2, 4-7 January 2016: New Year

I’ve had this in drafts for a week now, oops. I’ve been crashing and sleeping early. I am hoping to step up my outfit game, but it’s so much harder when it’s cold! Last week wasn’t too bad, but we’re on day three of negative windchills. Brrrrr.

A new part of my job this year is filming videos. See if you can guess which days I planned to film. You’ll be noticing many of these days every month!

Limited striped tee, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Limited bolero cardi, Old Navy tights, Converse

I swear, I didn’t think anyone would show for my Jan 2 storytime, but they did and it was amazing and I looked cute. And yes, this was a filming day.


Charlotte Russe bow back tee, Old Navy Sweetheart skinny jeans, JCrew cardi, Winter Soldier necklace, Captain America bracelet, Crown Vintage boories

I love a good stripe with red. Makes me happy. And yep, another proposed filming day.


Coventry cashmere sweater, Old Navy sweetheart jeans, Agent Carter necklace, Captain America bracelet, Crown Vintage booties

I’ve had this sweater since high school, I think. Maybe early college. We’re talking at least 13-17 years. And I swear, I don’t think I’ve worn is 13-17 times. I like how it looked with the jeans, I think. I should do it more.

Not a filming day, though I did seem to still take the time for makeup. Go me!


Modcloth plaid dress, Gap tee, Agent Carter necklace, Captain America bracelet, fleece lined tights, Clarks shoes

I really liked how this turned out. I was sort of aiming Clara Oswald from Doctor Who, but heard a lot of 60s schoolgirl. Which I guess is Clara’s aesthetic, so I probably hit it.


High low top, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Winter Soldier necklace, Hawkeye bracelets, Clarks shoes

It was a chilly day, and a filming day. You can see the makeup and fitted clothes that made up my week of filming. Did I film any of these days? Only the purple. Get used to seeing these tops. 😛

Speaking of work, someone posed the Eleventh Doctor:


He looks right over into my desk, ha.

Also, yes, I have a very eclectic collection of things on my desk.


My new coworker went ice skating with me! It was her first time ever, and I was afraid I pushed her into it, but she had a ton of fun and it’s going to be a regular thing now. Yay!

Check out my awesome Christmas present from my friend KC:


I need to find the perfect vintage/retro outfit to wear them with!!!

6 June 2014: DDay 70

Today is the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. I’ve been facebooking links to info, articles, archives and news broadcasts all day, ha. So it’s no surprise what I dug out of my closet to wear.



Abercrombie and Fitch sweater, vintage 40s skirt, vintage heart brooch, Aerosole sandals

The skirt is part of a skirt suit – the top is the same fabric, as is the belt, but it’s much too big now. And, also, obviously it looks quite costumey to wear them together! The skirt is too big, too – I safety pinned it to a slip to keep it up safely, ha. But I love the drape and length….most of my midi skirts are stiffer and have a shape, and I love this hang much better.

I got this in college at an amazing little vintage store (where I also found this 50s party dress) and I think I’ve only worn it once or twice, for American Girl parties at work, but maybe I can bring the skirt out again. Not too often, through…it is 70 years old!

116, 17, 19 November 2013: Working the Weekend

I had to work both weekend days last week. It’s not all bad – that means we get Friday and Monday off for each, plus Sunday is only the afternoon so I still get to sleep in. Except when it’s, you know, the worst tornado breakout in November history. UGH.


JCrew Factory striped dress, Forever 21 Love necklace, Old Navy tights, Liz CLaibourne boots

Saturday was my second parent workshop, hence the dress. It went fine – the material was sound, but I never found my groove. Bummer.

Also a bummer: the heel cap on one heel keeps sliding off. I need to find some super glue and at least make these last through our Doctor Who anniversary party next week. I plan to use them as part of my Eleventh Doctor costume – unless I try being Amy Pond instead.


