December and February: Dressing room at last — anthropologie and Modcloth

A way, way, way overdue anthropologie post!



I can’t find this on the website anymore! It was in the sale room last week, still over $100. I adore the amazing 40s-ness of it all–the bodice, the bow, the print, etc. If it was $70ish, I’d probably have gone for it. But I can’t even remember what size I tried on, just that I had to size down.


Garden Glimmer Skirt with Lace Sleeve Pullover

The shirt should look familiar, since I bought it! My mom spotted it on a General Hospital character, and we loved it. The purple was sold out, but I love the black. I wore it to New York.

The skirt I only tried on to go with the top, but it really is a great skirt. I don’t need another one, so I passed it up, but it’s super cute.


Modcloth Can You Bow-Lieve It?

Ohhhhhhhh I wanted these to work so badly. SO BADLY. It’s the perfect heel I’ve been trying to find for over a year, the color is fabulous, they are perfect. Except they are also snug in the toe, slop on the heel and are like ice skating on anything not carpeting. One of those things I could fix. All three, they had to go back. SO SAD.


This I actually picked up on eBay! It’s a delightful 40s dress, much like the one above from anthropologie, and one I sort of had in mind to cosplay Agent Carter and/or a female 1940s Captain America. I never did exchange it, but it’s a bit big–I ignore the zipper and pull it over my head. But it doesn’t look bad, right? I still have a waist. It was only $15 or $20, so I could just buy the next size down and see how it works. Or just stick with this one. Dunno.

Dotty Trumpet Skirt

This skirt is from 2012, and was passed on to me by a coworker. Isn’t it adorable?? I am waiting for a bit more spring-like weather to wear it.

These are from anthropologie just last week:


Knit Field Jacket

HOW AMAZING IS THIS? I want it!!!! But I don’t need it at all!!! But I love it. Such gorgeous detailing and I love those buttons so hard.


Regatta Skirt, size 6

Wishlisted so hard. I don’t need another skirt, either, but this one is just a dream. I adore the bright, cheery color, the nautical accents and check the back:


Perfection, right? Love the Xs. Definitely needs to come home with me when it goes on sale.


Mission Grove Body Wash

This was the only thing I bought this time around–$3, go me! It is AMAZING. The clove is incredible and the clementine so refreshing. There’s very few left, but I highly recommend it!

2-4 November 2015: Warm Spell

Warm. It’s bloody warm. Like, 70s. Bare legs. Bare trees. It’s kind of great, but at the same time, I want to get a gingerbread latte in a red cup to warm up, and I’m already too warm for it, ha.


H&M dress with belt, Agent Carter necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks

I do love this dress and don’t wear it enough. That’s a theme with me. It’s swishy and cute and fun to wear. It’s perfect for fall days that don’t require cardigans.


Anthropologie space-dyed cowl sweater, Old Navy Flirt capris, H&M Love necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks

Cute and casual for outreach storytime and walking.


Gap top, Anthropologie jumper, zulily brooch, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks

I love these shoes, but they probably need a break. I love this dress, but so rarely wear it! I think because the fabric is so thick, it turns me off, but it looks fine. And it’s hard to style — bit 1960s nun-to-be/schoolgirl. Or early days Peggy Olson.  Essentially the same thing, ha. But I saw Clara wearing a jumper with longsleeve shirt on Doctor Who a few weeks ago and have wanted to emulate it ever since. So here it is.

There is an awesome biography series for kids, Ordinary People Change the World. I just read the Helen Keller title, and was utterly delighted to find my absolute favorite superheroes, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop (each codenamed Hawkeye) and their dog Lucky, along with Matt Murdock (Daredevil) and his bff Foggy, hanging out at the end! And Clint is signing to Kate that he loves her! SWOON. They got included because Clint is deaf and Matt is blind, and the illustrator used to work for Marvel. Awesome touch to a seriously awesome book on Helen. I highly recommend it for the kids in your life. (K-3, probably.)20151104-080944.jpg


Dressing Room Love

Oh, anthro. For so long now, our styles haven’t matched up. I intended a breeze through, largely to see if you were carring Besame makeup yet. And then I was there for an HOUR. A happy, joyful, expensive hour.

