Project 365 catch up

a quick catch up!


Dec 7/Santa Shrek house

Dec 8/Pins we’re giving out at work – the Twelfth Doctor and Hogwarts represent our upcoming Scottish program, the ornament is in Welsh because I like Welsh.

Dec 9/Snow!

Dec 10/One of the Christmas cards I made this year.

Dec 11/Kids Christmas concert at work

Dec 12/Taking American Girl dolls around our department for a photo shoot

Dec 13/Christmas tree in my apartment lobby!


Dec 14/Newsies!

Dec 15/White Christmas in theaters!! Can you tell the question for this answer?

Dec 16/The photoshoot was for our new collection of dolls to circulate, yay.

Dec 17/My friend sent me tons of pics from Disney World. Technically, I took this in that it’s a photo of a photo she sent?

Dec 18/I organize an ornament exchange, and this year, I got my exchange ornament plus this awesome super elf as thanks for running it. ❤

Dec 19/Crazy flock of birds swarming from tree to tree.

Dec 20/Tea and lavender cookie bought on my walk after my cookie baking day got canceled.

Also, this is what I baked instead:


It was meant to be gingerbread brownies, but I didn’t pay enough attention to the recipe and it ended up being gingerbread cake. Slightly singed. Oh, well.


2-6 December 2014: Touch of Sparkle

So many days of going to bed early! I’m not sick, just exhausted. But on the plus side, my holiday fun has begun!


H&M polka dot dress, Loft cardigan, Keep Calm necklace, Alex and Ani bracelets, Bass Heritage boots

Always a fun dress to wear! For some reason, I always get compliments on it.


Disney tee, Old Navy skirt, Hue tights, hairband, Keds

Yeah. This was not a great day. I was super tired, didn’t bother washing my hair, had to hide it, didn’t feel awesome, wanted to dress cute to get my mojo up but didn’t have the energy and so defaulted to Elsa.


Anthropologie space-dyed sweater, JCrew button skirt, Mickey necklace, Kenneth Cole shoes

Walked to two morning errands and switched to flats.


Gap top, Black Market White House sweater, Old Navy Flirt capris, Mickey necklace, Keds

Staff Day fun. Apparently my braids take five years off my life, ha. And they do, but I’m cutting it all off this week and wanted to get one last pair in!

Hmm, apparently I didn’t upload Saturday’s pic. And I didn’t even take one on Sunday, wtf? But I had a holidayish weekend. On Saturday, my family came in  – my parents went out to dinner and I hung out with my brother and worked on Christmas cards. Then I went to a choir concert in a local church, with absolutely gorgeous English Christmas songs. Sunday, I met my dear friend and her toddler for our annual Christmas outing – mall, shopping, baby snuggles. A+.


11/30: Disney livestreamed their Christmas parade. ❤ ❤ ❤ It was lovely.

12/1: Pier 1 pillow! So cute. I wish their pillows weren’t so pricy.

12/2: Decorating my place! Garland star in the kitchen.

12/3: Our activity room is covered in bubble wrap. It’s crazy!

12/4: Sparkly stars! Our Winter Reading Program just began and there is snow and stars everywhere.

12/5: Christmas candy from my manager!

12/6: Church, pre-concert. It was a nice little place. I admit, the churches of my youth were great big marble and stained glass Things, and it’s been weird to not see any of that in the suburbs I’ve since lived in. (I say that like I’ve been to many churches, which I haven’t. But the first time we went to my post-city church, I asked when they would finish building it. Ha.)

I like walking around and seeing lights everywhere. ❤



It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I have the day off and it’s snowing. Obviously my tree had to go up. But first, last week’s Project 365:


16/Christmas card snapshot!

17/The American Girl store lounge. SO PINK. So friendly.

18/Snowy, but the flurries didn’t show up.

19/Gorgeous twilight walk

20/Town tree going up!

21/Packing my first American Girl doll kit YAY. It all fit! 3 outfits, a book, a journal, a bed, a hairbrush and a soccer ball. *g*

22/The most amazing pumpkin gingersnap cheesecake I split with my friend. We couldn’t even finish it, but it was seriously amazeballs.

And now, today! I hate decorating alone, so I instagrammed as I went, for some community.

New additions last year:


Beloved penguins on parade:


A touch of plaid to fill in gaps:


The final product!


I feel like I might get one or two Disney princess sketchbook ornaments this year. And Pier 1 had some amazingly adorable things. Plus I’m getting my annual ornament exchange gift. So, yay! New things coming, too.

From the Librarian with the Lipstick

I sort of got out of the habit of making sure I took my daily picture after Disney – to be fair,  I had just taken at least 800 pictures in a week. But I want to stick with it, so here we go.


12/Autumn rainbow tree!