Anthropologie Fluttered Hem top, Old Navy skirt, NYC and Company necklace, Hue tights, Converse

So this is what I wore to lead the Library through bad weather. (I was in charge of all our locations, eep.) A skirt to look somewhat nice, orange to be easily seen and converse in case we needed to evacuate. Don’t laugh! When I was 10, a tornado hit the tree outside our home – part fell in the street, part onto the roof of my bedroom and part knocked the gas main off the house. We had to evacuate and run down the street in the midst of the storm to get someone to let us in because our house was filling up with gas. It’s stayed with me. I HATE storms and I really, really hate tornadoes. Luckily, things stayed just south of us.


Kate Spade jeweled Kati cardigan, JCrew tank top, Kate Spade Jill skirt, Merona tights, vintage sweater clip, Forever 21 necklace, White Cliff flats

It wasn’t until this very moment that I realized I was wearing a Kate Spade outfit. How did I not realize this all day??? Geez. Anyway, the tights are new and super amazing. $8, very opaque, very thick and very comfortable. I am quite impressed – we’ll see how long they hold up.

I love this cardi, though – I got it in one of their flash sales for under $80, regular $300. It’s cashmere and absolutely lovely. Also, geez, I really need to get better about reapplying lipstick again. I look translucent, oy.

Anthropologie Dressing Room: The 1940s Edition

Long overdue! These are from my birthday. You can tell from the hair and make up. And clearly I had fun trying on 40s style things to go with my hair!


Swiss Dot Dress by Postmark

I can’t find this one on the site! I feel like it’s Karen Walker, but probably not. Hmm. I liked the combo of dots and ruching, but Liss thought the waist hit poorly. It’s a great color, and the medium fits well.


Drafted Petal Romper

I had tried this on in a 6 previously, and the shorts didn’t work. I sized up this trip, and it totally worked. I love it! I wish I could wear it and not feel like I was in a costume, because it was adorable and I love the neckline so much. But I think it feels more comfortable than it flatters, sadly.


Beach Shade Romper

Because shorts and I don’t mix, I sized up a bunch in this – unnecessarily! I cinched the belt super tight, which helped, but it was baggy everywhere. Because I’m not a 10. I actually totally loved this – from the front. The back view looked a little too diaper to me, but such is the consequence of a high waisted short. (Wonder how much sizing down to my proper size would help?) Still, this is cute and affordable and while it’s not for me, it’s very nicely done.

2013-05-10_9725 2013-05-10_9719

NeoGingham Peplum top with Level 99 Sailor Shorts and Holding Horses Denim Pencil Skirt

The shirt, as planned, went home with me. Yay! Just waiting for some warm weather to wear it. I grabbed the sailor shorts at first glance, still determined to find shorts that fit me. These are a 29. I didn’t like the way the pulled across the front, but I see that the model’s pulls, too. Is that something I should give in on? I feel like it’s a sign of not fitting.

Much like this skirt! Another size 29. Love the color, and the fit is a true 1950s pencil skirt – this follows ALL the curves. I took but did not upload a side shot – hello, backside. Very clingy for denim, and very snug in the waist. I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s supposed to go, but that is not for me. I could have sized up to see how it felt, but since I do not need a mint pencil skirt, I didn’t bother. But I do love how it looks with the peplum.


Louisa Dot Blouse and Level 99 Sailor Shorts

I sized up into 30s for this shot. Less pull, but I didn’t think they suited.

I adore this blouse, though. I’ve been dying for a sleeveless button down, and you all know my deep love for a peter pan color. The orange is divine, but WHY does it stop so high?? This is a roomy 6, so sizing down is certainly a possibility. I’d like to try a few sizes on and see if I can get it on sale. Unless I decide that the sheerness is a deal breaker. Why are so many sleeveless button downs sheer this season? I am not a fan of shear. I don’t like to layer.


Louisa Dot Blouse and Lace Edged Pencil Skirt

I saw this skirt on my way into the dressing room and snatched it up, because, lace! Yay! I took one glance at the medium and knew there was no way  I could get into it. This is a large, and it is also too snug. Size way up.


