: Yikes

Seriously, where did the last week go?? I can’t believe how behind I am. Lots of outfits. Lots of Bingo.


Teefury Flash shirt, Old Navy Flirt Skirt, Forever 21 leggings, Aerosole heels

I’ve really been loving the new Flash show on CW! I’ve loved Jesse L Martin since I saw him as a baseball playing alien on The X-Files, and I watched Grant Gustin on Glee for a year – I like him much better here, ha. It’s funny and science-fictiony and a little dark and it’s really just ridiculous fun. So when I saw this shirt a few months ago, I had to go for it.



Elie Tahari top, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Forever 21 leggings, BAIT flats

New shoes!! Pink shoes!!IMG_5313.JPG


Aren’t they cute? My parents went old school and surprised me with Easter outfits this year. I’ve loved BAIT shoes for awhile, and these were on sale. \o/


French Connection robin sweater, Gap tank, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Crown Vintage booties

It’s that lovely time of year when it’s barely out of the 40s but you can’t bear to wear winter clothes. I just can’t do tights right now, I’m so sick of them, so I’m stuck with jeans. Sigh. But at least I can sparkle with a robin.

Modcloth had their bi-annual surprise sale, for $15 I was surprised with this:


It’s not bad? It’s a little normcore for me. But polka dots are cute?

I also picked this up from Teefury:


It’s a Karen Hallion design of Agent Peggy Carter. I wish it had the second line of the quote (No one else’s opinion matters), which is on the print of it but not the shirt. Weird. I still like it, though.

Despite the cold, things are finally starting to grow. Tiny buds on trees and flowers blooming:


Not by my parents, though. It was cold for Easter. So I snuggled the puppy:


Who adorably got into an Easter basket and could not hide it:


It was a nice weekend – my mom and I went for a pedicure together on Saturday. We both are madly in love with OPI’s Hawaii line. I chose I Lost My Bikini in Molokini, which is a blue-violet that doesn’t seem to have dupes anywhere. I super loved it, and then realized I chose Hawkeye purple. Awesome.


It was just warm enough to sit on the deck for Easter brunch before giving up and getting warm again inside. Yay spring!


18 and 19 March 2015: Color Scheme

Apparently I have a color scheme in mind the last two days. It wasn’t intentional, but it’s a good combo, so. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.



Forever 21 cross back dress, Old Navy cardigan, Old Navy tights, Mickey necklace, Hawkeye bracelet, Bass Heritage boots

This wasn’t the dress I originally had on, but I can’t remember for the life of me what I decided NOT to wear. Hmm. I don’t often wear this dress because it’s more fitted than I prefer, so I always think it’s too small, but it isn’t. It fits wonderfully. Just fitted. I love it’s swishiness.



Coldwater Creek shirtwaist dress, Kate Spade necklace, Hawkeye bracelet, Aerosole wedges

See, also not what I originally meant to wear. Okay. So. I bought OPI’s Cinnamon Sweet nail polish off Amazon. It’s from Gwen Stefani’s Holiday 14 collection, and Hayley Atwell shared that it was the color they used for Agent Carter. So clearly I had to get it. And put it on immediately. And then of course I had to dress retro right? To go with the nail polish. And the lipstick that was inevitable when wearing the nail polish. I have this great very 40s blue wrap dress that I had on first, but it’s too big. I could make that work decently well, but the fixes meant that it looked absolutely mumsy with a cardigan, which was necessary with short flutter sleeves. So that dress got put aside for true spring and out came this one. Why do I always forget how much I love this dress???

Anyway, the Cinnamon Sweet rocks and I highly recommend it. Check it with one coat:




A nice true red, totally opaque. The brush is one I haven’t seen with my older OPIs – a little flatter and wider, so it went on like a dream. I did add a second coat to make it a deeper brick red and I adore it. Two coats:


Also, my request, my Hawkeye bracelet:


I got it from BombDotComGeekery on Etsy and I super love it. I am all about geeky fannish touches that are only obvious to those in the know!

26 and 27 January 2015: Patterns

I got a kilt! I think it’s too big, which is why I wore it to work, to test that theory out. I’m still unsure. I mean, it is too big. But the next size down loses 2 inches, which may make it more fitted than I prefer. And there’s no exchanges, just rebuying. HMM.


Gap sweater, ASOS corduroy kilt, Tardis necklace, grey tights, Crown Vintage booties

Yeah, yeah, it’s horridly wrinkled. I know. I suck. I still can’t decide. I can’t wear anything tucked in with it like this, and most of my tops cover the buckles, which is half the fun. But I love it. I’m torn, ugh.



Elie Tahari high-low top,  Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Tardis necklace, Froever 21 necklace, Crown Vintage booties

New top! My mom found it for me on Zulily, only marked down to $12 from $88. I love the fit and the style. It tucks into skirts super super well, too.

I got a collection of China Glaze polishes for Christmas and I have been having such fun with it! I’m struggling to find the collection name online, so I’ll add it in later. My current choice appears much darker blue/purple on my nail, with purple shimmer. Very bold and fun.




There are two amazing raspberries and an orange that I’ve used in a few combinations already. This felt very summery for January, but whatever, it made me very happy.


Also, check out these amazing street style shots from London- in 1906. I love the attutide!

21 and 22 December 2014: Christmas Prep

Final days to get things ready!


JCrew snowflake top, H&M cardigan, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny jeans, vintage tree brooch, bow hairpin, Keds

Still no snow, so I bring my own. Apparently we’re going to get clocked Christmas eve? Not bad timing, really.

I’ve had a few things going with my nails, but this is my favorite:


The green has stuck around for well over a week with very little wear, it’s astounding. The grey is OPI Glee and I love it because it shines green or purple depending on light, and the green shine looks great with the green accent. When that chipped, I left the green and made rose gold be the main color. It looks great.


Gap drape neck top, H&M cardigan, vintage tree brooch, jingle bracelet, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny jeans, Keds

Last minute errands, done! Everything mailed, check! Christmas movies watched, check and check and check. Yay.



Rudolf pillow sewn for my brother: check.

I was going to post today’s outfit, but it’s just another red top and jeans, ha. I own a lot of red.
So, instead, I leave you with this holiday post card and wish you all a merry week, whatever you celebrate. Hugs to you all!