21-25 January 2016: And It’s Beginning to Snow

So, how I said I was going off for a week and would be back with cool pics? I am back and the pictures are even cooler than I’d anticipated. I was in New York City for a Broadway Convention, and if you look at the dates in the subject line, you’ll notice that yes, I was there for the big blizzard, Jonas. Which totally shut down the city and, by extension, Broadway. It was CRAZY.

So, let’s talk NYC.


Modcloth dress, H&M cardigan, Victoria Secret Leggings, Captain America bracelet, Snowflake necklace, Clarks flats

Alas, there was no good way to take my pics inside my hotel room. But this is what I wore to fly out on Thursday. I chose it because it’s very 1940s, and I spent my first evening seeing George Takei’s show, Allegiance, which is set in the Japanese internment camps of WW2. It was a beautiful show, perfectly showing how love and humor can grow even in the worst of circumstances, without ever pulling punches on how horrible the situation was. I highly recommend it if it tours near you.


Anthropologie sweater, Forever 21 plaid skirt, Victoria Secret leggings, Allegiance lapel pin, boots

This is what I wore Friday night when I saw Hamilton. Which was excited and amazing, and also really sad because I was supposed to be in New York with a friend, who had the ticket. But she got sick, couldn’t kick it, and couldn’t make the trip. So she gave me her ticket, which was incredibly generous. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack since she introduced it to me last fall, and I highly recommend seeing it when it starts to tour in 2017! The choreography for The Room Where it Happens is mindblowing.


Anthropologie tee, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, pink pashmina, snowflake necklace, snowflake tattoo, snowflake hairpin, boots

Saturday! I had a ticket for Saturday evening, Fun Home, but of course it was canceled in the snow. So I wore Sunday’s planned casual wandering outfit instead. The snow was glorious. Other pics will come after the outfits. I might have overloaded on the snowflake accessories, but come on. It was a BLIZZARD.


JCrew cashmere sweater, Forever 21 plaid skirt, Victoria Secret leggings, Hawkeye hoodie, Snowflake hairpin, Agent Carter necklace, Doctor Who bracelet, boots

I brought sweaters that would go with this skirt for ease of packing. This was meant for Fun Home, but instead on Sunday, I did a matinee at the New York City Ballet, which was amazing–a trio of performances, including Fancy Free and a bunch of Balanchine does Gershwin.  But it was cold, hence Hawkeye.

Now, city pics!


Central Park before the snow. I love Central Park so much, and had a blast wandering. This time, I hit the west side, including Imagine, on my way to the New York Historical Society for their Superheroes in Gotham exhibit. Sadly, they don’t allow pics, but it was a great deal of fun.


Allegiance! I was diagonally behind the seat reserved every show for DTrump, which means I am in SO MANY pictures people took, ha.


I started Friday with a Beatles themed massage at LushSpa–it was AMAZING. It’s choreographed to Beatles covers specifically written for Lush, and they give you warm striped pajamas to wear. Lots of deep pressure, thumping and passive stretching, including with a silk. After, I realized they’d put the hot water bottle from the pjs on top of my clothes to keep them warm!! It was by far my favorite massage ever, and then they topped it by giving settling me into the 50s English Country kitchen themed great room with a pot of tea and jammie dodgers. So incredibly relaxing.


My view at Hamilton. I literally spent the entire show hunched forward, elbows on knees, staring at the stage. Mesmerizing.



BLIZZARD! No cars on the street after 2:30, giving 6th avenue a very desolate, apocalyptic feel. A NYC friend joined me for two days, and we wandered Saturday evening. It was glorious. All told, about 28″ fell over about 24 hours–it had just started as I left Hamilton Friday night.



Central Park in the snow!! We saw the Poet’s Walk, which was glorious, but this pond by Alice in Wonderland was my favorite view. I loved how much fun everyone was having–people wrote their names in the snow and they went undisturbed, people would stop and let people take pictures before they walked in front of them, kids and adults were sledding and people crowded around to cheer them all on. I loved the grownups at Bethesda Fountain (did I pose where Clint and Nat stood at the end of Avengers? You bet your sweet bippy), but everyone had a ton of fun.