Ann Taylor Loft culotte shorts

I can’t find them on the site now. Anyway, so feeling depressed about the state of shorts and my lack of fitting in them, I saw these and flashed back to the adorable tap pants worn in Anything Goes. And success. More than I wanted to spend ($50) and less casual than I’d like, but I went for it. And I’m wearing them today! They are comfortable and please, please, please let them be cute.

6 June 2013: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Dressing 40s for the 69th anniversary of D-Day. I wasn’t planning to do this, but the outfit I had prepared was too warm weather for another rainy, 60* day. I improvised.


Coldwater Creek shirtdress, Forever 21 flower, vintage pin, Me Too ballerina wedges

It’s too big, I should probably try the black version of this I have, but I am feeling lazy. Overly large khaki it is.

Many years ago, I joined XM radio just so I could listen to their D-Day rebroadcast on the 40s channel – they synced it up so we were listening to exactly what happened at the same time it was broadcast. Pretty cool. (I loved XM for a variety of reasons, but that was a big one.) Now, of course, the internet has everything:

NBC’s Complete D-Day broadcast day, which aired on XM

Highlights of CBS’s coverage, including foreign statements.

8 and 9 May 2013: Technicolor Emma Pillsbury

Yesterday’s outfit ended up a bit more technicolor than I realized, but I like it. Return of the Emma Pillsbury look.


Merona ruffle tank, Merona skirt, BP cardigan, vintage enamel pin, AngelWear necklace, Jewel headwrap, Aerosole wedges


Gap tank top, Old Navy chevron top, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, vintage key necklace, Aerosole wedge sandals

A little cooler today, so a return to jeans and sandals. Love it.

I am taking tomorrow off for extra birthday fun (it’s not until Saturday) and am getting clothes ready for my pinup photo shoot. They said to bring things, plus they’ll have some. It’ll surprise no one that I have a lot of options. But I’d like to try new stuff out, so we’ll see. I realized this morning, though, that I will need to make sure to wear something vintagey after, too, to go with my hair and makeup that will still be done! Gotta think this through.

12 and 15 April 2013: Show Off

I thought spring was here because it was 50* when I woke up and a little rainy. Maybe it’s spring. But it’s freaking COLD. I huddled in my heavy sweater all day. I can’t wait for a bit of warmth.


Gap tank top, Charlotte Russe sparkle tie top, Old Navy Rockstar jeans, Forever 21 phone booth necklace, Me Too ballerina wedges

If I had a dollar for every time I explained that my necklace is not a Tardis because Tardises were blue, I could buy something cute at anthropologie. I mean, I appreciate the nerds coming up to me, but they are clearly not nerdy enough. (For the record: this is a public call booth. It’s red. A Tardis looks like a police call booth. It’s blue.)


Gap camisole, handmade skirt!!!!!, BP cardigan, Victoria’s Secret leggings, NY and Co necklace, vintage enamel pin, Me Too ballerina flats

This weekend was quite nice – I stayed in pajamas and read all day Saturday, then got dressed, went grocery shopping and sewed skirts on Sunday. Successfully! Mostly!

Okay, sure – not so fashionable (though the fabric rocks). Perhaps not so very suited to my body type. Maybe the hem doesn’t entirely match up. Maybe the lines are not exactly straight. But by golly, I sewed those seams and added that elastic and it fits and is acceptable to wear in public. These are exciting things.

Next up: finding my pattern and making my measurements so  I buy the amount of fabric I need for a circle/skater skirt.

And possibly a crinoline.

Meanwhile, the retro-ness of my skirt pattern put me in mind to play a little retro with my hair:


5-7 April 2012: Mad Men Weekend!

Tonight is the Mad Men premiere! Hello, Christmas 1967. In celebration, I’ve been dressing 60s inspired.


