26, 27, 28, 29 May 2015: Spring-Like






My mental brainpower for outfits is at a low point. We are T-2 days from our summer reading program launch (which I am running) and I am in the superhero mindset but not ready to pull the shirts out until we start. Plus, it’s been going from the 80s to the 50s and it’s confusing. And I’m afraid of all my skirts. Why am I afraid of all my skirts? I wish I knew.




anthropologie Novelty Collar tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, ANA cardigan, BAIT flats

I love this top. It makes me happy. I also like this cardi untied, which I’ve not tried before. Good to know. Also, this is one of the very few days where I planned to get lunch instead of bringing it, so OF COURSE it was a torrential downpour, the likes of which we haven’t seen in ages. My jeans were soaked all day and I had to empty water out of my shoes, after going a block down to get a sandwich and back again. Sigh.



floral dress, Loft cardigan, handbeaded necklace, Keds

Love this dress! Should have worn different socks! I haven’t been very awake in the mornings lately. I don’t think I’ve warn this cardi with the dress, but I think it goes great and the pink matches the flowers. Also, necklace! I haven’t been wearing many lately, just 2-3 fannish ones, but I still have a bunch of others. I need to get back into the accessory habit.



Maurice’s top, Loft zebra skirt, XO crown necklace, Marvel charm bracelet, White Cliff flats

I put actual thought into this and got past my skirt fear and I like it. The skirt is still comfortably roomy, and this is one of my more fitted ones, so it’s not like my skirts don’t fit. Meh. Maybe once it’s consistently warm again.




anthropologie Twirled Tiers top, Gap camisole, Old Navy Flirt capris, Captain America necklace, Alex + Ani bracelet, Keds

So tired. I take photos in the morning and evening for a chance at a decent shot, but all my morning ones look like this lately. (And I didn’t get evening shots because I headed up to visit my parents.) Bleary eyes and bad bangs. SIGH.

I usually have issues with this top, feeling wide/especially pear shaped, but it didn’t bug me like usual. Hmm.

I’ve always loved the OPI DS Reserve (pink with sparkles) and was inspired to buy the blue DS after seeing Hayley Atwell’s manicure at C2E2 – hers was more stormy, slatey blue, I think, but the pinks lined up well.  And I liked the contrast of blue and pink, so, score.



I made sure to add a top coat immediately and the pink never chipped, which was a first, but the blue needed two touchups in 6 days. I love the sparkles, and it only took a few extra minutes to get it off, nothing problematic.

28, 29, 30 April, 1 May 2015: End of the Line

It’s been a weird week, catching up on sleep post-con and getting ready to say goodbye to my boss, who left this week for an awesome new job. I tried to keep my brain in the game and at least come up with new outfits, and I think I did decently.



Merona lace tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Loft cardigan, H&M infinity necklace, vintage brooch, atomic socks, Keds

They’re sort of hidden, but these are awesome light blue and sparkly atomic socks from my friend KC! They made me super happy.



Modcloth dress, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Hue tights, Forever 21 opera necklace, Crown Vintage dress

Stress = pretty pretty fit and flare dress. It was an Easter gift from my parents and I love it madly. The cardi is the perfect shade of pink for it, but I can’t wait to wear it this summer and show off it’s adorable keyhole in the back. Love love love!

But ugh: SHELLEY BRUSH YOUR HAIR. Sorry, ha.



Harry Potter tshirt, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, anthropologie draped hem cardigan, Crown Vintage booties

A farewell party for my nerdy manager means wearing Harry Potter, of COURSE. And also my brand new Black Widow bracelet, to go with Hawkeye, from BombDotComGeekery. Photo in next post.



Anthropologie neo-gingham crossback top, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Modcloth Airport Greetings cardigan, Captain America necklace, Keds

And my manager’s last day – usually I go to my comfort silhouette, but it was a day for jeans because we were going to a coworker’s house to all drink and be sad, ha. Might as well be cute while you do it.

Things you see in a Kids Department:



Poor overly loved Bun Bun.



17, 20, 21 April 2015: Mixed Notions

Last week I went sleeveless. This week, I’m wearing winter clothes. And I think it snowed yesterday. And I know it did today. Flurries. SPRING.


