21-25 January 2016: And It’s Beginning to Snow

So, how I said I was going off for a week and would be back with cool pics? I am back and the pictures are even cooler than I’d anticipated. I was in New York City for a Broadway Convention, and if you look at the dates in the subject line, you’ll notice that yes, I was there for the big blizzard, Jonas. Which totally shut down the city and, by extension, Broadway. It was CRAZY.

So, let’s talk NYC.


Modcloth dress, H&M cardigan, Victoria Secret Leggings, Captain America bracelet, Snowflake necklace, Clarks flats

Alas, there was no good way to take my pics inside my hotel room. But this is what I wore to fly out on Thursday. I chose it because it’s very 1940s, and I spent my first evening seeing George Takei’s show, Allegiance, which is set in the Japanese internment camps of WW2. It was a beautiful show, perfectly showing how love and humor can grow even in the worst of circumstances, without ever pulling punches on how horrible the situation was. I highly recommend it if it tours near you.


Anthropologie sweater, Forever 21 plaid skirt, Victoria Secret leggings, Allegiance lapel pin, boots

This is what I wore Friday night when I saw Hamilton. Which was excited and amazing, and also really sad because I was supposed to be in New York with a friend, who had the ticket. But she got sick, couldn’t kick it, and couldn’t make the trip. So she gave me her ticket, which was incredibly generous. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack since she introduced it to me last fall, and I highly recommend seeing it when it starts to tour in 2017! The choreography for The Room Where it Happens is mindblowing.


Anthropologie tee, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, pink pashmina, snowflake necklace, snowflake tattoo, snowflake hairpin, boots

Saturday! I had a ticket for Saturday evening, Fun Home, but of course it was canceled in the snow. So I wore Sunday’s planned casual wandering outfit instead. The snow was glorious. Other pics will come after the outfits. I might have overloaded on the snowflake accessories, but come on. It was a BLIZZARD.


JCrew cashmere sweater, Forever 21 plaid skirt, Victoria Secret leggings, Hawkeye hoodie, Snowflake hairpin, Agent Carter necklace, Doctor Who bracelet, boots

I brought sweaters that would go with this skirt for ease of packing. This was meant for Fun Home, but instead on Sunday, I did a matinee at the New York City Ballet, which was amazing–a trio of performances, including Fancy Free and a bunch of Balanchine does Gershwin.Β  But it was cold, hence Hawkeye.

Now, city pics!


Central Park before the snow. I love Central Park so much, and had a blast wandering. This time, I hit the west side, including Imagine, on my way to the New York Historical Society for their Superheroes in Gotham exhibit. Sadly, they don’t allow pics, but it was a great deal of fun.


Allegiance! I was diagonally behind the seat reserved every show for DTrump, which means I am in SO MANY pictures people took, ha.


I started Friday with a Beatles themed massage at LushSpa–it was AMAZING. It’s choreographed to Beatles covers specifically written for Lush, and they give you warm striped pajamas to wear. Lots of deep pressure, thumping and passive stretching, including with a silk. After, I realized they’d put the hot water bottle from the pjs on top of my clothes to keep them warm!! It was by far my favorite massage ever, and then they topped it by giving settling me into the 50s English Country kitchen themed great room with a pot of tea and jammie dodgers. So incredibly relaxing.


My view at Hamilton. I literally spent the entire show hunched forward, elbows on knees, staring at the stage. Mesmerizing.



BLIZZARD! No cars on the street after 2:30, giving 6th avenue a very desolate, apocalyptic feel. A NYC friend joined me for two days, and we wandered Saturday evening. It was glorious. All told, about 28″ fell over about 24 hours–it had just started as I left Hamilton Friday night.



Central Park in the snow!! We saw the Poet’s Walk, which was glorious, but this pond by Alice in Wonderland was my favorite view. I loved how much fun everyone was having–people wrote their names in the snow and they went undisturbed, people would stop and let people take pictures before they walked in front of them, kids and adults were sledding and people crowded around to cheer them all on. I loved the grownups at Bethesda Fountain (did I pose where Clint and Nat stood at the end of Avengers? You bet your sweet bippy), but everyone had a ton of fun.