New York City Ballet. It’s GORGEOUS in there, all the diamond-like accents. My friend and I had planned to do the Lincoln Center tour on Friday, and I did it even without her. The Philharmonic was lovely, the Met dripping in opulence with all its red velvet, but the NYCB is where I swooned. We got to see some of the rehearsal for Justin Peck’s newest show, premiering in February and I was just blown away. So I finished the tour, hopped in line, and bought my seat for Sunday’s performance! I’d really wished I could see one of the Balanchine shows on Saturday, but I had a pretty good feeling that Saturday wouldn’t be a day for shows. And this one did include Balanchine, so I was very pleased. And the dancers were amazing.


Yep, totally went ice skating at Bryant Park, behind the New York Public Library. ❤ It’s free, unless you need skates ($15) or to store your tiny purse ($8). So I skated for 40 minutes to make sure I got my money’s worth, ha. And I did! It was so fun to skate to jazz standards and wave to people watching us.


New York Public Library. Obviously I had to visit! Hit the store, eavesdropped on a storytime, looked at the Gutenberg Bible and explored their exhibit on female printmakers, which had art from Queen Victoria and Madame du Pompadour, among others. It was very cool.


Radio City Music Hall! The other half of the Lincoln Center tour I was going to do with my friend. I tweaked my knee early in the trip, which I could mostly ignore until Sunday evening (at which point I’d been doing 6-7 miles a day) but by Monday, I was a painful mess. I hobbled and limped and winced a lot. I probably shouldn’t have skated, and this tour had a LOT of stairs. But it was worth it. I loved seeing all the original 1932 furniture, like this makeup room in the ladies lounge. The whole interior is meant to evoke a large ship, to feel like you were sailing away from the Depression, and it is incredibly gorgeous. We also got to meet a Rockette, which was fun.

But right after this, I hopped a cab to the airport, 4 hours before my flight. Which was very very good, because a 40 minute trip took about 75 because of gridlock. People were getting out of cabs and walking up the ramp, over the few blocks and into their airport. Which I couldn’t do because of my knee, so, ugh, expensive. The cabbie actually turned off the meter a few times to help out, because it was so crazy.

A visual summary of my trip:


As you can see, I met Telly Leung at the Con and got the Allegiance Playbill signed. I also hit Midtown Comics and got a free bathbomb from Lush after my massage, plus picked up some swag in the Con dealer room. (Which was pretty unimpressive overall, but I liked three of the booths. Unpictured are my new Agent Carter boyshorts, ha.) Oh, and I did roam the big 5th Ave Anthropologie, which has an entire sale FLOOR. Including a very cute pink coat from Nannette Lepore–I’d never seen anything from her in anthro before, so that was fun.

Basically, it was a really fantastic adventure, blizzard and all!

28 February and 1 March 2015: Dapper Day!!!

I’m back! And where am I back from?


Disneyland!!!! More specifically: Dapper Day. I met up with three awesome friends for a stylish weekend. For Dapper Day, the idea is to dress up in your best to visit the parks, like they did when it opened in the 50s and 60s. Most people dress retro for it (I saw everything from the 20s to 70s), but contemporary dress is just as welcomed.

You all know my mad love for Disney World, but this was my first time back at Disneyland since I was 4. Disney World still owns my heart, but I really enjoyed Disneyland. Especially once I found my dream ride, Indiana Jones – the perfect level of thrill for me, hee.

I flew in Thursday night and met up with my friend KC – I wore my Doctor Who dress and boyfriend cardigan for easy flight wear.

I can’t seem to find any full length pics of Friday, either. Hmm. I may come back to edit this. I wore my Doctor Who/Sleeping Beauty mashup tee and got a few compliments on it.



Disney Let it Go tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, tiara, rain jacket, Keds

Paradise Pier!! Our hotel room actually overlooked the wheel and Goofy roller coaster, it was crazy awesome.

Actually, the hotel itself was crazy awesome:


This was taken from the fire room. A whole room dedicated to the fireplace. We spent nearly every night down there after the parks closed.

So Dapper Day had a two day expo, too – tons of vintage shops put up stalls. So many awesome clothes, hats and jewellery! It was actually overwhelming, but I had fun trying hats on. I wanted to try the amazing Pinup Girl skirts and dresses on, but seriously, overwhelming.