I got invited to Colorado for a weekend trip in a few weeks. I have a bunch of friends who live there, and there’s going to be a thing. So I needed something to wear to the thing. And I found so many wonderful options.


Calendula Dress, size 4

This was a whim, it’s not thing appropriate. But I fell in love so so hard. It’s more fitted than I like – I could sit fine, but good posture is required and I could feel the dress. Not usually my favorite thing. But oh my God, how amazingly 50s is this????? If I ever went to fancy parties, I would need this dress and wear it every time. I might ebay stalk this one — I wish there had been a size 6 to try on, but it went from 4 to 10. And the 6 couldn’t look this perfect. It covered my bra and everything. Oh, SWOON, why don’t I have a life where I can dress like this???


Sadie Tweet Shift, size 8

This is thing appropriate and made me feel so amazing and powerful. It has a 60s vibe to it that I really like — let me channel my inner Joan Holloway Harris. I don’t often wear shifts, but they flatter my figure really well. I should work on that. I would happily wear this to work, and totally will. Because it came home with me.


Flounced Lace Dress, size 6

I liked this, but it didn’t lay right, and the lace had a huge hole ripped on the side. It’s very flirty, though, which I liked.


Crosstown Dress, size small

This was the dress I spotted that made me start a dressing room. I fell in love at first sight. You all know my love for skater styles, and dude, long sleeves. How often does that happen? I felt like Peggy Carter when I wear this. I couldn’t stop beaming. (And while it’s mostly similar in color, sleeves and feel, the back scallops isn’t too far off from her neckline.) (And it’s by Sunday in Brooklyn, perfect.) And it’s super comfortable. So, yes. This one came home with me, too. It’s potentially thing appropriate, but honestly, I’ll probably go with the shift. And wear the hell out of this all winter.


Courtland Shirt dress, size small

The saleslady got in on the action, giving me and Liss her thoughts and pulling this for me after realizing I had a retro aesthetic going. She called it I Love Lucy, and it’s so totally marvelous. I love wrap dresses, and this is constructed well. I strongly considered it, but the medium was a big baggy and the small rode up a bit in the back. If only it had an extra half inch of fabric in the waist, boo. It’s very me.


Collared Beatrix Coat, size 8

As is this. OMG, right??? Is this not the most incredible coat in the entire world?? I fell in love so hard, I couldn’t stop spinning. My mom was helping me shop by text, and when she saw this, she offered to buy it for me. My defenses were down. I let her. I just love it so much. And the fur buttons off, leaving a gorgeous pale blue collar. And the inside is polka dotted. I just could cry I love it so much. It should be a dress coat, but I am wearing it as soon as the weather gets chilly again. It’s so amazingly thick and warm, I bet I can wear it to the upper 30s and still be able to walk. SWOON.

What made all of this possible was that the wonderful, sweet, helpful saleslady gave me a 25% off card. So the shift was 30% off because it was on sale, and the red dress and coat were each 25% off, saving me about $200. I was so grateful, and it was just so very kind of her. So, thanks, anthro lady, you are amazing.

This stop took up almost all my free time before my show, so I only got to hit TopShop to try on a top I’ve had my eye on for months:

Tie Front Top, size 8

I want it in black, not striped, but it’s much shorter than I was thinking. I’d probably have to layer it to feel comfortable, even with higher waisted bottoms. I just love the lace up look SO MUCH and I can’t find it anywhere else. Ugh, decisions. Maybe if it goes on sale – I’ve had the tab open for months, I can keep it open, ha.

Yesterday was just such an awesome, amazing day. I felt more excited and energized than I have in months. Note to self: you love shopping and the theater. Don’t stay away!