Modcloth dress, Forever 21 Love necklace, lace anklets, BAIT Ione t-straps

Easter outfit! The shoes are leather and stiff, and require socks, these were the best ones for the job. I had a pink cardi on part of the day, but mostly I went without. Even on my lunch walk, I felt hot! I love the color and print on the dress, can’t wait to wear it all summer.


Gap top, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Old Navy Sweetheart skinny jeans, Tardis necklace, BAIT Selena R

I haven’t had much outfit imagination this week. I’m tired, there’s a lot of work stress and busy-ness, and I’ve been getting up early every day to exercise. None of this has done much for my mood, ha. This was easy to wear. And I was cold. So cold.


Coldwater Creek dress, Forever 21 leggings, anthropologie belt, H&M infinity necklace, Crown Vintage booties

I never wear this dress. It doesn’t feel like me, but I get so many compliments when I do. I have to belt it, otherwise it’s shapeless, and I’m not a fan of belts these days. Too constricting. It felt tight, even though I know it’s just fitted. I’m not much into fitted, I guess. But I do love the way this look came out.

Even if I’m shivering in layers and mitts and a shawl, at least it’s pretty out there:


My coworker turned one of our interactive spaces into Dumbledore’s office, and it came out so cute!



Mybrother came over for a visit, and check out his cool kicks:


He’s a hoot. *g*

30, 31 March and 1 April 2015: Spring Break

Spring Break. Loved by kids everywhere, causing exhaustion to kids librarians everywhere!

This has actually been a nice week, weather wise, so it’s been slow, but slow spring break is still busier than a normal week. But I did try to dress springy in celebration.



anthropologie Neo-gingham crossback tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, BP cardigan, vintage coffee brooch, Tardis necklace, Modcloth kitty socks, Keds

Ah, I love this top. I love when it’s seasonably appropriate to wear! Also, isn’t that a cute brooch? My friend KC gave it to me when we were at Disney. It was nice enough to go for a mile long lunch walk, yay.



anthropologie Flutter Hem tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Target scarf, BoC Canty Booties

HA, just realized I had a trend going this week.



anthropologie Here and There tee in Scotty Dog, Old Navy sweeheart skinnies, Gap headband, Dansko sandals

All Anthro, all the time! Go figure. I didn’t have a clue, and I broke the trend today, whoops. It was 70 and AMAZING out. I meant to bring Keds for a lunch time walk, but we only went a mile before stopping for ice cream in the park, so, these were fine, ha.

See? Sprinkles are important on the first nice day of the year:



Also, the first robins were spotted this week!!!



Oh, spring, you really are here. ❤

16 and 17 March 2015: Summer Peek

After a weekend of resting and sleeping, I think I finally feel human again! It was perfect timing for our first day in the 70s – and only day, but hey, it was nice while it lasted.



Zara floral dress, Forever 21 leggings, Hawkeye bracelet, Keds

Ah, you guys, it was so nice. My friend and I went for a 3 mile walk at lunch.

Okay, it was only supposed to be 2.5, but then I lost my badge and tried to backtrack a bit. I gave up, went back to work, and a kind stranger dropped it off twenty minutes later. ❤ I love my town.

I also played a little with lipstick – red liner with my pink Maybelline crayon makes a very fun color.










Anthropologie Here and There tee, H&M cardigan, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, anthropologie hairband, Tardis bracelet, Hawkeye bracelet, pendant, Crown Vintage booties

A touch o’ green for this Irish lass. But just a touch. And I didn’t care enough to do any St Paddy stuff for either of my storytimes – and since only one kid out of two programs wore any green, i felt vindicated.

But seriously – why didn’t they wear green? Wearing green is fun! I saw more random adults wearing green than little kids. Where’s the whimsy?

I was walking home yesterday, sadly bundled back into my down coat, when I looked down and spotted this:



Yellow! Flowers! Spring springing! Yay!

Also, obligatory Bingo Baby pics from the weekend. I spent most of Saturday on the sunporch reading and knocking off titles in my challenge list. And of course Bingo wanted to join me.


I love that whenever I sit on the floor, he takes it as his cue to clamber into my lap. ❤ ❤ IMG_5009-0.JPG





11, 12, 13 February 2015: Whee!

I’ve been on a major comics kick lately (EVERYONE needs to read Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye! So amazingly good) but I’ve also been updating my Reading Challenges and post. Reviews are linked from there. So far, nonfiction is kicking ass, with 7/15 read. I have 5 on my TBR list checked out, but I keep reading comics and nonfiction, so.