And, okay. A lot of you have probably noticed that I’m a nerd, right? I mean, I wear Doctor Who shirts. And recently, I fell in love with Marvel’s Agent Carter. I was excited for the show just because it was set in the 1940s, but I figured I ought to see Captain America: The First Avenger first so I had the right background, and then I fell in love with it and ended up watching all of the Marvel movies, reading dozens of comics and realizing that I love Cap because of the 40s, but Hawkeye is My Avenger and most importantly: Agent Carter really is the best show yay. So I was excited to see this poster outside the park:



Hayley Atwell plays Peggy, and she is just the all around best. I love her twitter feed, and I love how she tells us what makeup, perfume and nail polish she wears on set. The makeup company is Besame Cosmetics, which does vintage reproduction. Sephora sells their Violet Powder, so I ordered that awhile back and totally love it. It does amazing things for my face, making it smooth and bright. But you guys, I really wanted her lipstick, which is only available on their website and is a killer shade of red. Specifically, Red Velvet/1946.

My friends, who was at the Expo?



Oh, yeah. And who looks awesome in Red Velvet from 1946?



Just call me Agent. They had her perfume, too, but it had sold out very very quickly. Boo. (Not that I wear it, but I wanted to smell it!)

And I have to say – the lipstick is amazing. I wore it to work today, and it didn’t even wear off! Super super impressive. Well worth the $22.

So, all that being said? This next picture won’t really surprise you.




Anthropologie Pleated Matilija dress, H&M cardigan, straw hat, Hot Topic Adventure Book necklace, Grape Soda pin, vintage purse, white gloves, sandals, Captain America

Yeah, we talked about Agent Carter. 😉 I super loved how this came out – I wish my hair had, but I tried wet setting it and it didn’t dry!!! Oh, well. I am loosely dressed as Ellie from Up. The Adventure Book actually opens up for the picture of Ellie and Carl, with her message to him. ❤ These used to be my favorite sandals, and I wore them so thoroughly that the heels collapsed and now they are more platform than wedge. And they aren’t super comfy anymore. 😦 I switched to Keds soon after.

I also posed with Mickey. He was very dapper, and kissed my hand.



You guys, the people watching was INSANELY AWESOME OMG. There were about 10,000 people dressed up. This slideshow has some great ones: The OC. I hadn’t even seen most of those. I did see #18 walking around and loved how her hairband matched her dress.

I admit, I loved seeing all the Agent Carters walking around. This Peggy and Steve were my favorites:


I had also stopped to ask about the backpack, because I saw so many all weekend. (Mostly on guys.) It used to be at Hot Topic but is now on Amazon. I may need to get it.

One more cosplay:


The blue dress with red waist is also Peggy, and I seriously covet it.

Okay, another cosplay, different fandom:


Goofy (Donald is cut off) wearing a Tardis, being stopped by the Eleventh Doctor. So awesome.

Amazing colors and great hat:


I saw everyone from toddlers to men in their 70s dressed up in style. Check out this awesome coat:


It was like being on a movie set!!!!


California Adventure’s main street is set up like 1923 LA, and they have fantastic street performances. This couple was one of several spontaneously dancing to Five and Dime.


Super super fun weekend! A Disney stylista’s dream come true, basically. I still haven’t gone through all my pics from the trip, so chances are that more might appear later! I know I have more on my camera, rather than my phone.

Anyway, I’m glad I went to Disneyland, but I can’t wait to go back to Disney World. December 2016!

17-23 October 2014: DISNEY WORLD

Oh, friends, I had a marvelous time. Met a lot of characters, did a lot of shopping, tried new restaurants (50s Diner) and rides (Soarin’! Which I loved despite my intense fear of heights and speed) and soaked up a lot of atmosphere. My Disneybounding was a success, although if I ever do Halloween there again, I am totally doing a real costume. A short, comfortable breathable costume, but nonetheless. There were so many cute ones and I had tutu envy, ha.

Friday: Lizzie Bennet

IMG_9058 MK_OUTERHRIGHT_7073221563

Bar III dress, Forever 21 leggings, nsync backpack, Mardi Gras beads, Keds

Not Disneybounding, ha. But still fandom. Super comfortable in both the 60s here and 80s down there…though the sleeves did get hot. I met Jennie and A for dinner and did Philharmagic and Small World at the Magic Kingdom, then headed over to Epcot for Nemo and walking after MK closed. Perfect first night.

