24-28 August 2015: New Shoes!

For an extra week of summer, it was certainly chilly. Funny how that works out, eh?


Limited striped tee, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Gap boyfriend cardigan, BombDotCom arrow necklace and bracelet, Dansko sandals

Love this top so much. There are other colorways, but this one is just the best.

Gap top, anthropologie skirt, Disney necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks shoes

I haven’t worn this skirt all summer, I don’t think, but I do love it. And these shoes go with it perfectly. Scrounged the outfit last minute when I remembered I was hosting a training and should look professional, ha.

Studio sweater, Sag Harbor skirt, BombDotCom arrow necklace, Agent Carter necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks shoes

I had to go into my sweater closet to get dressed, it was so awesome. And I am madly in love with how this outfit turned out, so fun and retro. I think this sweater will also look great with my red pencil skirt if I ever get brave enough to wear it again.


anthropologie top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Biviel t-strap heels

Casual but I love wearing heels again. Switched to Keds to walk to the consignment shop on my dinner break, but didn’t find anything…and ended up in Keds the rest of the night, ha. Not my most comfortable pair of shoes, however cute.


Charlotte Russe bow-back top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Mickey necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, PURPLE CONVERSE

New shoes! New shoes! I love these so much! They are Hollyhock colored, which apparently is not a current color, so I got them off eBay. (Though I was originally sent the wrong size, exchanged them, and eBay returned my money. But I still got my proper size! Need to figure out how to repay them.) Purple and grey is my basic winter wardrobe, and purple is such a neutral for me, and I’m excited to wear them with cute dresses and jeans alike. Also, you know, Hawkeye. ❤





I used this opportunity to say goodbye to my previous pairs of Chucks, all deeply loved, but unwearable. Bye, Chucks. You served me well. I hope I can replace you some day.

This was actually a great mail week. I got the shoes, I got a nerdy subscription box that I will talk about soon, and I got my very first 5k medal, whoo!!!



❤ ❤ ❤ I’m still plugging away at the Rogers Running Club – I’m on W8D2 of couch to 5k and it’s going well. Last week, I actually managed 23 straight minutes of jogging, which blew my mind, and while I haven’t been able to replicate it this week, I did shave 2 minutes off my mile. Exciting. This is my race week for the Cinderella Run Like It’s Midnight challenge, and I’m hoping to complete it on Friday. After that, dunno. There’s a Veterans one in November I’d like to do, though I’m worried it might be too cold for my lungs. I could walk it, though. I could also just do a 5K and buy myself a medal. Options.

18-21 August 2015: Let it Go!

It’s that time of year again – our bi-annual Frozen singalong! And while last week when it happened was blazing hot, Elsa’s worked her magic and we’re back into the 70s. Delightful!


Max Studio tie blouse, JCrew skirt, BP cardigan, Arrow necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, Clarks shoes

I am super madly in love with how this turned out. I had a meeting with librarians I’ll be presenting with later this fall, so I wanted to look professional. (And of course, there we were all in our cardigans. STEREOTYPES AHOY.) The peplum of the shirt perfectly masks the waist gaps on this skirt and I love how the colors work together. Love love love.


Snow Queen racerback tank, Old Navy Flirt capris, H&M cardigan, snowflake necklace and bracelet, vintage blue wreath brooch, Clarks shoes

Do you want to build a snowman? I do. I was a little sad I couldn’t rock my snowflake dress, but I required pockets and comfort. I bought this at the parks last year, but find it hard to wear because it’s racerback. Turns out it does work with my sports bras, or just covering up the back. I’m tempted to turn this into a jogging top, though, and get more use out of it. I love the foiling and design, but I did have to pin it to my cardi to make sure nothing showed accidentally.

ALSO, Disney created an app to let you buy things from the park stores and have it shipped. They have WAY more on location than on the Disney Store websites, and I find myself wanting to buy so many many many things. Including my absolute favorite cookie ever, which is alas sold out. 😦 But I’ll keep trying. And I’m sure to get an ornament or two, as well.



Gap top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Mickey necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, BAIT flats

Comfort and ease, all I wanted.

Also, I thought my purple was totally gone, but turns out I’ve just been parting it wrong. And, also, it’s basically silver now. I rather like it.


Elie Tahari top, Old Navy Flirt Capris, Agent Carter necklace, Avengers charm bracelet, hairband, Clarks shoes

I super love this top. I wish all my fitted tops were this comfortable!