New York City Ballet. It’s GORGEOUS in there, all the diamond-like accents. My friend and I had planned to do the Lincoln Center tour on Friday, and I did it even without her. The Philharmonic was lovely, the Met dripping in opulence with all its red velvet, but the NYCB is where I swooned. We got to see some of the rehearsal for Justin Peck’s newest show, premiering in February and I was just blown away. So I finished the tour, hopped in line, and bought my seat for Sunday’s performance! I’d really wished I could see one of the Balanchine shows on Saturday, but I had a pretty good feeling that Saturday wouldn’t be a day for shows. And this one did include Balanchine, so I was very pleased. And the dancers were amazing.


Yep, totally went ice skating at Bryant Park, behind the New York Public Library. ❀ It’s free, unless you need skates ($15) or to store your tiny purse ($8). So I skated for 40 minutes to make sure I got my money’s worth, ha. And I did! It was so fun to skate to jazz standards and wave to people watching us.


New York Public Library. Obviously I had to visit! Hit the store, eavesdropped on a storytime, looked at the Gutenberg Bible and explored their exhibit on female printmakers, which had art from Queen Victoria and Madame du Pompadour, among others. It was very cool.


Radio City Music Hall! The other half of the Lincoln Center tour I was going to do with my friend. I tweaked my knee early in the trip, which I could mostly ignore until Sunday evening (at which point I’d been doing 6-7 miles a day) but by Monday, I was a painful mess. I hobbled and limped and winced a lot. I probably shouldn’t have skated, and this tour had a LOT of stairs. But it was worth it. I loved seeing all the original 1932 furniture, like this makeup room in the ladies lounge. The whole interior is meant to evoke a large ship, to feel like you were sailing away from the Depression, and it is incredibly gorgeous. We also got to meet a Rockette, which was fun.

But right after this, I hopped a cab to the airport, 4 hours before my flight. Which was very very good, because a 40 minute trip took about 75 because of gridlock. People were getting out of cabs and walking up the ramp, over the few blocks and into their airport. Which I couldn’t do because of my knee, so, ugh, expensive. The cabbie actually turned off the meter a few times to help out, because it was so crazy.

A visual summary of my trip:


As you can see, I met Telly Leung at the Con and got the Allegiance Playbill signed. I also hit Midtown Comics and got a free bathbomb from Lush after my massage, plus picked up some swag in the Con dealer room. (Which was pretty unimpressive overall, but I liked three of the booths. Unpictured are my new Agent Carter boyshorts, ha.) Oh, and I did roam the big 5th Ave Anthropologie, which has an entire sale FLOOR. Including a very cute pink coat from Nannette Lepore–I’d never seen anything from her in anthro before, so that was fun.

Basically, it was a really fantastic adventure, blizzard and all!

14-18, 21 December 2015: Christmas Colors

Final post before the holidays! I think I’ve finally got everything. Done all that’s left is wrapping, reading Christmas novels and watching Christmas movies. Whew!


Forever 21 Peter Pan collar sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Captain America sweater clips!!!!!, jingle bell bracelet, Bass saddle shoes

Check the amazingly awesome gift from my friend! I had to pick a sweater that made it easy to show off my shields. How cool and creative is that??


Gap tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, olive cardigan, jingle bell bracelet, Avengers charm bracelet, Bass saddle shoes

Christmas tree colors, ha. Picked this cardi up at a swap and I like it. Also, woe, my Avengers charm bracelet lost Widow during a particularly energetic rendition of Wimoweh with shaker eggs! The company is going to fix it, though, yay.

Gap sweater, White House Black Market sparkle sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Clarks

I shake my head over this sweater every year. I love the sparkles, but it’s an awkward length and hard to find things to wear it with. And yet every year, I persevere. It looks OKAY. Just not GREAT.

Gap sweater, anthropologie embroidery skirt, Victoria’s Secret leggings, vintage brooch, Jingle bell bracelet, gift bow barette, Clarks

I have a narrow window of about three months to wear this winter white skirt. It’s always more stiff than I remember, but I love the pattern and doodads, so I keep returning to it.