13/Decorated pumpins from a program at work

14/Our drop in space turned into an advice room for the month

15/Practice packing my backpack for the park, ha. This thing is like a Tardis, bigger on the inside. Still, next time, I want a crossbody version. It’d be easier to get in and out of than this.

16/Packed and ready to go!

17/French Quarter ❤ ❤ ❤

18/It’s a Small World! I love this ride. Happy 60th.


19/Be Our Guest snowy windows ❤

20/Canada Pavillion’s Victoria Gardens, my favorite place in all the parks

21/Hollywood and Vine of the 30s and 40s

22/Frozen projected onto the Castle during the Halloween show

23/Frozen sing-a-long

24/Unpacking souveniers!

25/Pumpin pie concrete, YUM. A full piece of pumpkin pie blended in.


26/Autumn building

27/Hello, jack-o-lanterns

28/Stormy night

29/A visiting falcon

30/Franken-frap from Starbucks, minus the chocolate. Turns out that green tea with peppermint is the best thing ever.

31/Halloween snow!!



2/Homemade peppermint syrup (for green teas, ha)

3/Homemade pumpkin peanut butter chip cake (that I ended up being allergic to)

4/New Little Free Library in town

5/Christmas cups!!!

6/Half the street has bare trees, half totally full. What kind of odd sunlight do they have??

7/Bingo Baby

8/Homemade peppermint hot chocolate


9/Our drop in space is Rumpelstiltskin, with straw kids turn to gold. Looks adorable. Horrible for allergies.

10/Maleficent at the library – I quite enjoyed it.

11/Roaming gerbils!

12/Gourds set out to play tic tac toe – such a cute idea.

13/Jumbo reindeer at the mall

14/Pumpkin waffles from the waffle truck by the library! The guy screwed up my order, gave me classic instead of pumpkin. It was fine, they were delicious, but ten minutes later, he ran in the pumpkin waffles I had ordered originally and told the assistants at the desk they were for “the librarian with the lipstick.” No lie, I want that to be my tagline here now! I love it.

15/Snowy ground from flurries.

14, 15, 16 October 2014: Bland

This week has been crazy. So much to do at work, so much to do at home, so I can go to Disney with nothing on my brain. I’m getting a wee bit obsessive over my Disney outfits (hated Belle, hated Snow, the two I was depending on wearing, but found a pretty good casual Elsa look) and am regretting not buying a Hot Topic-y costume dress for the Halloween party. I think my chosen outfit is adorable and very much in the style of the character, but it’s not a beloved character, boo. I think I need to scale back my viewpoints and look at them as cute outfits I would wear anyway, but look! They sort of resemble Disney characters, too.

Geez, I hope they look good in photos.

Anyway. My mind has not been on my day to day outfits this week. At least I got out of my denim skirt today, ha! I went for a beloved dress to boost my mood through an insanely busy day of proposal writing, new software testing, and scary insurance meetings. Gulp.




Old Navy sweater, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Victoria’s Secret leggings, White Cliff flats

Easiest thing to pull on, zero thought.



anthropologie Novelty Collar tee, Old Navy Flirt skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, vintage sweater clip, vintage eyeglass pin, Old Navy tights, Crown Vintage boots

Marginally more thought!


anthropologie Mompos Dress, Loft cardigan, Hue tights, Sock Dream lace anklets, BoC Canty booties

Some effort! A pretty dress! Twirl!

So apparently putting the phone into the very protective case adds noise to the shot. Sigh. Good to learn that before vacation, I suppose. I’ll try cleaning the case, maybe.

Project 365!


5/Halloween decor up!

6/Finished quilt top YAY!!!

7/Halloween visitors at the Van Pelt Christmas house.

8/First Turkey November of the season at the local deli. Best sandwich ever, seriously.

9/New fabric! Charm squares this time. It’ll become a table runner for mom, and perhaps a pillow for me.

10/Bingo Baby posing for me.

11/Autumn decor


I always have grand plans of updating on the go, but chances are it’s going to be awhile before my next post. See you on the flip side!

4 October 2014: Let it Go

I had this cute, autumnal, plaid, semi-professional outfit on for work because I anticipated new families coming in for my special storytime. And then I woke up to reports of snow in towns all around me, third earliest, and, well. I changed. (And then no one came to my special storytime anyway. Frowny face.)


Disney Frozen Elsa top, Old Navy Flirt skirt, H&M cardigan, snowflake bracelet, Crown Vintage boots

Elsa actually also looked quite cute with the plaid skirt I was originally wearing. I’d say the vibe was slightly punk-ish, but Elsa was invovled, so. I know that descriptor can’t actually apply. 😉 But definitely something to keep in mind.

And you guys, look! It was cold again! (In the upper 30s/low 40s. Which is really a perfect level of cold.)