Ahhhhhhh-ctober 2015

Ugh, you guys. Yesterday was my day off, and I wore all my Hawkeye stuff because this panel from his comic kept running through my head:


Maybe not EVERYTHING is awful. But it’s been a ridic stressful two weeks. Last week, I ended up with jury duty on the one day I’d have been at work, and I was there until 6:30, a hairbreadth away from being questioned for a panel. (The gasps of horror from the pool when the first group questioned had 17/28 dismissed at once was pretty loud and staggering.) Luckily they found their last 3 panelists in the second group, and I was one of 8 in the last group, just waiting and waiting and waiting.

Then I was gone for four days for a library conference, which had some awesome moments. Some great panels, great seeing old coworkers again, saw The Martian in 3D giant screen and fell even more in love etc. But it was exhausting, and we came back late Saturday night and then Sunday I was in a fog of fatigue. And then this happened:


My graphics card died and I got multiple blue screens and was unable to boot up. So I was desktopless Sunday-Wednesday, plus all the time I was away. It hurt so bad, ha. I save and organize and tag things obsessively, and it was very very hard to do even half of it on my iPad. Then I was juts foggy and tired at work – so grateful for Wednesday off, when I started to feel human again. Almost there.

Meanwhile, some clothes.


Gap top, Forever 21 skirt, Mickey necklace, Keds

Honestly, I can’t believe it was warm enough recently to go bare-legged. I do not remember those days. Today we’re not even getting out of the 40s, and it feels like the 30s.

I haven’t worn this skirt since last fall Disney, I think?? Isn’t that odd? But it didn’t come out looking quite what I had in mind in those pics, but I think it was just the top with them. This looks fine.


Coldwater Creek shirt dress, H&M cardigan, Agent Carter necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clark’s shoes

I presented at the conference, and went 40s to do it. Also chosen because I wore this for the 4 hour drive home, and it’s so damn comfortable. Also, western IL was oddly much warmer than eastern. Go figure.


Maurice’s top, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny jeans, anthropologie cardigan, Mickey necklace, Clarks

Worn because I desperately needed color and pep and cheer. Also, my hair is now long enough to pin it up in the back, yay!


Anthropologie Flutter Hem top, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Agent Carter necklace Clarks

I am 90% sure I wore this before the conference. When would that have been? Maybe two Sundays back. Maybe the Friday before that. Augh.


Anthropologie Emporer’s Kiss sweater, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Target socks, Clarks

Penguins! Because it’s cold! My socks were $2 at Target, but they look handknit, and I like that a lot.

And, hey, look what we got now:


Autumn colors! Bare trees! I finally saw orange trees on our drive to the conference, and that was exciting. Ooooh, and we listened to Hamilton the musical on the way there. I cannot get over how amazingly good it is!!! I fell for it hard. I hope it tours soon!!!!

25, 28-30 September and October 1, 2015: Wear Your Superheroes

I am so bloody glad September is over. I need cold weather. It soothes me.

Going out of order today to start with today’s outfit. Last year, two little girls (then 5 and 7) started Wear Your Superheroes Day because the youngest had been teased about being a girl who likes superheroes. Their parents brought it to social media, it became a thing across the world, and it is definitely a thing I support. So:


Junk Food Captain America tee, Ruche plaid skirt, H&M cardigan, Old Navy tights, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks

I love how the colors in the top and skirt go together! And I love how these shoes look with tights. Swoon.

And really, I wear my superheroes most days. Witness the past week, where I hit every single day:




Anthropologie Flutter Hem tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, Agent Carter necklace, Hawkeye bracelet, Clarks

A long day with a goodbye party means cute and casual.


JCrew Factory striped dress, Forever 21 leggings, Loft tie cardigan, Mickey necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks

Man, I wear these shoes a lot. They are SO COMFY.

Anthropologie top, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, BP cardigan, Captain America shield necklace, White Cliff flats

It was so chilly! So chilly! I wore a fleece when I went out jogging and barely got warm. It was lovely. I love chilly weather. I am so glad it’s back. Swoon. Just check this awesome tree:


Swoon. I love red leaves. We usually just get yellow.

I do need to figure out something reflective to wear jogging at night – I try to get home by 7, but that’s still pretty dim these days. Craziness.

Check the Captain America-y placemat I made my brother.