Ann Taylor tie sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, vintage brooch, snowflake necklace, jingle bell bracelet, Crown Vintage booties

Another hard to style top! It’s a little boxy, but it looks better with jeans than it does with skirts, I think. I should remember that.


Anthropologie dress, Old Navy tights, Agent Carter necklace, jingle bell bracelet, clarks

Christmas lunch with my friend! Geez, I love this dress. I’ll be overdressed wearing it to work, but whatever. Wouldn’t be the first time, I guess.

While shopping after lunch, we stopped at the Disney Store. OF COURSE. And just look what I found!!!!

A ladies cut Captain America tee! The Disney Store is finally realizing that women like the Avengers!!! Of course, I bought it. (And because it was 2 for $30, I also got a new Elsa shirt. Can’t have enough snow queen tees.)

On the way out, a lady was bemoaning the lack of Widow merch in the Avengers section. I very happily pointed her towards the tshirt section, where she was on TWO TOPS. And one of them involved Clint, too! And then we high fived when I told her about the Cap shirt, ha. It was an unexpected fun thing to meet another Clintasha fangirl who also buys everything she’s on, ha.

Speaking of, I had fun making holiday cards this year. To wit:


I later redid the Shield one to include a santa hat on the eagle, too, ha. I made some great new comics friends this year and I wanted to show them my appreciation!

I’ll be back next week with a round up of my 2015 Reading Challenges–I may yet finish the last one!

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season!!! xoxo

6 September 2014: D23

I’ve got three posts in drafts. Pictures uploaded, just ready to write. And yet I’ve not written. But there we go! Everything is just going to come out of order. Or I’ll jump and do others before posting this. We’ll see.


Inside top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Forever 21 flower pins, vintage earring as brooch, Keds Champions

Disneybounding is creating a regular looking outfit inspired by a character – in this case, Rapunzel. Not too bad, right? I’m just not crazy about this top and how it fits around my waist. I think it looks better when not photographed dead on, but hmm. I’m debating wearing this to the parks after all. I did get a compliment on the flowers in my hair, which was nice. The purple one got lost in transit, though – it had been slidey. Bummer.

And why did I dress inspired by Rapunzel? My friend Crystal and I met downtown to see the 2014 D23 Fanniversary Special. It was a two hour presentation on all the Disney movies, rides, TV shows, etc that are celebrating a -5 or -0 anniversary this year. Sleeping Beauty (65th) and Mary Poppins (60th) are two big ones, along with It’s A Small World (60), Donald Duck (80), Muppets Take Manhattan (35), Hollywood Studios (25), etc. The presentation included rare video clips and photos, which was super neat. It was led by an archivist with the Disney company, which totally made me dream about his job.

At the end of the show, we had the option of going down to the stage and seeing two items – a Duckster award, given to high performers, and the hat Julie Andrews wore as Mary Poppins:



Fun, right?? If you’re a nerd like me. πŸ™‚

We got free pins as our tickets in and out of the show. It was so hard to choose, but I went It’s a Small World over Mary Poppins. I have a tiny bit of regret, heh. But I love the ride and have since I was little. They were both good choices.



When I was walking (I walked 7 miles yesterday. It was crazy), I walked past this HUGE crowd of people. There was Indian, Bollywood-ish music playing and there was a convertible driving very very very slowly while two people sat on the back and waved to the crowd. A wedding, maybe? Everyone was cheering, it was fun.


I I also walked through the local Turkish festival. Fun dancing, gorgeous jewelry and the food looked so good, but I was on deadline both ways. Total bummer, I wanted to try new things.


I love visiting the city, and the day was perfect for the long walks. Lower 70s and sunny.

20140907-192140.jpgAnd now we come to this week’s project 365:


31/Summer quinoa salad! Inspired by my favorite salad at Starbucks, but it lacked its flair – maybe because I didn’t have the lime chili dressing? Black beans, corn, lettuce, chicken, home grown tomatoes, quinoa.

