11, 12, 13 February 2015: Whee!

I’ve been on a major comics kick lately (EVERYONE needs to read Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye! So amazingly good) but I’ve also been updating my Reading Challenges and post. Reviews are linked from there. So far, nonfiction is kicking ass, with 7/15 read. I have 5 on my TBR list checked out, but I keep reading comics and nonfiction, so.

Meanwhile, my color scheme continues.



anthropologie Tracey Reese sailor net tee, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Anthropologie cardigan, Victoria Secret leggings, Crown Vintage booties

I needed something that would be easy to change in and out of in the middle of the day. The reason is at the end of the post. I do like how the colors look together, though.



Gap drape neck tee, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Modcloth Airport cardigan, snowflake necklace, Bass heritage boots

I actually left off the cardigan most of the day – it’s one of my warmest and it was bitterly cold again, but the long sleeves on the tee worked pretty well. I like the collar and cut on this, but it tends to feel so boxy and blazery to me. Hard to make it work with a lot of my bottoms.





Disney Snow White tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Gap boyfriend cardigan, H&M flower bobby pin, Crown Vintage booties

Nice, simple, comfy for a Friday! I’m also feeling excited about Disney, so, there’s that.

And the reason I needed easy change outfit on Wednesday?



My friend and I spent our lunch hour ice skating! I though I’d spend a lot of time falling and wanted to be prepared, but there wasn’t really a need. It’s been 25 years since I skated, but I did really well. I wobbled a bit and clutched the wall for the first 15 minutes, then found my balance and skated without falling or holding on. I even picked up speed, and got complimented by one of the skaters on my improvement, ha. Awesome, cheap exercise and such a ridiculous amount of fun. We giggled like mad and came back to work all hyped up and ready to work. They open the rink at lunch during the week, and we need to make it a regular gig.

5 thoughts on “11, 12, 13 February 2015: Whee!

  1. I always hurt my bum when ice skating, boyfriend once said he was going to duct tape a pillow on my but. 8op I am reading The Walking Dead series which my boyfriend got me into after watching the show. I also bought Archie Marries Betty/Verionica comic as well, good read. I did find this other comic called “American Vampire” its pretty good too. is there lots of snow where your living?


    • Hee! I was so lucky not to fall. I was ready, with the track pants and all! I’m sure I’ll start falling the day I wear jeans, ha.

      I have heard such good things about the Walking Dead comics and show! It’s too dark for me, but the storytelling is top notch.

      We are very snowy and very very cold! I need to find all the woolen layers I can for tomorrow.


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