22 and 23 August 2013: Fancy 500!!

My 500th post! I was hoping to unveil my pinup photos today, but alas, no go. Still! I dressed super fancy and looked lovely and that is a celebration all its own. Yay 500!


Anthropologie Melora dress, BP cardigan, XO Crown necklace, vintage pin, Biviel t-strap heels

Grey skies, sunny dress. This is a delightful dress to wear, always brings a smile to my face. A necessary boost of confidence on a day I was doing a presentation at work.


Anthropologie Tracy Reese Revisionist Impressionist dress, anthropologie jeweled hairband, Me Too ballerina flats

Swishy swirly dress! I never wear this because it’s so fancy. And then I put it on, and I realize, it’s not that fancy – it’s just beautiful. But at the same time, I recognize that I will continue to feel it’s too fancy and not wear it! So I will continue to pull it out rarely and greatly enjoy the times I do wear it.

Also, dude, my hair. I love what it is doing. It’s so sleek! It’s so smooth! It’s so not at all what it usually does! I celebrate that as well.

I love the fabric and patterns on this dress – the flowers are gorgeous, the blue a lovely lake or sky depending on viewpoint, the delicious grass. And then there’s the hem:


Is that blood? Is my lovely tranquil dress a murder scene? How very CSI.

A dressing room post and announcement coming up next.

Here’s to 500 and 500 more! Thanks to you all for being on this journey with me. xoxo

18 and 19 April 2013: What is this Week, Even?

How is it still this week? I feel like two weeks have been crammed into the last 5 days. In biggest to smallest order of wtf:

1. The Boston Nightmare

2. The Texas Nightmare

3. There was such torrential rain yesterday that several towns are flooded, our expressway ramps remain closed, and kids in our town got a “rain day” because buses couldn’t get through the streets.

4. It snowed all day today. ALL DAY.

Isn’t this week over yet? It’s crazy. And I just heard that China had a 7.0 earthquake. I mean, come on. Where’s the reset button? All these poor people.


Anthropologie Here and There tee, Old Navy Rockstar jeans, H&M cardigan, Gap flower headband, Maurice’s bib necklace, wellies

Splish splash splash.


Bar III dress, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Forever 21 bow belt, Forever 21 necklace, Old Navy tights, Liz Claibourne boots

Rocking my comfort fit and flare silhouette. I wanted to wear my Kate Spade OMG dress, but it was 28*, so no.

Someday my spring will come.

22 March 2013: Dress Me Up

I found this dress last week at our local consignment store for $12 – I loved it on sight, but thought it was too see-through. Luckily, I grabbed it for the dressing room anyway, and it was so freaking perfect. It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting to wear and I am so, so pleased with it!

Theme, JCrew Jackie, Bass

Theme dress, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Hue fleece lined tights, New York and Company necklace, Bass Heritage boots

I can’t wait to wear it this spring/summer when you can see the adorable puffed sleeves and charming collar. The pattern are little sprigs of pink and pale blue flowers, so it will look wonderful with several of my cardigans and tights and shoes. Happy!!!

I thought I was grabbing a pair of leggings from my closet to wear with it, and was entirely baffled when I put them on. (It was pre-coffee, don’t judge.) But, alas, it’s still 20* and there’s still snow in the forecast, so I decided fleece lined tights were even better than leggings! I was warm all day. For once.

Today, my friend Crystal and I are heading to anthropologie for a spring fashion show! I’m trying to figure out what to wear – I have a few anthro-based ideas, we’ll see what I like best on. I better get going, though, because they just announced a bonus Lizzie Bennet episode today, and I want to be in front of my computer for that! So stay tuned for today’s outfit, and any fashion show pics I am able to snap. 🙂

8 and 9 March 2013: Wedding!!

The wedding was absolutely lovely – a long, beautiful day. Meg looked amazing, and I can’t wait to show off pictures of her. We all had our hair and make up done professionally, and I have to say – omg, so worth the price. I have got to learn how to do all of this on my own.

Pre-wedding, amazing make up only:


Post-wedding, 14 hours later, make up fading:

2013-03-09_9244 2013-03-09_9247 2013-03-09_9249









Yeah, you get spammed with pictures, hee.  Not really sorry – I will never look this amazing again! I need it for posterity. I really loved the curls, each of which had a bit of purple woven in, and which relaxed through the day. (I had initial poodle fears, but they were unfounded.) And, they totally stuck around for the next day!


Gap sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Forever 21 hair bow, Bass Heritage boots

My friend and I went to see Audra McDonald yesterday afternoon. I was so freaking exhausted (didn’t get to bed until about 3am after the wedding), but her voice is just glorious. Unbelievable beauty.  And then I slept for 12 hours.