Saturday: Mr. Smee

IMG_9177 IMG_9276

Old Navy top, Old Navy shorts, Walmart skull scarf, red hairband, Keds

Second photo in France pavillion. My advice: do not not not visit Epcot during the weekend at the Food and Wine Fest. It’s teeming with drunk people who are proud of their drunkenness and wearing terrible tshirts celebrating it. There was at least one that I could not believe made it through security. It was crowded and not with fun people. It was better when we went on weekdays. I did, however, get to eat my haggis with neeps and tatties with crannachan for dessert from the Scotland booth, though – it was all wonderful except the neeps. I am apparently not a fan of rutabega.

We wandered the world a few times, grumbling, and had an amazing dinner at the Yachtsman Steak House. Then they headed back to the resort and I visited the Boardwalk, which I’ve wanted to do for years. It was everything I wanted. I hope to stay there one day – they even have old time radio broadcasts in their hotel lounge! And then one of the cast members there recognized me as Smee!! I was thrilled. This was my first Disneybounding idea and it came out exactly how I pictured.



Sunday: Goofy

IMG_9339 MK_MSGAZETT_7074300183

anthropologie flutter hem top, Old Navy shorts, Bebe waistcoat, green hair ribbon, Keds

Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party day! I liked my outfit and thought it was recognizably Goofy. But I was really tempted to buy a Dalek dress in the UK Pavillion and wear that, ha. Jennie Disneybounded as Eeyore and looked adorable, and A wore her Merida costume when it got cooler. After two years of waiting, we finally ate at Be Our Guest in Beast’s castle and it was so worth the wait! It was gorgeous, we ate in front of falling snow, and the grey stuff was indeed delicious. We also met Rapunzel and Cinderella, hung out with our friend who now works in Fantasyland, saw an amazing parade with a firebreathing dragon, and made it to the party. Villains show was funny, castle show was lovely, and the fireworks breathtaking. During the parade, we were sitting on the curb and Eeyore came up super close into my face. I was laughing and said, “hello!” because what else do you do when that happens? He kissed my nose and rejoined the parade. It was hilarious and A looked so gobsmacked.



Monday: Minnie Mouse


Glamorous bodysuit, Forever 21 skirt, Merona cardigan, Forever 21 hairbow, Keds

The ears were only at the resort, since we spent the day at Hollywood Studios! I’d have worn them at the Magic Kingdom. I love this park – I’m a total old Hollywood dork and I get giddy seeing the buildings and hearing the music. Musicals, swing, jazz, it makes me beam. It was really fucking hot, and this skirt was not a good choice, however. Super sticky. And I never realized it was so long. The proportions didn’t work as well as I wanted. I’d have changed and been Piglet but I wanted to be retro-y to eat at the 50s Diner. Which was brilliant – we’re all shy, so it was a little nervewracking, but they must know the drill. Our server, Cousin Dale, teased and had fun, but didn’t do things with us that he did at other tables. Also, there is now Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post, from Frozen, and I was in snowy winter heaven. The snow felt real and was moldable, and the whole room was blue and filled with snow and cabins and fir trees and there was a delightful Elsa cocktail involved.



Monday: Anna

IMG_0094 IMG_0221

Gap sweater, Old Navy shorts, Loft cardigan, snow jewelry, German tiara

So. I’ve never gone in for the princess thing. I like the Disney princesses, but never went through the want-to-be-a-princess phase. So imagine my surprise when I fell in love with the tiara display in Germany at Epcot. They ranged in price from $10-$60, and I tried on all of them, but this, the first, was mine instantly. And only $14, ha. It really made me happy to wear it. I was taken aback the first time a cast member called me Princess, but I got used to it and it added to the fun. Epcot was dreamy, and we had a blast. The Victoria Gardens in Canada is my favorite place in the park, and I love the little cottage, so I was thrilled with how that second shot turned out. I chose to wear Anna this day because we had lunch in Norway with a few princesses – Aurora, who is my favorite, plus Cinderella and Snow White, who was a bit bitchy. I also got to eat the Kimchi hot dog I’d been dying to try from the South Korea booth, and then we headed off to a very late dinner at Chef Mickey’s, which was a delight.