I love jelly rolls. I never want to use anything else, ha. I should have had another stripe, though; I forgot to account for the inch lost with the sewing. Oops.

19, 21-24 September 2015: Augh, Late

Augh! How has it been two weeks? Last week was super weird, as it was my very dear friend/assistant manager’s last week before moving several hours away, so I was pretty distracted. I hope to get better at keeping current soon.


Dumbledore’s Army tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, Tardis necklace, Tardis bracelet, Converse

September 19th: Hermione Granger’s birthday and the premiere of Doctor Who! It was also Talk Like a Pirate Day, my one chance to wear the pirate tee I got from a TeeFury grab bag, but since I went in to work to help at Hermione’s birthday, I clearly needed to be part of the DA. The party was marvelous, filled with nerdy adults and kids. I helped everyone make pins and finger knit scarves for the House Elves.

And the Doctor Who premiere was solid. I adore Twelve, and his electric guitar riff of Pretty Woman made my night. I ❤ you, Peter Capaldi. Never leave.


Anthropologie cardigan, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinnies, arrow necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Aerosole sandals

It finally cooled down enough to wear my new cardi!!!! Only it didn’t really and I was warm. Oops, jumped the gun. But I do love it very much. So rare to find a fitted cardi that buttons over my chest!

Also, I am so relieved these jeans fit again. They are on the small side of a 4, unlike my capris and my last pair of these, which is very frustrating. I would like to get a better, truer sized pair, but I am also saving money for NYC, so, ugh. But unlike this spring, they fit comfortably again, alleluia. I had been more than a little nervous about cooler weather returning. We’ll see how it goes this winter when I can’t be out jogging anymore.


anthropologie sailor knot dress, H&M cardigan, Avengers charm bracelet, flipflops

These were not the shoes I wore most of the day – I had on my Aerosole wedges seen above, but the STRAPS BROKE OFF THE SIDE. My coworker leant me these to walk home and I dropped my sandals off at the cobbler. They are now fixed, yay!!!

I love the idea of this dress, my very first anthro item, but it’s hard. The top is too big and it’s racerback-y, so I can only really wear it covered up. I love how this came out, though, so I am torn on keeping it or not. Because it can work, clearly, and I love the tie so hard. But it’s just not easy to wear/style.

Anthropologie Novelty Collar tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, H&M cardigan, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks

Keeping with the anthr theme, basically. And God, I love these shoes.

Gap tank, Old Navy Flirt capris, ANA tie cardigan, Mickey necklace, Hawkeye bracelet, Converse

Aforementioned friend/AM’s going away party for staff was a Just Dance party with candy and Mountain Dew slushies. Clearly, I had to dress to dance. It was a ton of fun. Sniffle. Sigh.


As a going away gift, I sewed together a disappearing nine patch coaster for her new office. And, clearly did not upload the finished product? Hmm, odd. I’ll fix that later. It came out uneven, but cute. And now I know that disappearing ninepatchs really need at least three different fabrics, not two. (It was just a regular nine patch, alternating the dark and light oranges in a checkerboard, which I cut into quarters and turned around to make a more complicated looking pattern.)

I’ve definitely been bitten by the quilting bug again. I bought some fabric for Christmas gifts and sewed my brother a reversible patriotic/flag placemat. Hurrah for cool weather projects!

8-10 September 2015: Autumn!

Ridiculously hot weekend, now appropriately cool. Unfortunately, that appropriately cool came in by way of thunderstorm. That I was caught in.



Old Navy lace top, Old Navy Flirt capris, arrow necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Aerosole sandals

Tuesday: still hot. I pretty much hid away all holiday weekend, directly in front of a fan, reading. Because it was in the 90s.


anthropologie tie top, Old Navy Sweetheart skinny jeans, Mickey necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Converse

Wednesday part 1: Drowned rat. Seriously. Rained so hard that I couldn’t even keep my eyes open in the force of it. I was at the consignment store when it hit and had to try and run the two blocks to work. It didn’t go well.