Anthropologie Noon and Night dress, Old Navy cardigan, Hue tights, Forever 21 necklace, BoC Canty Booties

I’ve been meaning to pair this with purple for weeks, and it’s enough of an autumn/winter colored dress that I was running out of time for it. A more Peggy Olson  option would have been to wear a blouse under it (I’d originally had a purple long sleeved top under there, but it felt too school uniform-y), but I like how this looks.


Abercrombie and Fitch empire top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Modcloth flowered hairband, cardinal pendant, Me Too flats

It was 70! Warm enough to go out just like this, no coat! I really need to give up on this top – it doesn’t fit my bust. I even tried my non-push up strapless bra, and it was better but still showed a lot of bra. I don’t even like pastels, but I love the romanticness of this top and I keep trying to make it work. I need to stop.


Vintage top (Etsy), Old Navy Flirt capris, vintage flower brooch, Bass by Rachel Antonoff saddle shoes

And actual 60s gear for the big day. I never wear this in regular life, and I ought. It’s cute enough. The collar is big, but the peplum is in style. Saddle shoes are probably too early 60s, but that’s more my style, anyway. (Hi, Stacy! :))

I also hosted a brunch this morning – half the people didn’t show, but those who came enjoyed my 60s inspired spread:


Those are pancake muffins. And no 60s inspired meal is complete without a jello mold, yes?

I tried to fin something cute and 60s mod to wear today, but neither dress at the consignment store worked.


Michael Kors shift dress. How can a size 10 skirt be just a bit too small, and a size 10 dress too big? Curses on you, Duchess.


Theme paisley dress. I was buttoning top down and was so excited – fit my chest perfectly! Fit my waist, too, a miracle! Fit my hips, yay! And then it hit my thighs and it went to hell. SO RUDE. So I stuck with the vintage top and went from there.

Time to relax, read a bit, maybe watch some old Mad Men eps to get in the mood for tonight!

11 and 12 March 2013: Dreaming

Today I decided to dress for the weather I wanted – spring. It snowed. It’s hard for me to be disappointed by such a beautiful flurry storm, I was actually pretty delighted, but I do feel prepared for warmer weather to arrive. Soon.


Gap sweater, Maurice’s skirt, Hue tights, New York and Company necklace, Aerosole wedges


Halogen cashmere sweater (consignment score!), Forever 21 skirt, vintage enamel pin, tights, BoC Canty booties

I am madly in love with this sweater, and can’t wait to wear it all spring. It’s the perfect color, and I adore the boat neckline. And it was $10! Can’t be beat.

I was super excited to get an email from anthropologie earlier this week, inviting me to their spring fashion show at my local store. All these years with the anthro card and this is the first perk I’ve scored! (Except the birthday discount, but I even had to ask for that.) I’m hoping a new friend can go with me, but I know I’ll have a blast on my own, too.

13 February 2013: Pre-Valentine

Funny story about this outfit.


Forever 21 Peter Pan Collared sweater, Modcloth sparkle tweed skirt, cream tights, vintage clip on earring, Bass Heritage boots

So this was what I had planned to wear for Valentine’s Day – it’s peach and purple, so not totally stereotypic, but definitely appropriate.  (Okay, the earring as brooch was a total improvisation this morning, based on Emma Pillsbury.) Once I discovered that I owned and liked cream tights, I knew I had to pair them with this skirt. But last week, my mom texted me: Do you have a pink cardigan? (Yes.) Do you have navy tights? (Yes.) Do you trust me? (Generally?)

She was apparently on JCrew Factory’s site and found something that she swears is perfect for me, and asked if she could get it to me for Valentine’s Day, would I wear it? I debated, but decided: what the hell. She follows my Pinterest, she has a pretty good idea of what I like. Long gone are the days where she bought me what she wanted me to like. So my Dad is dropping it off tomorrow morning. I think it’s going to involve polka dots, but that’s merely a guess. Tomorrow shall tell.

Wish me luck.