Wednesday: Elsa



Gap tank, Charlotte Russe sparkle top, Old Navy shorts, German tiara, Keds

SO BLOODY HOT. OMG. It was almost 90 without heat index, the sun was horrific, we were in more lines than usual and I totally ended up with a sunburn. All of this is ironic, given that I was dressed like the Snow Queen – and met her, too. Sigh. It was still a good day – I tracked down the Cake Cups I’d been wanting to try (deconstructed cupcake in a cup with more frosting than you’d expect. Perfection), met Merida, Anna, Elsa, Tiana and Naveen, spent a few hours catching up with my friend who works there, etc etc etc. Tiana and Naveen (Princess and the Frog) had the best chemistry and banter, they were hilarious to meet. Merida was perfectly cast – I loved when she gave an impromptu sword lesson to the boy ahead of it. A fell asleep a few times throughout the day, which meant she missed the most beautiful castle sunset. But she probably wouldn’t have appreciated it anyway. It was a great last full day – I love the atmosphere of Main Street and I spent a lot of time soaking it in.

IMG_0530 IMG_0555 IMG_0701 IMG_0706 IMG_0713

Thursday: Doctor Who


Her Universe Doctor Who villains dress, Forever 21 leggings, Keds

Back to fandom! Nice and easy to fly in. We spent the morning at Hollywood Studios and did the hilarious Frozen sing along and hit a street show, then I headed to Epcot for one last swing around the world and ate a ton (Lunch in Norway, followed by Puerto Rican fried plantains, Patagonian beef with chimichurri and Canadian apple ice wine), and then headed back to the resort for a rest before my evening flight. I love our resort – I spent time by the river every morning and the design of the buildings coupled with the jazz just always makes me so happy. I spent my last half hour there sprawled on a bench by the river and really relaxing for the first time in a long time. It was a perfect day.



Happy sigh.

I’ve got 400 pics uploaded on my Flickr if you love Disney World as much as I do, hee. Everything I mentioned and more is over there. All told, we walked about 60 miles over 7 days, burning about 7000 calories, which is good, because we ate a LOT, ha.

Countdown to our next trip: 25 months! 😉

June 2014 catch up!

I went poof! I didn’t mean to do that, oops. I headed to my parents for the weekend and then my dear friend Kristine came in for a few days to visit. We spent a lot of our time on my couch talking and being fannish and it was such a lovely time. We’ve been friends for, I think, about 18 years – we met when I was 15, online. But she lives across the country so we haven’t seen each other in nearly 14 years, since I was one of her bridesmaids. SO CRAZY. There will definitely not be a 14 year gap before we see each other again. xx



Forever 21 striped top, Old Navy Flirt skirt, bubble necklace, White Cliff flats

Watch how the weather changes, friends.


Anthropologie fluttered hem top, Old Navy Flirt capris, circle necklace, anthropologie hair tie, David Tate sandals


Harbor sweatshirt, Old Navy Flirt capris, gym shoes

This was Saturday night – we were outside by the lit firepit and it was very cold.



Gap top, Old Navy Flirt capris, David Tate sandals, Bingo

Photo by Kristine! Obviously warmer. Humid, even.



Kristine: Costco dress, Merona leggings, handknit socks, gym shoes

Me: Old Navy floral top, Old Navy Sweetheart shorts, David Tate sandals

OMG HOT. Between Sunday’s growing humidity and Wednesday morning, we were in the 90s. 90s! Not usual! The weather decided to give northwestern gal Kristine a little midwestern gift of Super Summery Weather, I guess. We had a lot of fans blowing on us, since I don’t have AC. (And when the unit does go in, it goes in the bedroom not living room!) And the day she left? 70s. AUGH.

But hey, new shorts! Ones bought to fit me, instead of making cutoffs from too big jeans. So now I can wear tops that show the waistband, which I couldn’t do with the other pair because of the gaping. And I have $10 off a $25+ purchase for the next week, so, score. I might get a new pair of jeans. I’d like to get a new top or two, because I am struggling to find things to wear that feel right this summer. I’m not sure what’s up with that. I like my clothes, they just don’t feel like who I want to be right now. But Krissy and I did watch a few hours of Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which made me want to wear pretty dresses again, so maybe I’ll start dressing up for work again.

But really – it was so great to have a few days with my friend – to talk big things, and to sit comfortably quiet together and to geek out over fandom things (like singing along to the Buffy musical soundtrack together!). I am so lucky to have a friend like her.