Meanwhile, my color scheme continues.



anthropologie Tracey Reese sailor net tee, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Anthropologie cardigan, Victoria Secret leggings, Crown Vintage booties

I needed something that would be easy to change in and out of in the middle of the day. The reason is at the end of the post. I do like how the colors look together, though.



Gap drape neck tee, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Modcloth Airport cardigan, snowflake necklace, Bass heritage boots

I actually left off the cardigan most of the day – it’s one of my warmest and it was bitterly cold again, but the long sleeves on the tee worked pretty well. I like the collar and cut on this, but it tends to feel so boxy and blazery to me. Hard to make it work with a lot of my bottoms.





Disney Snow White tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Gap boyfriend cardigan, H&M flower bobby pin, Crown Vintage booties

Nice, simple, comfy for a Friday! I’m also feeling excited about Disney, so, there’s that.

And the reason I needed easy change outfit on Wednesday?



My friend and I spent our lunch hour ice skating! I though I’d spend a lot of time falling and wanted to be prepared, but there wasn’t really a need. It’s been 25 years since I skated, but I did really well. I wobbled a bit and clutched the wall for the first 15 minutes, then found my balance and skated without falling or holding on. I even picked up speed, and got complimented by one of the skaters on my improvement, ha. Awesome, cheap exercise and such a ridiculous amount of fun. We giggled like mad and came back to work all hyped up and ready to work. They open the rink at lunch during the week, and we need to make it a regular gig.

28, 29, 30 January 2015: Blizzard

The blizzard was yesterday, not last week, but it’s on my mind and making me smile. It’s been a rough month, I like things making me smile right now.



Coldwater Creek sweater, JCrew button skirt, tights, Kenneth Cole heels

Pretty autumnal. I mostly just wanted to wear the skirt and it snowballed from there. No necklace because I went hunting for my green Minnie Mouse necklace from Disney World and I CAN’T FIND IT. I’m very, very sad.



Charlotte Russe bow back top, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Tardis necklace, Crown Vintage booties

I love stripes with red, needed a pop of cheer. My friend and I went out for drinks and shut the bar down, oops. It was fun.



anthropologie spacedyed cowl sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Tardis necklace, anthropologie hairband, Crown Vintage booties

I love this sweater!

And, on to SNOW.



This was late morning, with about 7-8 inches of snow on the ground.



It was relatively warm, in the upper 20s, so perfect walking weather.



I was going to walk longer than I did, I think I did a mile, but then the wind started picking up. It whipped several clumps of snow right into my face, and that was less fun.



Ignore the lipstick on my teeth, sigh. You can see that my scarf going down is pure snow, that was a result of the wind throwing snow at me.




So I spent the rest of my day curled up on my couch with tea and my copy of Pioneer Girl, which FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY came. It’s Laura’s original manuscript from 1930 that she used when writing the Little House series, back when it was supposed to be a single book for adults. I enjoyed it, but the annotations took over and were super distracting. In some cases, there were two pages of footnotes between pages of text!

I also continued my Mad Men marathon, getting half way through season 2. When feeling frustrated and stuck, there is no better show to watch. Pete and Betty solidarity, yo. I went out at 7 for a quick walk and measurement. It wasn’t very cold, but the wind was still heavy.



It kept snowing for several hours after that. My walk this morning was extremely unpleasant and my lungs still hurt – subzero windchills and unshoveled drifts. My asthma has not yet forgiven me! But it looks lovely.



14, 15 and 16 January 2015: Twirl

When I drove home last night, it was actually warmer than when I’d gotten to work! And we’re still above freezing today. Such a win. Such a win + some stress in my life = cute outfits.


Anthropologie sweater, Gap long sleeved thermal tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Tardis necklace, knee socks, Naturalizer Mary Janes

So many layers! I don’t often wear this sweater because it’s itchy, but I do like that the there are open weave stripes to vary up the look depending on what’s under it. Also, very very warm.

Forever 21 Peter Pan sweater, Gap plaid skirt, grey tights, Disney grape soda pin, Tardis necklace, Naturalizer Mary Janes

Ahh, love this sweater. And this skirt. It’s too big, there are safety pins involved, but I love it. And I realized this sweater goes with at least three other skirts I own, so yay. Love the proportions here, and the colors worked out well. I love my Ellie pin–I thought I had an outfit in mind for Dapper Day this spring, but now I’m considering Disneybounding as Ellie in the yellow dress. I bought an Adventure Book necklace online from Hot Topic to go with it, possibly. We’ll see.