Spaghetti cowl! A coat I adore but should have sized down in! Story of my coat buying life.

I did order a new skein of yarn to try a non-dropped stitch version of this cowl. Maybe then I can get the spaghetti image out of my head, because I really do love how it came out.

Project 365!


28: Local hot dog place decorated. The guy behind the counter used a pulley and made it come down and tap on my shoulder, which was awesome.

29/Cookies!! My friend baked me cookies for taking her Saturday shift and they were so good.

30/I read an article about the pre-settlement trees in our village and found our oldest tree – it’s 135 years old and was used as a marker by Native Americans. Isn’t it cool? Sort of twisty and haunted forest-y.

1/There is eggnog and Rudolph candy displays at the grocery store. Wow.

2/MAGIC BAND!!!!!!!!!!! My Disney Adventure looms ever closer.

3/Friday was amazingly chilly and grey and awesome, so I took a super long walk.

4/Tea and cookies on the very chilly Elsa day.

Project 365 and such

My dad and I had to hit Ikea to replace my kitchen cart that came broken, which turned into a few errands ending at Cracker Barrel. All the Christmas goodies!!


LOOK HOW CUTE. Maybe less the Cracker Barrel, but whatever. I have a good sized collection of Dept 56 houses and buildings and my dream is to have a place where I can create the whole village.


This made me think of you, Jamie! It’s super adorbs.


Love this! It plays all the originals of the songs. I have this lovely 40s style OTR with records I got last year, same idea, and this is a very cute update.


I like plaid. It’s surely no wonder I am obsessed with Outlander, yes?

Last Tuesday, when I was feeling crappy, I took a lunch walk over to a tiny antique store. Check out this amazing Victorian photo album!



It was stuffed with photos just like these. Apparently its owner passed away and her family sold it to the store.

On Friday, I met my family at the hospital to help them get my brother ready for some dental work. (He has to be under anesthesia.) It was a long morning, though he did absolutely brilliantly and we were so proud. After, I dropped a dress off at the library for my friend to wear to a wedding and found our town’s Very First Food Truck outside. And my friends, it is a waffle truck. And it has the best waffles I’ve ever had.


I went for it, friends. There’s nutella, bananas, almonds and whipped cream. I never eat whipped cream, but I couldn’t stop. I actually ate the whole waffle in one sitting, which is so unheard of. I asked them to go light on the nutella, because, um, I’m allergic to chocolate, and it was just delightful. Next time, plain waffle, syrup on the side. It’s perfect on its own.

And project 364:


21/The Sims 4! I’ve been holding off on buying this, but I finally got it and I’m glad I did. It’s not perfect, too many things got cut and it’s curtailed what I can do it my normal playing style, but there’s great potential for growth.

22/Christmas music box from Cracker Barrel, ha.

23/New brooch from the antique store!

24/The leaves are changing!! It started slowly, but a ton of trees turned this weekend while I hibernated. And they’re bright, unlike the past several muted years. YAY.

25/I’ve seen construction guys around this house for awhile, and they are finished. Is it a solar powered roof? It’s unusual.

26/Sunrise from the hospital.

27/The final book in Sarah Rees Brennan’s Unbroken trilogy!!!!!! This was a SRB weekend – I read her free novel online, read her short story follow up in a new anthology and finished this book. It’s hard to explain how thoroughly her writing delights me. Her banter and emotional beats are pretty much everything I look for in my favorite writing, whether it be book, TV, movie, etc. That they can make me laugh while freaking me out is a testament to her skill. A+, do recommend. (Also, if you are also fans of Outlander, she tweets hilarious little interpretations of the episodes. Samples:

Weekend Update

Project 365! Halloween! I’m playing catch up after 4 days away, basically. Also, I watched the Mindy Project premiere two days in a row. Because it was that awesome.


9/7: Backlog of books to return to the library, eep. 6 were research for a story, 5 were Mock Newbery reads.

9/8: Capaccino Lays potato chips, purchased by a coworker. I, um. I liked them.

9/9: Leaves turning!

9/10: Knitting yay!

9/11: Winding yarn for a shawl! I’m out of practice, it took me an hour to detangle and wind, and then I lost the inner yarn end. ::headdesk::


9/13: Dad and I hit the Civil War Museum, which we’ve wanted to for ages. Some of the talking mannequins reminded me of Stars Hollow, but I really liked their set up and they had some great stories threaded through the different aspects of the war.

Other weekend fun:


Chinese lanterns flowers! From the local Farmer’s Market. Dad and I loved them, Mom did not.


Awesome crazy quilt incorporating Civil War memorabilia. I love how their handwritten embroidery looks like their handwriting. Mine would not, I assure you.