1/Pussywillows and sunflowers – my walks are starting to feel more autumnal. And not just because being outside makes my allergies go.

2/Super sweet memorial plaque in a park.

3/Gorgeous MG on a walk. I hope it sticks around.

4/A coworker’s daughter, knowing my love of crazy pens, insisted that I have this. I love it. I’ve been on the hunt for a new one, most of mine are inkless, so I’m using it out of season, heh.

5/Autumnal veg at the grocery store!

6/The above Duckster and hat.

25, 27 and 28 July 2014: Odds and Ends

When I pulled out a red and white top for the 25th, I hadn’t connected it to Christmas in July. But I had by the time I reached for the green bracelet!


Merona dotted top, Old Navy Flirt capris, BP cardigan, Charlotte Russe hairband, xo Crown necklace, etsy bracelet, Keds Champions

I spent the weekend with my parents, which means PUPPY PICTURES!



Gap top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Keds Champions

He’s convinced he’s a lap dog and I’m not going to be the one to disabuse him of that notion. Even if there’s more dog than lap at this point, ha. He’s super adorbs and cuddly, though.


Coldwater Creek shirtdress, Forever 21 Love necklace, Aerosole wedges

Man, I love this dress. It’s a beloved favorite and I don’t know why I rarely pull it out! It’s cool andΒ  comfortable and awesomely retro. Love love love.

16,17,18 July 2014: summer breeze

I seem to keep going poof. I’m sorry! Part of it is that I’m tired after work these days (2 more weeks of summer reading!), part of it is that I keep going for long walks after work because it’s so gorgeous, and then, I keep making after work plans, too. All good things, but still, ha.


Charlotte Russe bow back top, Old Navy Flirt capris, JCrew Jackie cardigan, antique key necklace, Dankso sandals

Polar vortex, man. I was actually cold walking to work. I got a vanilla steamer on my way home. I’m listening to my usual autumnal jazz and classical songs. This weather is messing with my seasonal rhythms! I didn’t even get to show off the bows in the back this time because I needed a cardi at all times.

Forever 21 had a sale and I picked up a few new things. One is a royal blue skirt to DisneyBound as Anna, only $5. It’s a bit more fitted than I normally like my skirts, but sizing up to a large would make it too big at the waist. I’m still debating what I want to do with that. I don’t think I can count on losing weight with my new exercise class. But I also picked up a beige tube crop top, which is a dream for wearing over my bra with white or open tops. No more orange peeking through! (Yes, orange. Not on purpose. The website’s color was NOT ACCURATE. But it’s a good fit, so, you know. I deal.)


Gap tank, Persaman circle skirt, ANA cardigan, pencil necklace, Dankso sandals

I sort of love how this came out – little bit retro, little bit gypsy. I was so excited for these sandals when I got them, but it’s taken me awhile to make them feel very comfortable. Lots of adjustments, but I think we’re there now. Fingers crossed.


Max Studio tie front blouse, Old Navy Flirt capris, BP cardigan, anthropologie hairband, Angel Wear necklace, Keds Champions

Don’t I look cheery?? This was an early morning shot. I’ve been waking up early and tired for a few weeks now, which is rather aggravating. What’s the point of a sleep mask if the sun wakes you up anyway? I tried a new one last night and still woke at 7:30. Blarghy.

This top is surprisingly versatile – I think I’m going to be able to take it into autumn with darker colored cardigan, which is good. It looked great with my mint Kate Spade one, too, but that cardi was a little too heavy for mid80s. But in September, it’ll be great.


24-28 June 2014: Running from Behind

This has been a maddeningly busy week! Lots of things going on. Next week is likely to be even busier. I am going to pre-emptively say there will be few to no posts next week, just in case. Three day work week, holiday weekend, lots of running around. We’ll see.



anthropologie top, Gap camisole, Old Navy Flirt capris, flea market choker, Keds Champions

I got this choker way back in 1994, I think, when I went with my cousin to visit her grandparents in Florida. I loved it and this may be the first or second time I’ve worn it, ha. The star is lovely and iridescent.