Disney top, Old Navy rockstar jeggings, Mickey necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, forgot the name of the boots

I always shy away from these jeans. Should I continue to? They’re very comfy, but are they flattering?


Zara dress, Victoria Secret leggings, Avengers charm bracelet, Keds

I’ve forgotten how to dress for 60s/70s. LOL I know I did a lot this summer, but in summery ways. Now I need to do it in autumnal ways. It’s always a transition.


Gap top, Old Navy Flirt capris, anthropologie cardigan, Mickey necklace, Black Widow bracelet, Aerosole sandals

A better bridge to autumn, I think. 70s are still pretty pleasant. Sandals still work, I think.

Consignment fun:




I bought the skirt, $6. It’s a little too big, but it’s just so perfectly 40s that I needed it. I love the sweater, which is Kate Spade, but it’s $50 and while the fit is nice, that bow is a little odd.



I super loved the corsety/laceup of the waist, but it just fit too oddly, boo. I have been drooling over lace up everythings for quite some time. Which is why I am currently madly in love with Top Shop

Check LOOK at this amazing top:  Lace Up Top. It’s just like the one I fell in love with on Sally Draper last year on Mad Men, only not in purple. I really quite badly need it.

Let’s be honest, though. I want that whole damn outfit. I adore my JCrew button up skirt, and have been wanting to sew my own. They can’t be that hard, right?  But now they are buyable! Several here, more at H&M. I want, I want, I want.

And the shoes! Lace up shoes! I tried on ghillie style sandals last fall and loved them a lot, but they didn’t fit properly. I’ve been looking on and off since then, and now I can find some.

Also, block heels:  I don’t like the print or loafter style, but these block heels in a pump style are exactly what I’ve been wanting for over a year. Very 60s/70s.

My mom has always said I was pretty good at predicting trends and trying to find them a season or two before fashion catches up to me, ha. I am very delighted that I apparently still have the knack. But I am in a low spending period because of the Christmas/NYC in January double whammy, augh. It’s sort of heart breaking. So far, Forever 21 hasn’t picked up on this trend, but I’m definitely getting that first top, and definitely wanting to check out what cheap stuff H&M has, too. But augh, timing!!



10 -14 August 2015: Fangirl

Anne of Green Gables is, bar none, my favorite book. I love a lot of books – A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betsy-Tacy, everything by Connie Willis – and consider many characters to be my friends, but Anne holds my heart like no other. I remember when I first met her: my friend Ruthie gave me Anne of Green Gables as a birthday present when I was 8. I have multiple copies (including a personalized Shelley of Green Gables and a special hardcover from my senior photos) and every time I move into a new house or apartment, it’s the first book I read there.

I also love the miniseries, and I’m sure most of you have heard or read me talking about meeting Jonathan Crombie when he toured as Man in Chair in Drowsy Chaperone. So you can imagine how pleased I was to see a modern YouTube adaptation popup last year called Green Gables Fables – and to see that it was really quite good. I was excited to have a chance to back the Kickstarter for a season 2 (and was in fact the first to donate, ha!) and my perks have come in.

I am, very clearly, a Kindred Spirit. ❤


Green Gables Fables tee, JCrew button skirt, Doctor Who bracelet, Aerosole sandals

Look at the cute little braids! I love it. I also got a cute postcard signed by the cast. Season 2 (based on book 3, Anne of the Island) starts September 2. I can’t wait.


Frozen/Doctor Who tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, Black Widow bracelet, Clarks shoes

I do love these mashups! It’s odd, though, how they all sort of make me look flat, in a way no other shirt print does.

Tracy Reese anthropologie Mompos Dress, Mickey Mouse necklace, Agent Carter necklace, Captain America bracelet, Clarks shoes

TWIRL! This dress makes me happy, looks perfect with the shoes, and lends itself well to my 1940s character jewelry giving me mental strength. Sometimes you need mental strength wherever you can get it.


Maurice’s top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Tardis necklace, Captain America bracelet, BAIT Iona wedges

I love these shoes so much, and they are so not comfortable. Maybe I needed to size up? It’s such a sad thing. My other BAIT flats are awesome, and I just love these t-traps so much. Boo.