We pulled out Halloween stuff to decorate. Meet Emo Pewpwednick, which I don’t think I’ve ever typed out before? I need to work on that spelling. Emo has danced on our light pulls for at least 30 years now. I think he was named after someone from my Dad’s old neighborhood? We’re a bit morbid, I guess.


Snoopy Halloween! We are big Snoopy fans.


BINGO BABY. This is how he loves to sleep. I laugh every time.


And look how well he takes care of his friends!!

6 September 2014: D23

I’ve got three posts in drafts. Pictures uploaded, just ready to write. And yet I’ve not written. But there we go! Everything is just going to come out of order. Or I’ll jump and do others before posting this. We’ll see.


Inside top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Forever 21 flower pins, vintage earring as brooch, Keds Champions

Disneybounding is creating a regular looking outfit inspired by a character – in this case, Rapunzel. Not too bad, right? I’m just not crazy about this top and how it fits around my waist. I think it looks better when not photographed dead on, but hmm. I’m debating wearing this to the parks after all. I did get a compliment on the flowers in my hair, which was nice. The purple one got lost in transit, though – it had been slidey. Bummer.

And why did I dress inspired by Rapunzel? My friend Crystal and I met downtown to see the 2014 D23 Fanniversary Special. It was a two hour presentation on all the Disney movies, rides, TV shows, etc that are celebrating a -5 or -0 anniversary this year. Sleeping Beauty (65th) and Mary Poppins (60th) are two big ones, along with It’s A Small World (60), Donald Duck (80), Muppets Take Manhattan (35), Hollywood Studios (25), etc. The presentation included rare video clips and photos, which was super neat. It was led by an archivist with the Disney company, which totally made me dream about his job.

At the end of the show, we had the option of going down to the stage and seeing two items – a Duckster award, given to high performers, and the hat Julie Andrews wore as Mary Poppins:



Fun, right?? If you’re a nerd like me. 🙂

We got free pins as our tickets in and out of the show. It was so hard to choose, but I went It’s a Small World over Mary Poppins. I have a tiny bit of regret, heh. But I love the ride and have since I was little. They were both good choices.



When I was walking (I walked 7 miles yesterday. It was crazy), I walked past this HUGE crowd of people. There was Indian, Bollywood-ish music playing and there was a convertible driving very very very slowly while two people sat on the back and waved to the crowd. A wedding, maybe? Everyone was cheering, it was fun.


I I also walked through the local Turkish festival. Fun dancing, gorgeous jewelry and the food looked so good, but I was on deadline both ways. Total bummer, I wanted to try new things.


I love visiting the city, and the day was perfect for the long walks. Lower 70s and sunny.

20140907-192140.jpgAnd now we come to this week’s project 365:


31/Summer quinoa salad! Inspired by my favorite salad at Starbucks, but it lacked its flair – maybe because I didn’t have the lime chili dressing? Black beans, corn, lettuce, chicken, home grown tomatoes, quinoa.

1/Pussywillows and sunflowers – my walks are starting to feel more autumnal. And not just because being outside makes my allergies go.

2/Super sweet memorial plaque in a park.

3/Gorgeous MG on a walk. I hope it sticks around.

4/A coworker’s daughter, knowing my love of crazy pens, insisted that I have this. I love it. I’ve been on the hunt for a new one, most of mine are inkless, so I’m using it out of season, heh.

5/Autumnal veg at the grocery store!

6/The above Duckster and hat.

29 August and 2 September 2014: Transitions

September is here! How is that possible? I pulled out my pink and white dress today and realized I might have missed my boat on that for the year. We’ll see. It’s going to be 90 on Thursday, after all.


anthropologie fluttered hem top, Old Navy Flirt skirt, anthropologie belt, sandals

I loved how the belt and top went together! I need to get over my reluctance to wear velvet on a random day. I mean, it’s just a belt.


Snow White tee, Old Navy Flirt skirt, anthropologie hairband, Keds Champions

I think I looked more autumnal last week in August than September, ha. This was so not what I planned to wear. x3. At the end, I just had to grab something that was wearable for two storytimes.

Allergies are kicking my butt and basically all I want to do is collapse on my couch and read. I’m working on a decently massive anthropologie dressing room post, but I need to sit down and look up all the names. It’ll come. Eventually.


24/I cut and laid out my quilt top!! I still need to watch the video on seam nesting before I can start sewing blocks, though.

25/Doctor Whoooooooooo ❤ ❤

26/There have been an abundance of mushrooms growing in lawns this summer.

27/First pumpkin spice latte of the year, and utterly delightful.

28/Old tech display at work – some of those things are hilarious.

29/Lovely flowers on a walk

30/Fried pickles!! Jane, they were as good as you said. I adored the very light, ungreasy batter and they were just delightful. Definite thumbs up.