I like this top and I know both the reasons why I bought it, but I regret it. It never lives up to what I want it to be. I should have bought the Scotty dog tee instead. 😦


anthropologie blouse, Old Navy Flirt capris, anthropologie hairband, Keds Champions

My manager said I looked very Downton Abbey, with the hairband and top – I should try the top half with my grey maxi skirt and see how it fits together.

I totally got stormed on, walking home. Like, worried I’d be struck by lightning/tornado sirens went off five minutes after I got home stormed on. I was also worried about this top, which stains with water. So glad I brought my rain jacket to work that day, and it zipped to the top and kept the top perfectly dry. Whoo.


anthropologie Here and There tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, necklace, Keds Champions

Ha, I seem to have been on a theme last week – anthro top and capris. I was super nervous about news we were maybe expecting that day, which meant I applied all the makeup. And then we heard nothing. Oh, well.

I love the green and blue together, I love the Keds with no-show socks, and I love finally being able to wear that shirt without a cardigan and letting the sleeves shine. Such a lovely, simple top with a great drape.


Maurice’s top, Old Navy Flirt capris, XO Crown necklace, anthropologie hairband, Keds Champions

I really love how this came out – I like the vibrant pink with the dark blue, and I like wearing this hairband. I usually try to dress a little nicer when I’m Librarian in Charge, but Thursday morning was crazy and involved driving and I went cute and adorable instead. A sort-of patron complimented it – and then commented on how she was surprised my boss let me wear things like this. Well, when you are paid to crawl on the floor under tables to fix computers and into tents to clean up, you get to wear things like this, okay?

(Also, I fell into bed and forgot to take a photo the day of, so I did it this morning, ha! I liked the outfit, I wanted a record.)


Theme dress, Forever 21 flower, Modcloth sandals

And for something totally new. After the patron comment, I went for a dress. I haven’t been feeling dresses lately, which is so out of character. Usually when stressed, I go for my comfort silhouette, a fit and flair, but I am all about the capris and Keds this summer. I liked wearing this dress, and I still love it, but the style isn’t who I’m feeling like these days, I guess. I like the straighter lines of the pants and shoes. I want more simple tops – I’m having a hard time connecting to the ones in my closet. They feel too fussy, or too suited to a style I am apparently taking a break from.


August Silk sweater, Old Navy shorts, Modcloth sandals

My friend Liss came to town for dinner and drinks – the place it pretty casual, but can be pretty nice, so this felt like a good compromise. A coworker found this top for me at a clothes swap, and this was the first time I tried it out. I like it a lot, and my strapless bra stayed up nicely – I think I can swing it for work. (The back curves the same as the front, so bra straps are quite visible.)


24 May 2014: Wedding Fun

My friend Renee got married last night and it was so lovely. I was nervous because I was going in knowing only two people – bride and aΒ  mutual friend. Not my best scenario. But I figured that I’d end up with mutual friend at a library table, and I was right. I spent cocktail hour with a former department intern I had heard of and not really met before, and while we were seated at different tables, I went back over to her when the dancing started and asked if, basically, she’d be my dancing buddy. She was game. Alas, there was a live band and while they were really good, there were way more slow dances than dancing dances. 😦 Still, I stayed until the last song after midnight and had fun. Also, there were nibbles all night long, including martinis walking around and tater tots and cheese fries.

Also, the hotel was amazing. I’ve stayed in a number of nice hotels, but this was pretty damn amazing. I fell in love with the bed with ceiling lights and the rainfall shower head omg. I hadn’t even planned to shower, but I had to use that stall. Living the dream, man. The only downside was that the lighting sucked, but I think my makeup came out perfectly and I was so pleased.



anthropologie Quinby dress, diamond necklace, diamond and sapphire bracelet, purse, Modcloth Lollipop sandals

Like I said, lighting sucked in the hotel room – on the way back up after the wedding, I realized the elevator mirror would work well, ha. I got quite a few compliments on the dress, which was nice – there were way more sheaths than full skirts and I felt a little out of place. But I decided that I’d look at it as standing out. πŸ˜‰

Also, I tried several different bras, hoping to make the waist less empire and more like the model shot, but alas. anthropologie lied in their photograph.