Anthropologie mompos dress, H&M cardigan, sweater clip, Tardis necklace, Disney grape soda pin, anthropolgie hairband, seamed hose, Me Too ballerina wedges

I was a little stressed on Friday, and so I reached for my best dress. God, I love this dress. I admit, I looked in the mirror, deciding between shoes, and went for the pair that made me say, “um, I look like Taylor Swift.” I mean, if you’re going there, go there. I love her street style.

No one saw my pin Thursday because it was covered by my shawl, so I tried again. And I did get a comment! Alas, no comments on the hose.

Aren’t they great? For all the retro things I wear, I don’t wear them nearly enough.

I’m helping out with family stuff this week (and over the weekend, hence late post) so I won’t have anything to post until the end of the week. Have some winter and puppy.



10, 11, 12 January 2015: Winter white

The windchill stayed above zero and I translated that to mean layers weren’t needed. NOPE. 10* is still cold. I understand that now.


Anthropologie Here and There tee, JCrew long sleeved tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Tardis necklace, Crown Vintage booties

I wore a cardigan and shawl over this at work. They have got to work on the heat situation. But I was really glad to find a way to wear this top without always covering up the cute dog. Yay.


Gap sweater, thrifted houndstooth skirt, red tights, Tardis necklace, Crown Vintage booties

Worst clothing decisions for the weather. Not smart. Felt cute. And cold. But on the plus side, I learned new tricks for eye shadow and eyeliner and I like how it comes out!

Also, I picked up a $2 Jordana lip liner at Walgreens, in Sedona Red, and am madly in love with it. My lipstick stays put all day now, whoo! 2015 is already a makeup win. I just need to find another liquid eyeliner, because I seem to be allergic to my ELF one. Not super surprising, really.


Gap sweater, JCrew long sleeved tee, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, anthropologie hairband, Tardis necklace, Crown Vintage booties

Still cold. But when I was walking to work, we got these amazing gorgeous snowglobe snowflakes and it was pretty magical. We finally have a good thick snow cover and everything just shimmers in the sun. It’s a pretty decent tradeoff for the (miserable) cold. And really, it’s the library that’s the problem there – my apartment is warm, the walk is seasonably appropriate, but the library is terrible. So my complaints are more about work and less about the weather, ha.

Um, not sure why this pic is upside down. I’ll work on it.


5, 6, 7, 8 January 2015: Bloody Cold

Negative windchills all week. I am all about winter and snow, but this really isn’t the norm where I live. Second year that non-norm has happened, so maybe it is the new normal. In which case, I don’t approve!! I like to be able to enjoy my snowfalls, thank you very much.



Gap tee, Kate Spade jeweled cardigan, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinnies, anthropologie hairband, snowflake bracelet, Tardis necklace, Bass heritage boots

Layers. Lots of layers.



Anthropologie Emperor Kiss sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, snowflake bracelet, Mickey crystal bobby pin, Tardis necklace, Crown Vintage boots

And a tee under the sweater. Ankle up because I was too lazy to change boots after walking home, from snow to fashion, ha.

BTW, picture me with mitts and a blanket shawl wrap on over all these outfits at work.

Snow interlude!






Sparkly snow! Finally snow over Christmas lights! Yay!
Back to clothes.



CuddlDudds long underweat, Free People beaded cardigan, Tardis necklace, floral hairwrap, (Old Navy sweetheart skinnies and Crown Vintage boots)

The full length shots didn’t come out, have one that my lovely coworker took of me at work for a work project. The cold was so bad. It settled into our bones, even inside, at work. Not nice.



JCrew Charlie sweater, Anthropologie cardigan, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Alex and Ani bracelets, Tardis necklace, sparkly Disney barrettes, Crown Vintage booties

Also, in the last two pics, picture OTK wool kneesocks under my jeans for an extra layer of warmth. So fucking cold. Seriously. It’s awful. And it’s been snowing all day, and I’m worried about the best way to get home – drive on bad streets or walk in dangerous sub zero temperatures. There is no winning.

But I’m going to show the Frozen singalong on our department TV tonight, because I can.