28, 29, 30 April, 1 May 2015: End of the Line

It’s been a weird week, catching up on sleep post-con and getting ready to say goodbye to my boss, who left this week for an awesome new job. I tried to keep my brain in the game and at least come up with new outfits, and I think I did decently.



Merona lace tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Loft cardigan, H&M infinity necklace, vintage brooch, atomic socks, Keds

They’re sort of hidden, but these are awesome light blue and sparkly atomic socks from my friend KC! They made me super happy.



Modcloth dress, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Hue tights, Forever 21 opera necklace, Crown Vintage dress

Stress = pretty pretty fit and flare dress. It was an Easter gift from my parents and I love it madly. The cardi is the perfect shade of pink for it, but I can’t wait to wear it this summer and show off it’s adorable keyhole in the back. Love love love!

But ugh: SHELLEY BRUSH YOUR HAIR. Sorry, ha.



Harry Potter tshirt, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, anthropologie draped hem cardigan, Crown Vintage booties

A farewell party for my nerdy manager means wearing Harry Potter, of COURSE. And also my brand new Black Widow bracelet, to go with Hawkeye, from BombDotComGeekery. Photo in next post.



Anthropologie neo-gingham crossback top, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Modcloth Airport Greetings cardigan, Captain America necklace, Keds

And my manager’s last day – usually I go to my comfort silhouette, but it was a day for jeans because we were going to a coworker’s house to all drink and be sad, ha. Might as well be cute while you do it.

Things you see in a Kids Department:



Poor overly loved Bun Bun.



28 February and 1 March 2015: Dapper Day!!!

I’m back! And where am I back from?


Disneyland!!!! More specifically: Dapper Day. I met up with three awesome friends for a stylish weekend. For Dapper Day, the idea is to dress up in your best to visit the parks, like they did when it opened in the 50s and 60s. Most people dress retro for it (I saw everything from the 20s to 70s), but contemporary dress is just as welcomed.

You all know my mad love for Disney World, but this was my first time back at Disneyland since I was 4. Disney World still owns my heart, but I really enjoyed Disneyland. Especially once I found my dream ride, Indiana Jones – the perfect level of thrill for me, hee.

I flew in Thursday night and met up with my friend KC – I wore my Doctor Who dress and boyfriend cardigan for easy flight wear.

I can’t seem to find any full length pics of Friday, either. Hmm. I may come back to edit this. I wore my Doctor Who/Sleeping Beauty mashup tee and got a few compliments on it.



Disney Let it Go tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, tiara, rain jacket, Keds

Paradise Pier!! Our hotel room actually overlooked the wheel and Goofy roller coaster, it was crazy awesome.

Actually, the hotel itself was crazy awesome:


This was taken from the fire room. A whole room dedicated to the fireplace. We spent nearly every night down there after the parks closed.

So Dapper Day had a two day expo, too – tons of vintage shops put up stalls. So many awesome clothes, hats and jewellery! It was actually overwhelming, but I had fun trying hats on. I wanted to try the amazing Pinup Girl skirts and dresses on, but seriously, overwhelming.

And, okay. A lot of you have probably noticed that I’m a nerd, right? I mean, I wear Doctor Who shirts. And recently, I fell in love with Marvel’s Agent Carter. I was excited for the show just because it was set in the 1940s, but I figured I ought to see Captain America: The First Avenger first so I had the right background, and then I fell in love with it and ended up watching all of the Marvel movies, reading dozens of comics and realizing that I love Cap because of the 40s, but Hawkeye is My Avenger and most importantly: Agent Carter really is the best show yay. So I was excited to see this poster outside the park:



Hayley Atwell plays Peggy, and she is just the all around best. I love her twitter feed, and I love how she tells us what makeup, perfume and nail polish she wears on set. The makeup company is Besame Cosmetics, which does vintage reproduction. Sephora sells their Violet Powder, so I ordered that awhile back and totally love it. It does amazing things for my face, making it smooth and bright. But you guys, I really wanted her lipstick, which is only available on their website and is a killer shade of red. Specifically, Red Velvet/1946.

My friends, who was at the Expo?



Oh, yeah. And who looks awesome in Red Velvet from 1946?



Just call me Agent. They had her perfume, too, but it had sold out very very quickly. Boo. (Not that I wear it, but I wanted to smell it!)

And I have to say – the lipstick is amazing. I wore it to work today, and it didn’t even wear off! Super super impressive. Well worth the $22.

So, all that being said? This next picture won’t really surprise you.