Closeup on makeup! I brought so much makeup. And it took awhile to put on. But it came out exactly how I wanted it and stayed put!





Wedding dress in all its glory; photobooth fun! It was such a lovely night – she was radiant and I was so happy to be able to be there to celebrate with her.


Seriously, you guys. Best bathroom ever. (Minus the lighting issue.) I covet this, madly.



18/Call the Midwife DVDs arrived, 19/cherries are back whoo!, 20/postwork walk, 21/ice cream in the park on the first hot day, 22/lunch in the park, 23/floating magnet to get kids excited about the upcoming srp, 24/dolled for the wedding.

(I feel like I actually got the date order wrong on a few of those. Whoops. Close enough.)

26, 27, 28, 29, 30 April 2014: Round Up

I got to see Sound of Music! Went off without a hitch Sunday – I even got the train before the hockey playoff game ended. Super sweet.

I’ve been in full on distraction mode with work projects building up and my family’s new puppy being critically ill, which has translated into finding an ebook series and immersing myself in it so thoroughly that I am up reading until midnight and reading on my lunch breaks. Luckily, there’s only one more mini story to read – well, actually, there’s an entire third book left to read, but I think I’m skipping it. A review mentioned that it’s two years later and the same issues are reappearing, and that’s boring. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes, if I need the extra distraction or not, hee.


anthropologie Novelty Collar tee, Old navy flirt skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Victoria’s Secret leggings, Converse

I wanted to look nice for my storytime, but also, you know, be able to jump and pretend to be a dinosaur. It worked!



JCrew Factory hearts dress, JCrew Jackie cardigan, vintage pin, Merona OTK socks, Bass Heritage Boots

A bit more casual for a matinee show, but still worthy of the freaking amazing theater. Pics below.


Charlotte Russe striped top, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Modcloth Airport Greetings sweater, Biviel t-strap heels

I’ve missed these shoes! They weren’t very wearable this winter. I also still love this cardigan, but it’s reading very blazery in my outfits lately. I’d like to avoid that, unsure how.




shawl neck sweater, Kate Spade Jillian skirt, Hue knee socks, Naturalizer mary janes

I also added my Gap boyfriend cardigan, because it was warm enough for knee socks but not short sleeves. This didn’t come out quite like I wanted, but it’s okay.



anthropologie tee, Old Navy flirt skirt, Charlotte Russe belt, anthropologie carigan, Hue knee socks, BoC Canty booties

I love this shade of orange! It’s a delight to wear, especially in the midst of a streak of grey, rainy days.


Sound of Music stage! I got bumped to row 10 for them losing my Friday ticket. Seat was amazing. The singing, costumes and set were all astounding (though Billy Zane needs to learn how to project). The acting was fine, but I think they could have taken some risks and had some more fun with it. There were flashes of fun and life, especially with Maria, but they played it super safe.



They had costumes from La Traviata in the downstairs area, and they were GLORIOUS.

My friend at work went to a clothes swap and found some awesome things for me and another coworker. This is what I ended up with:







My favorite collar, outside of a peter pan!


YOU GUYS THIS DRESS IS AMAZING. I need to fix the collar, sew on some new beads, which will surely take much longer than I plan, but when it is ready, it will be amazing.

25 April 2014: Sound of…Whoops

So, last December when I was helping my grandmother in the hospital, tickets for The Sound of Music stage show came up on Goldstar. I needed something to look forward to and so I did some comfort shopping and bought a ticket, floor, to the preview. Fast forward a few months and I realize that I never did check the train schedule to see how it meshed with the show. Turns out, not well! So I stressed and worried and finally figured out a plan. Thus prepared, I went to pick up my ticket for tonight’s show.

They didn’t have my ticket.

