16, 17, 18, 19 February 2015: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Crazy week! On Tuesday, I overslept for the second time ever – woke up at 8:40 and had a 9am meeting. Got there at 9:02. Somehow. And then when I went to drive in on Wednesday because it was very cold, my car was nowhere to be seen. I was half confused and half panicked and then I realized – I got there on time because I drove. And did not drive myself home that evening. OOOPS. My brain.


Modcloth plaid dress, H&M cardigan, fleece lined tights, Tardis necklace, Crown Vintage booties

I am so excited about this dress! I call it my Clara dress, because of Clara on Doctor Who. Very much her style. I love it!! So excited to keep wearing it.


JCrew Charley sweater, JCrew houndstooth and leather skirt, fleece lined tights, Forever 21 opera necklace, Crown Vintage booties

Luckily, I had an outfit pulled out for Tuesday! I swapped the turtleneck for a more comfortable sweater and ran for it. My hair suffered majorly.


Gap sweater, Banana Republic cardigan, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Mickey necklace, Crown Vintage booties

New cardigan! My coworker picked it up for me at a clothing swap and I adore it. I can button it! There’s a cute shawl collar! Total win. I also experimented with a 1950s makeup tutorial and I think I rocked it. Totally made my eyes pop, and only took a few minutes. I probably won’t do it regularly for work, but it’s going to be perfect for next week.


CuddlDuds long underwear (top and bottom), Ann Taylor Loft sweater dress, pink fascinator, Bass Heritage boots

We are hitting record lows last night and today – negative highs, all that good stuff. Dressing for being as warm as I possibly can!! I’ve wanted a sweater dress for a long time, and this is a great style – another find by my coworker from the clothing swap! It’s really quite comfy.

Jane, here’s a shot of the last runner I made, straight rectangle:


PUPPY! Isn’t Bingo the cutest little dork ever? He would swing it around and it would land like that, ha.  20150219-093836.jpg

Also, I had fun making Valentines this year, for an exchange and for a friend who digs lions:




6 thoughts on “16, 17, 18, 19 February 2015: Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Wow! Nicely done with the table runner! Love the homespun/LHOTP fabrics too! I am such a sucker for tiny floral prints (Cath Kidston stuff just does me in). So going to make a runner in time for Easter. I’ve got a bunch of pastel felt squares to make an Easter-themed garland, so a runner would be a good complement.
    Bingo looks totally unphased by the toy on his head, but instead seems concerned about getting his pic taken! So darn cute! We ended up “adopting” a little scraggly cat we found living in our shrubs. She’s not an especially good looking cat, but dang she is super sweet, super adaptive to our home & really seems appreciative of her good fortune!
    Anyhoo, love the Mocloth plaid dress – looks perfect for you. Cool finds with the clothing swap too! I’ve never attended one, but I dig the concept.


    • Thank you!! I’m really excited about the fabric – it’s a whole pack, and it’s got some great florals with stars for patriotic summer holidays, too. I’d love to see your runner and garland when you finish.

      His little FACE! Like, why are you documenting this? Why are you doing this to me? Hee. And aww, lucky kitty! Good for her.

      Clothing swaps totally rock. Highly recommend them.


  2. I love the Tartan dress, with your cardigan! You could wear any coloured tights with it (myself wine colour shear tights ). Do you have a pair of black or navy saddle shoes? I think that would complement the outfit, with white tights. We are getting allot of rain, its really sucky, bleah. :op


    • Ooh, yes – I’m definitely going to try it with wine tights next time, that is going to look great. Thanks! I do have black saddle shoes, but they have heels and don’t quite fit the way I’d like. I’ll give it a whirl, though.


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