Anthropologie Pleated Matilija dress, H&M cardigan, straw hat, Hot Topic Adventure Book necklace, Grape Soda pin, vintage purse, white gloves, sandals, Captain America

Yeah, we talked about Agent Carter. 😉 I super loved how this came out – I wish my hair had, but I tried wet setting it and it didn’t dry!!! Oh, well. I am loosely dressed as Ellie from Up. The Adventure Book actually opens up for the picture of Ellie and Carl, with her message to him. ❤ These used to be my favorite sandals, and I wore them so thoroughly that the heels collapsed and now they are more platform than wedge. And they aren’t super comfy anymore. 😦 I switched to Keds soon after.

I also posed with Mickey. He was very dapper, and kissed my hand.



You guys, the people watching was INSANELY AWESOME OMG. There were about 10,000 people dressed up. This slideshow has some great ones: The OC. I hadn’t even seen most of those. I did see #18 walking around and loved how her hairband matched her dress.

I admit, I loved seeing all the Agent Carters walking around. This Peggy and Steve were my favorites:


I had also stopped to ask about the backpack, because I saw so many all weekend. (Mostly on guys.) It used to be at Hot Topic but is now on Amazon. I may need to get it.

One more cosplay:


The blue dress with red waist is also Peggy, and I seriously covet it.

Okay, another cosplay, different fandom:


Goofy (Donald is cut off) wearing a Tardis, being stopped by the Eleventh Doctor. So awesome.

Amazing colors and great hat:


I saw everyone from toddlers to men in their 70s dressed up in style. Check out this awesome coat:


It was like being on a movie set!!!!


California Adventure’s main street is set up like 1923 LA, and they have fantastic street performances. This couple was one of several spontaneously dancing to Five and Dime.


Super super fun weekend! A Disney stylista’s dream come true, basically. I still haven’t gone through all my pics from the trip, so chances are that more might appear later! I know I have more on my camera, rather than my phone.

Anyway, I’m glad I went to Disneyland, but I can’t wait to go back to Disney World. December 2016!

21, 23, 24, 25 February 2015: Need a Winter Break

Winter is getting to me – not the snow, which fell all day today and covered up all the old ucky grey stuff and looked beautiful – but the COLD. And the dryness. My poor hair. It’s given up. It either hangs there or statics out. Sad.


Modcloth Glamorous bodysuit, JCrew button skirt, anthropologie draped cardigan, fleece tights, Tardis necklace, vintage key necklace, Hawkeye bracelet, Crown Vintage booties

I did two presentations at a local conference, so I needed to be super comfy as well as cute. This worked well. I’m glad it did, because I even ended up in the paper, ha. But I bent down awkwardly to pick up a bag while talking and the bottom button (which I’d sewn shut because it was useless) popped off. Oops. I have it, just need to resew.


Sequin Fox sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Banana Republic shawl cardigan, Hawkeye bracelet, Crown Vintage booties

Unpictured: OTK wool socks. So horridly cold. But hey, two swap pieces! I was interviewing over the phone for a committee position, and wanted to feel sparkly and special. I didn’t get on the committee, which I am both disappointed and relieved over. (It would have dictated all my reading for the next three years! But it would also have been important stuff. I’ll try again next year.)


Gap sweater, Loft sunkissed tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, hairband, snowflake necklace, Hawkeye bracelet, Crown Vintage booties

Again with the unseen wool knee socks. My hair gave zero fucks this day. From moment one, it was out of control and unbrushable. I hid it.


Elie Tahari striped top, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Alex and Ani bracelets, Crown Vintage booties

Less cold today, but still very cold. (Basically, windchill in double digits! Whoo!) I love this top, but I had to wear my plaid shawl most of the day.

This week, my friend and I got back to skating, whoo!


First few minutes, it was like the first time all over again, ha. Next time, I’m going to watch a tutorial or two to pick a skill to practice. Stopping should probably be high on that list…

Dude, check this adorable hat I got off Etsy:20150224-214253.jpg

My head may be a bit big for it. But maybe with a hatpin? This is a sneak peak at pictures coming next week – there are a few clues present. I’m off on an adventure for a long weekend, but I shall post again next Tuesday. Happy weekend, folks!

7, 9, 10 February 2015: Having Fun

I’ve never cared much about Valentine’s Day as a holiday, but I really love  good excuse to dress thematically!

Saturday didn’t count.


Dalek Snowman tee, JCrew button skirt, SockDreams knee highs, BoC Canty Booties

Saturday work day! I started with a cardigan over this, but shed it most of the day. No one noticed the Dalek, boo. But I also wanted to show off my cute (and very cheap) new colored bobby pins from Sephora. They hold incredibly well, I’m so pleased.