January 2014 Adventure

I thought I was going to post some details of my adventure here once it was over, but I think I’ll refrain. I do want to remain un-googlable. But I can say that it involved Washington DC. And while I didn’t end up in the main press conference with video and still photographers, I did still get interviewed and quoted in the newspaper. And it was still definitely an amazing adventure.

This is what I ended up wearing:


Super comfortable, classy, bright not overly so, and good rich jewel colors to show up in any photos that ended up not being done. The woman I adventured with wore a long sleeved dress that was colorblocked white and black on a diagonal across the whole dress, with a hot pink coat. We looked pretty good together.

This is the coat I wore because it was 20 degrees outside:

2014-01-21 08.15.13

This is the winter gear I ended up having to wear on my daily 5-6 mile walks after the snow started:

2014-01-21 16.01.44

Can you even see where I am through the snow? Visibility was very low.

2014-01-22 11.30.58

Here’s a shot of my amazing new scarf I got for $10 -wool knit with a layer of sequins inside. Me and Vincent are waiting for the Doctor to show up. ❤ (I also saw our country’s only DaVinci, which was mad cool.)

I also visited the World War II memorial twice, because that’s how I roll:2014-01-20_11865 2014-01-21_11974

The day-before-snowstorm sunset was pretty amazing:

2014-01-20_11867 2014-01-20_11857

It felt centered over the Lincoln Memorial, which was fitting for MLK Day.


(Which, btw, gorgeous at night.)

The Korean Memorial is haunting in the twilight:


Don’t visit the Vietnam Memorial at night, though. It’s barely lit and you can’t see the names. Go in daylight. I had to go back another day to really see it and to find an old friend of my dad’s.

2014-01-21_11953 2014-01-21_11957

(Also, try not to go during a snowstorm. It’s downhill and I almost fell several times.)

The whole mall was amazing in the snow. It was a very peaceful walk.


I hit: The war memorials, American History museum, American Indian Museum (best lunch!! Buffalo chili on flatbread and a rosemary tart), National Gallery, National Archives (BEST GIFT SHOP OMG I WANTED IT ALL), and the Castle, plus walked by a lot of other places (see photos above) and had a wonderful time. I only meant to duck into the National Art Gallery for a few minutes, to see Abbot Suger’s chalice he used with my beloved Eleanor of Acquitaine, but that was off display and I spent over an hour exploring and being blown away. I loved the National Archives, but was much more interested in the ephemera around the Constitution, Declaration, etc – the first drafts with Washington’s handwritten changes, for example. The stuff I haven’t seen images of before. I was severely disappointed that the computers were down and I couldn’t create my own D-Day newsreel, but I still loved hearing FDR’s First Fireside Chat. American History is still my favorite, but I was surprised by how much they had changed up since my last visit 5 years ago, which was great. New stuff! I was bummed to be there the week in between the Little Golden Books and Holocaust exhibits, though.

(Also, had I turned left instead of right when I discovered Ford’s Theater closed because of the snowstorm (along with everything else in DC), I would have ended up right at their local anthropologie. BUMMER.)

17 and 18 August 2013: Charleston

Oh, you guys, I had the best time in Charleston this weekend!! My friend and I indulged our crafty side on Saturday (knit store, quilt store) plus visited the local library and drove through the historic downtown area, and then Sunday, we had brunch and played historical tourist at the USS Yorktown and Fort Moultrie, which was in use every war between 1776 and 1947. So cool to see and walk and explore.


ruffle dress, ANA cardigan, leggings, converse

New thrifted dress! Sorry for the pic – it was dark outside. I should have asked to get a shot at the quilt store, maybe next to the awesome Civil War reproduction dress, oops. This was a great dress, can’t wait to show it off at some point. The day was really quite cool – low 80s, barely any humidity. So crazy!!

eta: OOH! I forgot Amy had posted a pic of lunch on twitter:

BR4nSZgCUAANQVd.jpg large

Better shot of the fabric and ruffle – the lace is just in front, but there’s a ruffle of the floral pattern all around the top, front and back. Also, watermelon gazpacho – seriously yum. It looks tomatoey, but it was really very watermelony.

(I also can’t wait to show off the fabric I bought – SO COOL OMG. This place was huge, many rooms, going deep back. It was wonderful. I had to ask my friend to make me leave.)