Disney Snow White top, JCrew button skirt, Avengers charm bracelet, Aerosole sandals

And back to fandom. ❤

Late July 2015: Another Catch Up

I’ve sort of lost track of what I wore when. I think this is actually just this weekend?



Her Universe Doctor Who dress, ANA cardigan, arrow necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks flats

It’s been hot, which is annoying because I liked my cool summer. But this is a nice dress to wear when it’s hot. I was more than a little punchy this day – I think it was Friday. I was still sort of sleep deprived and weak and had way less of a filter than I normally do, ha. But I made it almost the full day at work!

My friend Liss and I celebrated 20 years of friendship on Saturday, with a trip to the first restaurant we ever spent over $50 in and an afternoon at the mall just like how we spent our high school years! I love the 40s style of this place:



And of course, we hit anthropologie. I tried on a bunch, but the floaty dresses are still a thing and my need to show a waist lest I look like I gained 30 pounds is still a thing. But I did find this fab Sparrow Scalloped Stripes cardigan:



Definite score, and less than $70 with their 20% off sale. I like how it both buttons and defines my waist, which defeats most cardis. I also love the retro-ness of it.

I apologize for my hair.

Also, omg, Michael Kors, NO.



Elastic hemmed jeans?!?!? NO NO NO.

I wanted to see Antman after shopping, but was too tired, so I crashed. Sunday morning, I got myself up and out the door and completed W6D1 of couch to 5k and then kept going to finish my first 5k!!!





It’s a virtual race, where you run on your own time and get a medal mailed to you and I had to do it because it’s the Run You Clever Nerd race, and I love Doctor Who. You get a week to do it – walk, run, jog, break it up into days, whatever. I was sick most of the week, so Sunday was my only chance. And it about did me in. I walked way more than planned, both because my app went weird and because even with my inhaler, I had a hard time breathing, but I did it! And then literally collapsed on the couch and didn’t have the energy to do anything, even read my stack of comic books, woe. Still no Antman. 😦

My next virtual race is Run Like It’s Midnight, with a sparkly Cinderella themed medal, at the end of August. Which is great, because it’ll give me time to finish the final weeks of c25k. My goal is to do it in 45-47 minutes, so we’ll see how it goes. I don’t think I’ll be able to jog much in this heat, so I’m hoping we get some cooler weather again so I can keep going soon!

23, 24, 25, 26 June 2015: New Stuff!!!

And also, ack. Where did my week go? I was running from behind the entire time. But hey, look, every day I wore something new! When was the last time I wore new things? And best of all, what did I pay for all these new things? Nada. I love clothes swaps and consignment credit.


Karen Hallion Elsa meets the Doctor tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, Black Widow bracelet, White Cliff flats

And also gifts – I like gifts. My parents got this for me when Teefury had their big sale and I am over the moon. Elsa! Doctor Who! Yay!!!


Loft top, JCrew skirt, Minnie necklace, Optimysticals Avengers charm bracelet, Keds

Two new things! I love the print and drape, even if that odd seam over my chest is odd. Skirt is consignment store – it’s definitely too big, the waist gaps, but I love the color and I can work around the waist. It’s been such a cool summer that most of my summer skirts feel out of place, so I’m glad to have one I can wear.


anthropologie Scottie Dog tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, Optimysticals Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks shoes

New shoes! The exact style I’ve been trying to find for the last year! Yay swap! What is this style even called? They lace up over the instep, sort of like tap shoes. They’re retro and adorable and I need to figure out how to best style them, ha.


French Connection heart tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Optimysticals Avengers charm bracelet, BAIT flats

New top! Which makes me so happy. I love the stripes, I love the heart. Yay yay yay.

My friend and I went to afternoon tea yesterday to pre-plan our winter trip to NYC and it was marvelous. Just looks at this!


Seriously, we finished at 4, and I didn’t eat again until breakfast just now, 16 hours later. And I’m still not really hungry, ha! It was all incredibly delicious. My tea was Kyoto cherry, and absolutely perfect.