And now on to thematic.


Loft Sunkissed Tee, Kate Spade beaded cardigan, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Old Navy tights, vintage sweater clip, XO Crown necklace, Biviel T-Strap heels

I’ve gotten into big style ruts this winter, practically afraid of my own closet. I’m trying to break through that and pull out items I love but haven’t worn.

20150210-224007.jpgJCrew Charley sweater, Ruche plaid skater skirt, vintage penguin brooch, Disney necklace, hairscarf, Merona fleece tights, Crown Vintage booties

Aww, yay, I love when an outfit comes out looking exactly how I want it!! If this could be my uniform (sweater with circle skirt and booties with hairband), I would be happy. I want more wide hairbands like this.

I stopped at the consignment store at lunch for a pick me up. There wasn’t much good there, but I found these two:


I sort of like it. But I don’t love it? The boxy fall, maybe? Bit low cut? But I like the dots and tie. I don’t love it, so it’s probably a no go.

But really, I’m mostly sad I don’t have the life to pull this one off:


PINK SEQUINS. I mean, come ON. It’s awesome! It’s just the tiniest bit too big, but I love it madly. But even for $15, I do not have the life to support this. Unfortunately. But I’ll always have the picture.

14, 15 and 16 January 2015: Twirl

When I drove home last night, it was actually warmer than when I’d gotten to work! And we’re still above freezing today. Such a win. Such a win + some stress in my life = cute outfits.


Anthropologie sweater, Gap long sleeved thermal tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Tardis necklace, knee socks, Naturalizer Mary Janes

So many layers! I don’t often wear this sweater because it’s itchy, but I do like that the there are open weave stripes to vary up the look depending on what’s under it. Also, very very warm.

Forever 21 Peter Pan sweater, Gap plaid skirt, grey tights, Disney grape soda pin, Tardis necklace, Naturalizer Mary Janes

Ahh, love this sweater. And this skirt. It’s too big, there are safety pins involved, but I love it. And I realized this sweater goes with at least three other skirts I own, so yay. Love the proportions here, and the colors worked out well. I love my Ellie pin–I thought I had an outfit in mind for Dapper Day this spring, but now I’m considering Disneybounding as Ellie in the yellow dress. I bought an Adventure Book necklace online from Hot Topic to go with it, possibly. We’ll see.

Anthropologie mompos dress, H&M cardigan, sweater clip, Tardis necklace, Disney grape soda pin, anthropolgie hairband, seamed hose, Me Too ballerina wedges

I was a little stressed on Friday, and so I reached for my best dress. God, I love this dress. I admit, I looked in the mirror, deciding between shoes, and went for the pair that made me say, “um, I look like Taylor Swift.” I mean, if you’re going there, go there. I love her street style.

No one saw my pin Thursday because it was covered by my shawl, so I tried again. And I did get a comment! Alas, no comments on the hose.

Aren’t they great? For all the retro things I wear, I don’t wear them nearly enough.

I’m helping out with family stuff this week (and over the weekend, hence late post) so I won’t have anything to post until the end of the week. Have some winter and puppy.



10, 11, 12 January 2015: Winter white

The windchill stayed above zero and I translated that to mean layers weren’t needed. NOPE. 10* is still cold. I understand that now.


Anthropologie Here and There tee, JCrew long sleeved tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Tardis necklace, Crown Vintage booties

I wore a cardigan and shawl over this at work. They have got to work on the heat situation. But I was really glad to find a way to wear this top without always covering up the cute dog. Yay.


Gap sweater, thrifted houndstooth skirt, red tights, Tardis necklace, Crown Vintage booties

Worst clothing decisions for the weather. Not smart. Felt cute. And cold. But on the plus side, I learned new tricks for eye shadow and eyeliner and I like how it comes out!

Also, I picked up a $2 Jordana lip liner at Walgreens, in Sedona Red, and am madly in love with it. My lipstick stays put all day now, whoo! 2015 is already a makeup win. I just need to find another liquid eyeliner, because I seem to be allergic to my ELF one. Not super surprising, really.


Gap sweater, JCrew long sleeved tee, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, anthropologie hairband, Tardis necklace, Crown Vintage booties

Still cold. But when I was walking to work, we got these amazing gorgeous snowglobe snowflakes and it was pretty magical. We finally have a good thick snow cover and everything just shimmers in the sun. It’s a pretty decent tradeoff for the (miserable) cold. And really, it’s the library that’s the problem there – my apartment is warm, the walk is seasonably appropriate, but the library is terrible. So my complaints are more about work and less about the weather, ha.