Theme dress, Converse, USO stand

V for Victory! The USS Yorktown was an aircraft carrier in World War II (see: Tora! Tora! Tora!) and is now decommissioned and part of the parks service. They have it set up much like it was in the 40s, and you do self tours all over. We went super deep down many levels into the engine room, etc. The stairs were more like ladders and the ceilings were low – hard to imagine so many men (thousands!) running around down there. Also, it was in the 90s and humid. More like it.


Me and the Yorktown! It’s huge and very cool. I even got to sit in a bomber plane – so many controls, it was insane.

test 1 2 3 (Anything But That)

Testing the new share buttons to see what I need to edit to make the description be something useful and not a string of numbers!

I said I wanted to take a picture of them in their brand new ears – A went straight to her own, hee.

3-7 December 2012: Disney World!!!

I am alive! All my good intentions of mobile posting went out the window, as they do. We thought we were going to have naptimes and early evenings with the two year old, but, nope. I spent many nap times in a park, and we were often out to 10pm. We did more dinners at other resorts, which really eats up time via travel.

We had a marvelous time.  I have 800 pics/vids up on Flickr but let’s talk about the really important things: what did I wear?


H&M ruched top, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Forever 21 Phone Booth necklace, with Chef Donald


Gap sweater, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Limited bow necklace,  (Old Navy flirt capris, chucks), at the Epcot tree!


Fez! Because fezzes are cool. In Morocco Pavillion of Epcot. (No lie, one of my favorite pictures of me ever.)


LL Bean shirt, Bennetto mini skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, christmas present bow, Limited bow necklace (Victoria’s Secret leggings, red Chucks), at Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom. Yes, I dressed up as Snow White (hipster style) and had my picture taken with her! She loved my bow. I’m just sad this isn’t one of my more attractive shots.


Minnie Ears!


H&M twofer dress, Forever 21 phone booth necklace, Mickey fashion ears (Victoria’s Secret leggings, Chucks), with Mickey and Minnie at the Magic Kingdom


And at Hollywood Studios. Ta da!

The coolest it hit was about 75, and the warmest 83. Funny how quickly that can feel like the norm. What, I was wearing a puffy down coat the week before this? Pah.

This is going to be a crazy week – we shut down the department today through Thursday to rearrange EVERYTHING, so while I have today off, I will likely be wearing jeans and tshirt moving gear the rest of the week. I’m sure I will come up with something to post, though!

1 and 2 December 2012: Disney World!!

You guys, this is trip is awesome. And not just because it hit 80 today. Or because my best friends daughter is singing I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas during rest time, hee. It’s just so nice to be here!


Miss Chievous dress, Victorias Secret leggings, Limited bow necklace, chucks, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Minnie ears

My traditional flight wear, nice and easy. With bonus ears. And yes, they DO light up.


Hee! Those are my night ears.

Because I admit, I had to get these, too. I had wanted a pair of embroidered ears, I havent gotten a set since toddlerhood. But these couldn’t be, and I couldn’t imagine a better pair for me. Next time, I will find an embroiderable pair!


And then today:


H&M top, Old Navy Flirt capris, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Forever 21 phone booth necklace, chucks

So warm!! I wish I had shorts. Who would have thought??

So far, we’ve done Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom, eaten in France, explored Nemo’s ride, terrorized the toddler with Pere Noel, Tigger and Pooh, and taken over a hundred pictures. Tonight, dinner with Mickey and crew and maybe lights at the Studios, or maybe we’ll get the kid to sleep before 11. Lol Whatever we do,its going to be magical.

24-30 May 2012: Texas, Baby!

I had a super fantastic time on vacation, visiting my best friend and her toddler down in Texas. It was hot, but in a nice summery way.

I say that having spent 90% of my time inside because of the heat. So basically what I mean is that the sunshine and air conditioning was a joy.

I went simple, basic and easily packed for this trip. I also played with loose and unstructured tops – I normally like to wear things that are more fitted, but I’m feeling confident enough to go drapy and loose, and I like the effect. It feels summery.

Old Navy tunic, Gap Long and Lean jeans, cutoff

Anthropologie Loosened Shelby blouse, Cold River Canyon skort

JCrew gingham top, Gap Long and Lean jeans, cutoff

(new top!! $10 at the outlet)

American Eagle sundress, Me Too ballerina wedges

I normally wear a cardigan with this, due to bra straps, but it was so freaking hot on the plane that I did not care. But I love how it looked with these shoes.