Miz Mooz Style

Miz Mooz Style

Stretchy dress

Miz Mooz pumps

Miz Mooz is running a contest – create a polyvore set with your favorite Miz Mooz shoe for a chance at a shoe shopping spree.  I love Miz Mooz and I love shoe shopping sprees, so I had to throw my hat into the ring.
I adore these pumps because they are so divinely retro, but with a great modern feel. I thought they’d be perfect for holiday parties!


I’m not saying this is why I haven’t been posting this week – except I’m not not saying it either.
But it’s true that I currently have no voice (thinking it’s dusty heaters blowing dust at me all night now that we’re in the 20s. I don’t think I used my bedroom heater last year, just let the living room go on full blast to warm the room) and I am drinking a lot of tea.
And reading a lot of books.
And I did order snuggly fleece footie pajamas with scottie dogs and snowflakes on them.
But I haven’t watched Love Actually yet.
Just saying.

Winter Ideas

Winter Ideas

Some of these are actual things I want – like the Modcloth pine tree skirt and the Karaoke jeans. (I can’t tell if the jeans will fit perfectly because I am curvy like the reviewers, or not because my calves are proportionately thicker than the rest of me, and that is impeding my desire to add it to a Christmas list.) The rest are just representational.
I still like plaid and cannot have enough plaid skirts in my life (and maybe a plaid iPhone case? I can’t decide what I want my phone to look like. I’m leaning fandom by dressing it up in a sweater and bowtie ala Kurt, Blaine and William Darcy, but hmm). Also, peter pan collars. Still a thing for me. I want a rust colored cardigan, even as I am not quite sure what I would wear it with. I definitely want a short snowflake pendent necklace – why is Forever 21 failing me? Petticoats for extra skirt poof can only be a good thing. Brown boots will eventually be mine. And damn it, I want an animal sweater. I don’t even know why. I just do.
And yet I have no pull to go shopping and actually look to purchase any of these things. My bank account thanks me for this! But I sort of miss shopping. Just not enough to get myself to a store, I guess.

In the Disney Spirit

In the Disney Spirit

I’m feeling homesick for Disney World. TIme to bring some Disney spirit back to my clothes, both subtle and obvious!

Autumn Dreams

Autumn Dreams

i really am dreaming of autumn and plaid and tweed…it was grey and 75* today, absolutely perfect. Most of the summer has been autumnal, actually. I would like that to be sartorially the case, as well.

I love the Karaoke Songstress high waist jeans pictured…definitely going to be my next Modcloth purchase!

Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

The internet has been slowly dying at home – it was out a little on Sunday, a lot on Monday, and pretty much straight through since Tuesday morning. They’re coming out tomorrow morning to try and fix it (FINGERS CROSSED OMG) but until then, no outfit posts. Blah.

In retrospect, I could have done a nail polish post already this week – I have a photo uploaded. Rats! Tomorrow, hopefully. Or this weekend.

Oh, well. So, summer hit. 95*, heat warnings, etc etc. I’ve been dressing adorably, which you will see next week. (It’s been a week filled with sad news and petty frustrations. Some people have a comfort food. I lose my appetite and take to my comfort silhouette!) But I can still dream about what I COULD be wearing. Like one of these super adorable rompers!

I know, I know. But I do have a pj romper that is the most comfortable thing ever and looks really good on me. I think it’s the drawstring waist and cut of the shorts, which are similar to these I found on polyvore. I think I could totally rock it, given the opportunity.

Ditsy Floral

Ditsy Floral
After years of disliking floral prints, it’s all I can think about! I’m also still eyeing a lot of easy to wear dresses and I’d love to mix the two.


Forever 21 dress

Bohemian shirt
$20 – newlook.com

Oasis sleeveless vest
$34 – oasis-stores.com

Oasis skinny belt
$73 – oasis-stores.com

Cute Things I Want to Try On This Month

So my morning abruptly started with an emergency phone call, which got me on the road for the two hour drive home, in under ten minutes. My teeth got brushed, my hair did not. I packed three shirts, no socks. I did manage all of my chargers, but nearly forgot my iPad. Everything is okay (my mothers blood pressure plummeted, but she is better now), but I am at home until after her dr appointment in the morning. There are no pictures. So instead, a look at a few of the pretty things I intend to try on at anthropologie this month with my 15% off birthday credit.

Cute Things I Want to Try On This Month

Lacy dress


Corset top


Polka dot blouse

Deletta top

Deletta top

Summer of the Hat!

Summer of the Hat!

$180 – zalando.co.uk

Kate Spade beach hat

John lewi
$77 – johnlewis.com


GUESS fedora hat

Joe Browns joe brown
$28 – debenhams.com

2b hat

Hair accessory

Sorry for the lack of postage this week – I was laid up with a migraine Wednesday, had the migraine hangover yesterday and tonight I am headed up to spend the weekend with my parents. Outfits will come! Just not today.So, Polyvore. I’ve been feeling the hat lately. I don’t know why. I pulled out my spring green felted cloche this week and I’ve been wearing it. I think I’ll be trying to rock the hat all summer – if nothing else, it should make my walk to work feel better? Especially nice big sunhats like row one.

I actually have a straw hat quite similar to row 2, hat 2 – here it is with me in New Orleans. The one next to it reminds me of Anne of Green Gables and her decorated hat. The fascinator is row 3 might not be very useful, but it is cute. A coworker and I are also determined to make hair wraps like the third in that row work for us, and stay in our hair.

I’ve already rocked a fez once, who’s to say I won’t do it again?