Oh! I do have a pic of Meg. And you can see some of the poodle fear.


Isn’t she gorgeous? Total smoky Adele cat-eye going on, and a seriously adorable dress.

4 and 5 January 2013: Flapper (not slapper)

This has been a crazy up and down weekend! I am hoping that next week, things improve. I mean, my brother is having surgery Wednesday (expect a hiatus Tuesday-Saturday), so it’s going to be stressful, but hopefully other things even out, at least.


Kate Spade Elliana dress, JCrew Jackie cardigan in cerise, tights, feather fascinator, Biviel t-strap heels

Maybe the fascinator doesn’t quite work, but it went with the drop waist dress and t-straps, so I kept the 20s going. I’ve stopped doing much with dresses/Posh Frock Fridays, so I thought I’d bring it back with one of the poshest of them all.


Charlotte Russe sequin tank, Old Navy button up, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, converse

I had been wearing pink ballet flats with plans to hit the mall and try on a bridesmaids dress, but plans changed when I saw there was an actual proper snow falling. I rescheduled the dress appointment, threw on converse, grabbed my camera and went for a 3 mile walk.

Where I hit DSW (got new brown booties, cute socks, infinity scarf and hidden socks, all on clearance), and the yarn store (grey and purple yarn for a cowl) and the Venezuelan restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for years (ground beef arepa). I’m feeling much better post snow and walk, and plan to curl up with a new knitting project, some tea and Masterpiece Theatre’s Emma.

24 August 2012: O Frabjous Day!

Sorry for the radio silence – I have spent several nights this week with a friend, hiding from flying roaches, which translated into basic outfits that I could stuff into a backpack and less mirror time. But I am back, with joy in my heart.

Kate Spade Ikat Caroline sundress, Angel Wear Designs necklace, Me Too ballerina wedges, sparkly Mickey Mouse barettes

Today, I needed to do hard advocacy work for myself and knew I needed to look my best to feel confident enough to do it. And it worked!

So, I will be spending the next five weeks moving. My new place is cute, and I am hopeful I can set it up so I can do better photography, too. It’s a ten minute walk to work, which is awesome, except that my current one is two minutes, heh. I did the walk there and back tonight to pick something up, and I have blisters. Whoops. We’ll see if it’s better when the walk is separated by 9 hours, or if there are some shoes I will either need to change into at work or use as an excuse to drive to work!

26 and 27 April: Powering Through

Today, I had a ton of fun at the mall and bought a fantastic zebra-like print skirt that I’m super excited about. I also finally wandered through Francesca’s, which is Anthropologie style clothes at H&M prices. Didn’t buy anything, I had too many bags in hand to try on, but next time! But now, catch up.

Sweet Pea tunic, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, H&M cardigan, Coldwater Creek necklace, Me Too ballet flats

This was the best shot of the lot – I was home sick half the day, and I looked even more pained in the other attempts!

H&M two-fer dress, Forever 21 leggings, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Merona scarf, Me Too ballerina wedges

I was aiming for pattern mixing, but that became less obvious in this style of scarf wearing. Oh, well. I kind of liked it – I wound it around my neck and then wrapped the edges around to make the ring. It masks the kind of odd neckline of the dress, which is a total win.

18 April 2012: Posh Frock Wednesday

I didn’t really feel like waiting until Friday to pull this out – I wanted to feel good. Some people have comfort foods or movies, I have a comfort silhouette. And what better way to feel good than to pull out Kate Spade OMG?

Kate Spade Ikat Caroline dress, Merona cropped cardigan, Van Hesuen floral bib necklace, Alecia’s fandom bracelet, Hue tights, Biviel t-strap heels

I love this dress so hard. And I love this necklace so hard. Next time, I think the cropped blue cardigan and a belt will make this even better for late spring.

23 March 2012: Hunger Games Day!

And we’re back to spring – rainy and 63. I can dig it.

H&M twofer dress, Mossimo cropped cardigan, Old Navy tie belt, Coldwater Creek necklace, Me Too Flats

63 or not, I couldn’t bear to do tights on another “posh” frock Friday. Leggings will do just fine. Right after work, half the department is walking down to the theater to go see The Hunger Games, and this outfit will be super comfy hours of theater sitting and then drinks after!

17 February 2012: Snowy

I started with the dress. And then it kept snowballing into a more and more 1950s outfit. Whoops. I blame my recent reread of The Cheerleader.

Norma Kovali dress, JCrew Jackie cardigan in cerise, Gap headband, Alecia bracelet, unknown necklace, Hue tights, Bass Glenbrook saddle shoes

The bangs and haircut are definitely playing up a 50s/60s vibe, too. Oh, well. It can be fun to play with literal looks, too. I just wanted to get back to Posh Frock Friday!