Anthropologie Spring Fashion Show

I tried to get shots of everything, but my seat and my camera conspired against me. Still, I got a lot of them! About 25 outfits, I think. There’s too much to ID, but a few of them will show up in my next dressing room post. (Also, yes, quality issues. Sorry. 😦 )

Before we get started, this is what I ended up wearing:


anthropologie Espaliared Tunic, Gap lace camisole, Coldwater Creek crochet cardigan, Old Navy rockstar jeans, Liz Claibourne boots, XO pendant choker, tulip from anthropologie!

And onto the show!

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I’ve been so uninspired lately. I didn’t even bother taking an outfit picture yesterday – I wore the red jeans/peach sweater combo again, but with the tall boots. And then today, I was totally unimpressed with what I planned to wear, and I’m not thrilled with what I ended up with, either. I grouched the entire walk to work, at which point I stumbled on what I wish I had worn instead. RATS.

So, I’m seeing if some Polyvore playing helps me get new ideas. This is what I wish I was wearing today. (Ignore that the shirt pic appears to be transparent.)


Clu shirt

Mini skirt

Wedge shoes

Gold charm necklace
$27 –

Outfit Plans

My friend and I are going to see Darren Criss at an outdoor concert this weekend, and I’m trying to figure out something cute and comfortable to wear. Lots of walking (it’s a whole huge outdoor market), lots of outdoor.

My plan was my new Odetta culottes with a tank top, but they are so relaxed and comfortable, I rather looked like I was wearing pajamas. So, attempts 2 and 3. But maybe they just are weekend fun shorts and not going out shorts? Hmm.

I thought I might try to build a fun outfit around my new shoes, but after wearing them for a day at work, I am not interested in walking all around Chicago in them. *g*

Should I 86 the shorts and pick something else? (Then when the hell CAN I wear these? LOL) Like this?

As always, your opinions are valued.


Woe, for I am sick. So instead of an actual outfit post, I have a potential outfit post.

I have been seeing more and more of the socks with sandals trend. I am not opposed to it, I think it can make a cute colorful bootie like statement without the added expense of another shoe, but I am not sure I can pull it off.

Here’s attempt #1:

Hmm. Too little girl? Wrong color socks? (I don’t have many trouser sock options, sadly, and even fewer potential shoes) Wrong skirt? Not a good look for my legs? None of my pink tops are the same shade of pink as the socks, but maybe that shouldn’t be a limiter.

Attempt #2 was definitely wrong, with a pink/yellow/blue plaid skirt. I looked like I was 10 years old, wearing a 1960s cupcake dress.

Should I keep working on it?