Cue an entire afternoon emailing with Goldstar’s customer service. Amy was lovely and friendly and super apologetic and helped me get a seat for Sunday instead. (Seriously, fantastic customer service.) And while we did all that, I tried on clothes at anthro to see what I liked for when my birthday discount goes into effect and hung out at Argo Tea with an amazing green tea ginger twist. And this is what I wore:


Kate Spade Elliana Orchid dress, Kate Spade chunky necklace, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Old Navy tights, Crown Vintage booties

These boots have always been so comfortable, but not for today’s marathon walking! Good to know.

Meanwhile, over at anthro, they were out of a lot of sizes. I ended up with off-size things that actually fit mostly okay. Either things are running small or I am running big. I know which I’d prefer.



Laced Verbena Dress, size 10, $198

They went from a size 2 to a 10, sigh. I think an 8 would be perfect – this fit my chest pretty well, but the waist was baggy. I adore the colors and the pink sequins and the pockets, though. This is definitely a contender for my birthday discount – and maybe to wear to my friend’s wedding at the end of May? More pricy than I like, but I love the neckline and the length and the cheer.


Senna Dress, size 6, $188

I love the color and floral pattern – I want this in a top, minus the ruffles. (I really need to post my Modcloth Surprise Sale swag – ruffles galore.) I could deal with the ruffles if they were only on the skirt, but this is too frilly for me.



Matilde dress, size 8, $128

I am not going to lie. I picked this up because it looked like it would be a great Ariel Disneybound dress with purple accessories. (No, Shelley. You may not spend over $20 on something just because it would work at Disney World. No.) Then I realized it’s the dress version of my beloved Neo-Gingham Crossback Tee. I do actually love it, and it’s a great color I don’t own anything in, but it’s hard to justify when I already own the top.



Ballare dress, L, $158

This is the other contender for birthday discount. They only had Small and Large, and it looked like it may run small/clingy, so I went for the large. This was super comfortable, and I think a medium would fit very well. There’s actually several layers – lining, crinoline, more lining, dress. You all know my deep and abiding love for crinolines and petticoats. The problem is that there is a huge static problem – even just trying to adjust the crinoline led to stickiness in odd ways. Sigh. Sizing down probably would make that even harder, so I’d probably be struggling with that quite a bit. Huge bummer.

Also, I feel like anthro has had a price hike. Usually there are cute tops or skirts in the $88 range, but I haven’t seen any in stores on my last few trips. There are also way more options in the $200-$300 range.I think a year ago a dress like this last one would have gone for $128 and the top for $158, and that is not a trend I can support.

20 and 21 March 2014: Spring-ish

It hit 60 yesterday! It was just barely warm enough to wear what I wore! But before we get to that, Thursday’s sweater and snow.


Copperplate sequin fox sweater, Old Navy flirt skirt, Old Navy tights, Crown Vintage booties

Isn’t the sweater adorable?? I got it at the clothes swap and I absolutely love it. Color, fit, cute little fox, everything.

And see, totally woke up to snow, which had melted to this by the time I set out for errands mid-morning:20140321-213523.jpg

Sigh. And there’s more coming. But that’s okay, because I snuck this in:


Charlotte Russe floral hi-low dress, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Crown Vintage booties

And then it was 60. And in the sun, no coat was required! (The windchill was below 60, believe me.) I didn’t care, though – I was wearing a spring dress if it killed me. Also, thanks to a great book and a great recommendation of product by a friend, I successfully lined my eyes! Well, one of them (R) was totally successful. The other led to some poking of my eyeball and some unevenness because I couldn’t see my eyelid over my arm. Work in progress. πŸ˜‰

My friend Liss and I went to a new Italian tapas place for dinner and had a blast – great catching up, and the food was some of the best I’ve had in ages. We started with a polenta and pork shoulder au jus, then a bruchetta with honeycomb that was actually cripsy bread stuffed with soft cow cheese, then she had the most amazing pizza that I snuck a slice of, and then I had a burger with bacon jam and cheese curds that I didn’t actually even touch because the half of polenta and some bruchetta was enough. Lunch and dinner today, ha.

But seriously, check this bruchetta:


Seriously amazeballs, and the honey just added to it!