Um, not sure why this pic is upside down. I’ll work on it.


8 and 9 December 2014: Snow Dalek

Things I said while getting ready on Monday:
“Oh my God, I look like a man.”
(Refixes hair)
“Oh my God, I look like a man in the 80s.”
Curling my lashes and adding mascara and eye shadow helped a bit, but still. It was not a good hair day. I tried to make my hair into a bow, and it 80% worked but was too messy to be viable. I can see how I might have gotten the hang of it, but alas, not this year.

Meanwhile, not one person commented on my Snow Dalek shirt all day. Total Tragesty.


Teefury Snow Dalek tee, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Old Navy tights, Crown Vintage booties

By the end of the day, my hair looked way better. Luckily.


Gap tank, Old Navy Sweeheart Skinnies, Modcloth Airport Greetings cardigan, Mickey necklace, Alex and Ani bracelets, Crown Vintage booties

My last Heidi braids for awhile, sigh. I do love Heidi braids. I bet I can do them again by summer, though.

I love how this came together. My only complaint was that the tank kept dipping down low, but I tried to stay covered with the cardi as much as possible.

Monday’s bow attempt:


You can kind of see it’s shape. It just got messy, and I tried it twice. Also, I maybe wrapped it once too many times, that looks bulky. I’ll try again next Christmas.

We’re giving away buttons with signup for our Winter Reading Program. I’ve made a lot of them as stress relief and grab a couple to wear every day as promotion:




Twelfth Doctor and Hogwarts advertise our upcoming Scotland program, then there’s the winter star and the Welsh ornament. We’re not actually doing anything Welsh, I just love Wales. ::shrug::

17, 18, 19 November 2014: winter!!

This week features wool and cashmere and (unpictured) coats of awe, because it is so freaking cold. But but but! The most exciting thing of all is that I set up an eBay alert for the anthropologie Here and There tee with the Scotty dog and after months of nothing, there was one listed today! In my size! With a buy now option! So I totally bought right then and there and I cannot wait to wear my Scotty dog shirt yay!!!


Gap long sleeved tee, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinnies, Kate Spade jeweled cardigan, Mickey necklace, Keds

My coworker and I went downtown to the American Girl store to buy lots and lots of dolls and clothes to circulate at our library. I’m really glad that she insisted on driving, because my plan was to take the train and walk/cab like always, and, well. It was 11* outside. Instead, we parked in the indoor lot and shopped and had a yummy lunch and stayed nice and warm. It was so much fun, you guys. I have a lot of the AG dolls – I used to save my Christmas and birthday money as a kid and buy the dolls as they came out. But getting to buy all those clothes and hair doodads? I was in heaven. We even had a personal shopper and relaxed in the lounge while they rang everything up. Swoon.

When I was a kid, they offered a few outfits, but mostly I remember the pajamas. But NOW, man. They have great stuff. I would wear this purple dress of Rebecca’s even now:


Gap sweater, Ruche plaid skirt, Mickey necklace, fleece lined tights, Bass Heritage boots

Negative degrees. In November! And yet, no snow. I won’t lie, I have a tiny bit of Buffalo (5-6′) envy. But at least I get to wear cute outfits like this. The skirt is new – it’s my first Ruche purchase and I am not super impressed. It’s thin, to the point where some of my cheaper Forever 21 skirts are better fabric quality. But I do love the print and I will always love a circle skirt. Also, this felt a little snug when I got it before my trip, and I was nervous, but it stayed comfortable all day. That was a relief.

Though in retrospect, the purple sweater might not have totally gone with the cream/black/red/blue skirt. Hmm.


Loft sweater, anthropologie sequinned migragration skirt, Hue leggings, Juicy Couture choker, Bass heritage boots

Sparkle! Gryffindor! Sometimes, you just need to be a sparkly Gryffindor. Also, if this miniskirt fits, I’m placing the tight jeans problem on the jeans and not me, which is nice.

I got my boots back from the cobbler – the new heel is definitely a bit taller than the old one, and I should probably have the old one fixed, but I’m trying to figure out if I NEED to. Like, will it cause more pressure on one of the heels to be off balance? I think it’s okay, but maybe not.

Also, dude, check out AG Store Haul:


Four shopping bags full, ha. We also moseyed through Macy’s, and I definitely want to try on some cute things from Bar III. And, also, this:








Hello, sparkles! I could swing that, right? *g*